Fusion. Chapter 17.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, bondage, angst, weirdness, possibly squicky in places for some, light references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though.)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note

Rating; NC-17.

Pairings; Almost everyone gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

Back at the Son residence....

"You ready?" Bulma whispered as she grabbed her lover's hand, and the two women crept quietly toward the door.

"I'm always ready." Chi-Chi smirked as they silently shut the door and made their way across the front lawn, heading for the trail that would lead them up the hill to the forest, and to the clearing where they had scheduled a rendevous with a certain tall, muscular Namek. They entered the clearing, and spotted said Namek standing under a tall tree, smirking at them in the moonlight.

"So," he said quietly. "What's on the agenda for tonight?"

He quirked an eyebrow (ridge) as the two women chuckled evilly.

"Toys." Chi-Chi said simply as Bulma pulled a blanket out from the basket that hung on Chi-Chi's arm and spread it out on the ground.

"Toys?" Piccolo repeated, confused. The women sat down on the blanket, patting a spot between them invitingly. He walked over to them, shrugging off his cape and hat as he went, and sat down.

"Oh yes. Lots and lots of toys." Chi-Chi purred, grinning wickedly as she pulled out a vibrator, a dildo, her trusty feather, a jar of honey, and several more items. Piccolo's eyes widened.

"What are you going to do with all that?" Piccolo asked nervously.

"Anything and everything imaginable." Bulma whispered huskily as she gently grasped on of Piccolo's antennae in her hand and pushed him down on his back.

Trunks snapped awake as he heard stealthy footsteps outside his door. He sat up, and smiled as Gohan gently opened the door. "Hey Gohan, what's up?" he whispered.

"I don't know." Gohan said, worry obvious on his youthful features. "I can sense Piccolo out there somewhere, and I thought I heard a scream coming from his location." He stood there wringing his hands nervously.

"Don't worry. Let's just go check it out." Trunks whispered, getting up and throwing on a pair of cutoff jean shorts, and a white tank top, not even realizing that he was dressing himself almost identically to his lover. They looked each other up and down, and chuckled quietly as each took in the other's attire.

"Alright, let's get going." Trunks whispered.

They made their way quietly out the front door, and Trunks reached out and grabbed Gohan's arm as the demi-Saiyan made to fly into the air.

"What are you doing Gohan?" Trunks hissed, looking at his lover in surprise. "If something's out there, the best plan is to sneak up on it, until we see what's going on."

"You're right, sorry." Gohan looked away, ashamed at his own lack of common sense.

"Hey, don't worry about it." Trunks whispered, hugging Gohan to him and planting a quick kiss on his forehead. "Now let's get over there." he said as they took off running up the trail.

Piccolo writhed wildy as Chi-Chi slid the vibrator over the sensitive ridges of flesh between the Namek's thighs, moaning as Bulma thrust into her from behind with the dildo. Piccolo cried out hoarsely as Chi-Chi pushed him over the brink once again.

"Hmm, that's twice now, let's see if you can do it again." Bulma purred as she leaned over to nip at Chi-Chi's shoulder.

Gohan and Trunks stood at the edge of the clearing, staring at the scene being played out before them.

"Oh my god." Gohan breathed. Trunks grabbed his lover by the hand and ran down the hill to the house. They both collapsed in the front yard, laying on their backs staring up at the sky.

"What....Trunks?" Gohan whimpered.

"I don't know and quite frankly Gohan, I don't want to know. My Mom, your Mom, and Piccolo? That was just bazaar." Trunks muttered. "But I do know I want to go and see Dad."

"You're gonna tell on your Mom?" Gohan asked incredulously. "And not just your Mom, but my Mom, cause my Dad's there too, oh Trunks....Are you sure this is a good idea?" Gohan asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Dad's gonna wanna know about this, you know how he is, he gets to keep his secrets, but nobody else does." Trunks said, getting up and walking away from the house. "Come on, we've got to get further away so Piccolo doesn't sense us when we take off." Gohan immediately got up and followed.

Back at the island............

"Uhh...." Yamcha moaned as he was pinned to the bed by the two Saiyans, the three of them still dripping wet from their shower. "Ohh.....yes...uh....OW!" he cried as Vegeta nipped the tender skin of his throat, not hard enough to draw blood, but there would be a bruise. Yamcha whimpered softly at the stinging pain, "What was that for?" he asked, trying to lift his head.

Vegeta chuckled as he put his hand on the human's forehead, forcing him to keep his head back. "Oh, that's just a little something to help you remember who you belong to until I can get my hands on you again next weekend." he purred, grinning as Yamcha gasped in shock.

"Hey....wait a minute Vegeta." Goku growled. "He's not just yours you know." he leaned his head down and left his own mark on the other side of Yamcha's neck. "I think I'll be joining both of you." he smirked.

"Oh my god......What the hell have I gotten myself into?" Yamcha moaned. Goku and Vegeta locked eyes briefly over Yamcha's prone form and smirked.

"Do you really want to know?" Goku's voice was like silk, soft and menacing at the same time. It made Yamcha tremble just as Vegeta's voice had earlier.

