I'll settle for you, chapter 12.

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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, lemon.

Notes; Weirdness, insanity, humor (at least I think some of it's funny, anyway), some MAJOR OOC, WAFFY, sap and silliness in places, AU, THIS IS BASED ON THE ANIME. I guess this takes place when Bra is like, 16, Goten and Trunks are like, 27 and 28 respectively, and Pan is about 14. You'll have to excuse me if I make a few mistakes with plot and characters, I've only seen DBZ up until the cell saga.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Piccolo + Vegeta.

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Description; What's going to happen when Marron decides to make a reappearance in her son Ookami's life? And what will a certain visitor from the future mean for Goten and Trunks' relationship?

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"Denotes speaking"

*Denotes thoughts*

Ayumi removed her shoes and walked into the house, looking around. "It will be so...quiet here, without Ookami..." She said softly.

Seki drew up behind his wife, kissing her cheek. "He's not far away, we can always pick up the phone, or drive over to see him." He glanced over at the vidphone and noticed the blinking red light. "Speaking of which, there's a message." He walked over and pushed the playback button.

Both of them gasped as a familiar, high pitched, and rather annoying voice boomed from the speaker. "Hi mommy! Hi daddy!" Marron's smiling face appeared on the screen. "Guess what! I'm coming into town for a day or two, my boyfriend is taking me to Europe for a month or so, but I wanted to come see my little guy for an afternoon before I leave, I'll be over tomorrow, okay? Byyyeeee!" She waved her hand wildly, a huge grin on her face.

Seki grinned sheepishly and looked over at his wife, who stared at the now empty screen, eyes wide, a hand over her mouth. "Well, this should be interesting..." He chuckled.

The next day.....

"Are we ready?" Seki asked, looking over the small buffet set up on the dining room table. "You know, you didn't need to do this, she never stays more than an hour."

"Yes, I know." Ayumi frowned. "Her boyfriend always waits in the car, while she dashes in and gives Ookami a present, a kiss on the cheek, and pretends to listen to him for a little while. But this time will be different." She said with a sigh.

"You think so?" Seki turned, sitting on the sofa.

"Of course! You think she's just going to breeze out the door with a smile once she finds out Ookami knows everything, and has moved in with his father?" Ayumi began to pace.

Just then, a bright red convertible screeched to a halt in front of Seki and Ayumi's house, a handsome blonde man of about thirty-five sitting in the driver's seat.

"Guess we're going to find out..." Seki said, standing at the window, watching his daughter get out of the car.

"Hi hi!" Marron called brightly, stepping out of the car and making her way to the front door, hips wiggling almost obscenely, making her new boyfriend blush. She wore a tight navy blue mini-dress, cut low for maximum cleavage, with small slits running up the sides, high enough to show she was either wearing a thong, or no panties at all. She looked surprisingly good, considering how many years had passed, still easily passing for a woman in her late twenties. "Hi mom, hi dad!" She beamed and waved wildly, nearly popping out of her dress.

Ayumi covered her face and groaned as all the neighbors craned their necks and stared at Marron as she sashayed up the front steps. "Can't that girl ever wear proper clothing?" She sighed.

Seki chuckled, laying his hands on her shoulders. "Not in this lifetime."

"Mom! Dad!" Marron fairly bounced up the stairs, banging open the door and sweeping into the room with a sunny smile. "I'm here!" She trilled, much louder than necessary, as she made her way into the living room. "I got a couple of presents for my little guy, where is he?" She looked around, forehead wrinkling slightly as she frowned, immediately becoming impatient. "Ookami?" She called, setting a shopping bag on the couch. "Where are you honey, come say hi to mommy, I'm going away on a trip, so we won't see each other for a little while! Come out and let me see you!" She smiled and made her way back to his bedroom, not noticing the way Seki and Ayumi tensed and reached out, gripping each other's hands.

"Here it comes..." Seki muttered, wincing as a sharp cry came from down the hall.

"What?! Where's my little guy?" Marron cried, racing back into the living room. "Why didn't anybody tell me he'd moved out? Where'd he go?" She demanded, stomping one stiletto-clad foot angrily, crossing her arms and pouting at her parents.

"Well, to be perfectly honest with you, honey...ahm..." Ayumi began, trying to decide how to word the news.

Seki held up one hand, shaking his head at her questioning glance. "To be blunt about it dear, Ookami found out Yamcha was his father, and has moved in with him at Capsule Corp."

Marron stood stock-still for several tense moments, before letting out a blood-curdling shriek. "HE WHAT?!!" She stormed over to her parents, scowling blackly. "How could you tell him? And how could you just let him move over there like this?" She demanded.

"It wasn't us!" Ayumi snapped, stepping forward and waggling a finger in her daughter's face. "It was Yamcha's fiancé that noticed the similarities between the two, and decided to have them tested."

"Ooh! That blue-haired, nasty old woman!" Marron pouted, remembering Bulma from the time she had spent with Krillin. "So she did keep Yamcha, did she? I'm surprised." She frowned. "Oh, why'd she have to go sticking her nose into my business, anyway?" Marron said petulantly, stomping over to the couch and slumping down onto it. "So now I have to go to Capsule Corp. and see him, and deal with Yamcha, too?" She sighed, expression downcast.

"Yes, you do. And from the reactions I witnessed, neither of them is very pleased with you right now." Ayumi chastised, going over to sit beside her daughter. "Marron, why didn't you ever tell Yamcha about his child? Give him the opportunity to be there for him?"

Marron sighed and sat back, leaning her head against the back of the couch. "Aw mom..." She sighed, crossing her arms behind her head. "When Yamcha and I hooked up, it wasn't anything serious, it was just a night or two of fun, no complications, no promises. He didn't want to be tied down, and neither did I, so we just went our separate ways." She turned and looked at Ayumi. "When I found out about Ookami, I figured Yamcha wouldn't want to be tied down with a girl _and_ a kid, so I just left him alone."

Seki sighed, leaning against the doorframe, watching them. "I think perhaps at the time, neither of you was ready, and maybe you've never quite been able to be a stay-at-home mother..." He said, trying to be diplomatic. "But it seems now that Yamcha is more than ready to deal with him."

Marron turned wide blue eyes to her father. "Do they get along well? Really?" She asked quietly.

Seki nodded, giving her a soft smile. "They do indeed. They're so much alike it's frightening at times, and they really seem to enjoy spending time together." Marron crossed her arms over her chest, brow furrowed in concentration for a few moments. "Well, I guess everything's alright then!" She beamed, jumping up off the couch.

"Huh...?" Seki and Ayumi sweatdropped and stared at her, as she flounced across the room toward the front door. "Where are you going?" Ayumi asked, staring after her.

"Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and I've said hi to you already, now I need to go see Ookami and give him his gifts!" She explained, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "Now, Brad and I are leaving for Europe tomorrow, so I'll call when we get there, okay? Take care!" She waved and grinned at them, then darted out the door, gifts in hand.

Seki walked over and plopped down on the couch beside his wife, draping an arm around her shoulders and chuckling. "And here you were, so worried about her reaction."

"Well, I thought she'd be angry, or at least a little worried about Ookami running off to be with his father so suddenly, anybody else would." Ayumi snapped, folding her arms and frowning severely. "She is always so...so...flippant about everything."

Seki sighed and hugged his wife close. "She's always been that way, my dear, we'll never change her."

"I know." Ayumi said quietly. "I suppose that's how she's learned to deal with things, but I just wish for once she could act like she really cares about things, and the people around her. That she could at least be somewhat affected by what's happening around her."

Seki shrugged. "Well, she is going over to see Ookami and Yamcha, perhaps seeing those two, and dealing with the boy's anger, will wipe that smile off her face for a while." He said quietly, wondering if perhaps they should get in the car and follow their daughter to Capsule Corp. He shook his head and decided it would be best if they didn't interfere. *It's best that the three of them hash it out amongst themselves, although...* He looked over at the phone.


Bulma's face was pale as she hung up the phone, one hand covering her mouth. "Mom, what's wrong?" Bra asked, sitting on the couch cradling V.J., as Pan sat on the floor in front of them, working on a large piece puzzle with Chella.

Bulma gave the girls a tight smile. "We're about to have a visitor. Ookami's mother is coming to see him before she goes to Europe."

Yamcha, who had been on his way in from the kitchen, stopped dead in the doorway, his coffee cup hitting the floor with a bang, startling everyone. "Marron...is coming...here?" He asked, eyes narrowing as he scowled. "When?"

"Ahm, she's on her way, should be here in about half an hour." Bulma said quietly, before turning to the girls. "Come on, let's take the kids upstairs, to Trunks' old nursery, so they'll be out of range of all the yelling." She gave Bra and Pan a wry smile.

"Sounds like a plan." Pan nodded, scrambling to her feet, smiling as Chella struggled to her feet and held out her hands, wanting Pan to hold onto her and help her walk up the stairs.

Yamcha calmed somewhat, as he watched the green youngster toddling over to the stairs, lifting pudgy green legs in exaggerated motions to climb each step. "She's cute when she does that..." He said absently.

Bulma nodded, watching them. "Yeah." She turned and walked over to Yamcha, sliding an arm around his waist. "I figured eventually we'd have to deal with her finding out Ookami was here with you. I just didn't think we'd have to do it this soon." She said quietly.

Yamcha scowled blackly. "Can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned." He growled. "The sooner she arrives, the sooner my son and I can get a few things off our chests."

"Should we warn him she's on the way?" Bulma asked softly, looking up at him.

Yamcha nodded. "I'll go find him." He turned and stalked out of the room.


Trunks sat on the edge of Ookami's desk, laughing at the other man's jokes, unaware that his lover stood outside the glass door of Ookami's office, watching with narrowed eyes.

*Boy, those two look awfully cozy lately.* Goten thought, inexplicably jealous.

"Stop it!" Trunks laughed, leaning back on his arms, one leg swinging back and forth as he sat further back on the desk. "You're too much man..." He chuckled, turning and looking at him.

Ookami gave Trunks a rakish grin, winking at him. "So most women say." He cackled as Trunks blinked at him, blue eyes wide.

"You've dated a lot of women?" Trunks asked, looking at him intently.

Ookami shrugged. "I've had my share of girlfriends, yeah."

"So..." Trunks lay back, weight resting on his bent arms. "If you're completely straight, then what Goten and I, and our dads have done must seem really, really weird to you."

Ookami leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk, cupping his chin with his hands. "Not really." He shook his head, looking at Trunks seriously. "You all love your partners, and it's obvious you all love those kids, so I guess gender really isn't that big a deal."

Trunks nodded slowly, then looked at him again. "That's good to hear, cause I wanted to ask you somethin'." He sat up and leaned forward until their foreheads were almost touching. "Goten has his brother to be his best man, and since you're gonna be my stepbrother, would you be mine?"

Neither of them was aware of the door opening slightly, just in time to hear the last four words Trunks spoke. *Be mine...my what?* Goten wondered.

"Are you serious?" Ookami asked, staring up at Trunks with a grin. "Hell yeah!" He shot to his feet and hugged his soon-to-be brother. "When you gonna break it to Goten?"

Trunks smiled, hugging him back. "Tonight. He'll be fine with it."

Goten quietly closed the door and slipped down the hall, absolutely livid. *So.* He banged open the stairwell door, jumping the railing and flying down to the basement. *You're gonna tell me tonight, and just expect everything to be fine, is that it? You jerk...* Goten growled softly, stalking across the lawn to the main house.


Yamcha stepped out of the elevator, tilting his head. "Hmm...Goten's just leaving..." He smirked. "Must have been visiting Trunks over the lunch hour, don't those two ever quit?" He laughed, heading down the hall toward Ookami's office. "Hey kiddo...oh...Trunks..." Yamcha paused in the doorway, staring at the two as they stood locked in an embrace, foreheads touching. *What the hell's goin on here?* He wondered silently.

The two younger men broke apart, smiling and rubbing the backs of their heads. "Hi dad." Ookami smiled. "How's it goin?"

"Good..." Yamcha said slowly, watching the two. "What's up with you two?"

"With us?" Trunks asked, blinking at him. "Nothin, why?"

"Just asking..." Yamcha said, sitting down on the corner of his son's desk. "Ookami, can I talk to you for a second?"

Ookami nodded, smiling at Trunks as the lavender-haired demi-Saiyan placed a hand on his shoulder before leaving. "What's wrong, dad?" He asked quietly, sitting down in front of him.

Yamcha took a deep breath, and spit out his news. "You're mother's going on some trip with one of her boyfriends..." He made a sour face. "Seems she went to see you at your grandparents, and they told her what's happened with you and me. So now she's on her way here to see you."

"She's...coming...here?" Ookami said, rising to his feet slowly. "Will you..." He stepped closer to his father, reaching out uncertainly.

Yamcha swept his son into a hug. "Don't worry, kid, I'll be there. And so will Bulma, most probably." He chuckled softly. "I imagine she has a few choice words for your mother too. Mind you, she'll have to stand in line." Yamcha draped an arm across Ookami's shoulders. "Come on, kid, you've got the rest of the day off, Bulma said, cause she's supposed to be here in the next half hour or so, unless her new guy is a total speed demon."

Ookami walked beside his father, looking for all the world like a young man about to face the firing squad, rather than about to see his mother.


Fifteen minutes later...on the highway not far from C.C....

Marron tapped her well manicured fingertips on the dashboard of Brad's convertible anxiously. *Oh damn...* She thought, staring at the passing scenery blankly. *Why did that woman have to interfere?* Marron sighed, looking down, a frown on her pretty face.

"What's the matter, babe?" Brad asked, giving her his most sincere, concerned look.

"Oh, nothing! Nothing at all!" Marron chirped, putting on her thousand watt smile.

Brad nodded and turned his attention back to the road, and Marron turned away, going back to her brooding. "Almost there, hon." Brad said, turning sharply, cutting across three lanes of traffic and heading up the off-ramp.


Capsule Corp., ten minutes later...

Bulma, Yamcha, and Ookami sat on the shaded bench swing on the front lawn, waiting. "Ooh...have I got some things to say to her!" Bulma seethed, arms crossed, scowling blackly, unmindful of Yamcha's attempts to soothe her.

Ookami sat silently, watching them, lips twitching slightly at the display. *Those two really are great together.* He thought, breaking out into a smile as Yamcha tried to pull Bulma into a hug, the blue-haired woman putting up a token protest, until they started to wrestle, both of them giggling like children.

All three of them sobered as a candy apple red convertible screeched around the corner and careened up the driveway, coming to a squealing halt directly in front of them.

Marron sat in the front seat, blinking up at her son and Yamcha. "Wow, you two really are so much alike, it's scary." She said with a grin, getting out of the car and walking over to Ookami, reaching out for a hug.

The young man dodged the hug, quickly moving to stand closer to his father and glaring at her. "Don't even try to play the nice, ditzy, cute routine with me, mother, it isn't going to work. Not this time." He said quietly.

"What...?" Marron blinked at him, her smile faltering slightly.

"You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here!" Bulma screeched, lunging for her, but being held back by Yamcha. "After the shit you've pulled for the last 18 years...why I oughta...Dammit!" She growled. "Where's Chi-Chi when you need her?"


Unbeknownst to Bulma, Chi-Chi and Mr. Satan had dropped by to pay a surprise visit to Goten, Chi-Chi taken by surprise herself at her son's sour mood. Goten's anger had triggered Chi-Chi's infamous temper, and she was not a person to be trifled with at the moment.

"Hey, there's something going on outside." Mr. Satan said, staring out the window.

"Hmm...?" Chi-Chi said distractedly, watching her son intently.

"Well, there's some other blue-haired woman out there, talking to Yamcha, Bulma and Ookami, and the three of them seem pretty mad at her."

Chi-Chi jumped to her feet, remembering previous encounters with Marron. "Is this woman wearing skimpy clothes, and does she look like a dumb version of Bulma?"

Mr. Satan nodded, turning and blinking at her. "Uh...yeah, that's pretty much exactly what she looks like."

"Hrrrraaagh!!" Chi-Chi snarled, clenching her fists and powering up, a bright red flame of ki surrounding her. "That little bitch! She called me grandma!" The enraged woman said, running out the door. Mr. Satan sweatdropped, and looked over at Goten.

"You might as well just stay in here and let her go at it, Yamcha's there to stop her if she gets out of hand." He snickered.


Bulma blinked and stared as Chi-Chi charged out of the front door, heading straight for Marron like a raging bull. "Well, speak of the devil..." She smirked.

Ookami and Yamcha both stared, wide-eyed as Chi-Chi raced across the yard, ki flaring around her in an angry looking red flame. "Oh shit..." Yamcha said softly. "Marron, you should, ahm...leave, now?" He laughed nervously, letting go of Bulma and trying to intercept the other enraged woman.

Chi-Chi growled and nimbly leapt over Yamcha, reaching out for Marron with one clawed hand.

Marron yipped and tried to back way, only to find herself trapped between Chi-Chi, and Brad's car. "Oh man..." She said, staring at the glowing woman with wide eyes.

Just as Chi-Chi's hand was about to wrap around Marron's throat, a bright light flooded the front lawn, blinding everyone, before a loud band was heard, and a shockwave sent everyone but Yamcha and Ookami to the ground.

"What the hell was that?!" Ookami and Yamcha bellowed in unison.

"Wha...oh man, no way...Trunks!" Yamcha grinned, recognizing the time machine Mirai Trunks had used years ago.

Bulma jumped to her feet, also realizing what the machine was. "Hey, he's come back!" She grinned, she and Yamcha running toward the machine.

"Trunks...?" Ookami stared at the contraption uncertainly. "But..." He pointed toward the office building, then gasped as the top of the machine flipped up, and the man in question leapt to out, landing in front of his mother. "Wow..." Ookami said softly, looking him over. "That sure is different from the Trunks I know..." His eyes slid up and down the other man's frame, shown off to perfection by tight black jeans, a black muscle shirt, and a short, purple demin jacket with the Capsule Corp. logo. He had long, thick hair, that swept nearly to his waist, tied back in a smooth ponytail. Ookami swallowed hard as his eyes rested on the other man's face, noticing the harder edges of his face, and the dangerous light that seemed to shine in his crystal blue eyes.

Mirai Trunks beamed and swept his mother into a hug, laughing and swinging her around. He let her go and shook hands with Yamcha, blinking in surprise when Yamcha began to inform him of some of the recent changes. "My father...and...Piccolo?" He facevaulted. "Two kids?" The demi-Saiyan gasped in disbelief. He slumped against the time machine, staring at Yamcha and his mother as he learned of the other couples. "So the me of this timeline...is hooked up with...Goku's other son?" He asked, incredulous.

"Yup." Yamcha laughed. "They're getting married in thirteen days." Bulma grinned at him. "Oh, and speaking of sons..." She turned and waved to Ookami. "This, is Yamcha's son."

The two men shook hands, introducing themselves, and Ookami found himself blushing as Mirai Trunks' blue eyes swept over his face, hair and body, seeming to rest first on his hair, then his eyes, then his chest, and below his waist.

"Nice to meet you." Mirai Trunks said softly.

"Y..yeah..you too..." Ookami stuttered slightly, swallowing hard.

Yamcha watched them with interest, the corners of his lips twitching. *I always wondered about Mirai Trunks...* He thought to himself. *Now I guess we'll see if Ookami really is as straight as he says he is...*

Goten stared out the window, eyes wide. "So that's the Trunks from the future." He snickered. "Looks like a nasty, bad-ass Trunks." He smirked as he watched the interplay between Ookami and Mirai Trunks. "Hmm...that gives me an idea..."

To Be Continued.....

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