Vegeta snickered at the human's reaction, *How can a person be so sensitive to sound?* he mused, as he lowered his head to trail kisses down Yamcha's exposed throat.

Yamcha gasped and shivered as his lovers once again began to explore his body with their lips, and his eyes widened as two hands teased his nipples, while two more hands reached down to caress his balls and stroke his now rigid member. He arched his back and groaned as two mouths descended on his quivering erection, licking, sucking and nibbling up and down his length. He whimpered as one mouth left his cock, only to move further down to lick and suck on his balls. Yamcha began to pant, hips bucking, as a finger was pushed into him, sliding in and out slowly. A second finger was quickly added, and Yamcha cried out hoarsely, bright spots flashing before his eyes as those fingers hit his prostate.

*Hmm, now how did that go again?* Goku thought to himself.

*What's wrong Kakarott?* Vegeta rudely barged into his thoughts. Goku eyed Vegeta, pulling his lips away from Yamcha's arousal just long enough to smirk at the other Saiyan.

*I remember seeing a position in one of Master Roshi's magazines that I think would be fun.* he transmitted to the smaller Saiyan, who appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself trying to make Yamcha lose his mind from pleasure as he continued to rub the human's prostate mercilessly.

*The one with the three girls laying in a triangle?* he moved his head up to rejoin Goku in teasing Yamcha's erection. Both of them chuckled as Yamcha clawed at the sheets, shredding them.

*Hentai!* Goku teased.

*Not me! That old pervert was waving that magazine in my son's face for the better part of an hour! I couldn't help but see it.* Vegeta shot back.

*Yeah, that sounds about right.* Goku sighed mentally. *I remember when he slipped all those old hentai magazines of his into Gohan's study material, he was only eleven! If Chi-Chi would have found those, I don't know who she would have gone after with her guns first!* Both of them chuckled out loud at that, making Yamcha jerk as the warm air and vibrations hit his sensitive flesh.

*Well, how are we going to do this, the bed isn't big enough for it.* Vegeta transmitted.

*No, you're right. Hmm.* Goku sat up suddenly, wrenching a groan of disappointment from Yamcha as both Saiyans stood up.

"Hey I know! Let's grab the mattresses and throw them on the floor together!" Goku grinned.

"Why can't we just push...." Vegeta started, then blushed as he remembered the way the two of them had destroyed the other bed frame. "Oh yes, that's right." he said quietly, flushing even more when Goku chuckled.

Goku quickly grabbed the mattress off the other bed, tossed it to the floor and then turned around and smirked as Yamcha stood up and grabbed the mattress he had been laying on.

Yamcha dropped the mattress on the floor beside the other one, pushing it with his foot until both mattresses were side by side. "There." he murmured. "Now where were we?" He wrapped an arm around Vegeta, and reached out to take Goku's hand as well. Both Saiyans gave him identical, sexy smirks, and he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled sharply, and allowed himself to drop to the mattresses, pulling his two surprised lovers down on top of him.

"Hmm, aggressively submissive?" Goku asked, giving Vegeta his best wide-eyed innocent look.

"No, I believe the term is aggressive uke, Kakarott." Vegeta chuckled. "But whatever you wish to call it, it's damn sexy." He leaned down to rake his teeth gently up the side of Yamcha's throat, eliciting a soft moan. Goku grinned in response, nuzzling Vegeta's hair, before raising himself to his knees.

Yamcha looked up quizzically at the two of them.

"Turn on your side, Yamcha." Goku instructed, coaxing the human into position and laying down as well. Yamcha's eyes widened slightly as Goku's erection brushed his lips, and he opened his mouth and took it in, sucking eagerly. Goku groaned, his eyes closing briefly, before he motioned for Vegeta to lay down as well.

Vegeta remained on his knees for a few moments, watching as Yamcha worked Goku's arousal, eliciting a low moan from the large Saiyan. Goku stared up at Vegeta with passion glazed eyes, breathing heavily as he reached a hand up to grab hold of the smaller Saiyan's arm. He jerked harshly on Vegeta's arm and dragged Vegeta down to lay in front of him, Vegeta's face within inches of Yamcha's rigid member.

Vegeta's eyes widened slightly at the sudden movement, and Goku grinned before grasping Vegeta's hips firmly and pulling the Saiyan prince's hips forward. Vegeta choked back a shout as Goku all but swallowed his rock hard length, and he grabbed hold of Yamcha's hips, pulling gently until the human's straining erection was brushing his cheek. Vegeta gasped in surprise as he felt Goku's finger slide into his entrance, probing him gently.

Yamcha jerked, then shuddered violently as Vegeta's lips sank to the base of his cock. He moaned around Goku's length as Vegeta gently massaged his balls with one hand, and reached up with the other to slowly push a finger into him.

The three warriors writhed and arched against each other, muffled moans and growls filling the air.

Goku's eyes snapped open, his body stiffening in alarm as his sensed picked up two high, very familiar power levels approaching the island. *Oh FUCK! Not now!* he thought frantically. *I've got to do something!* Goku thought, shielding his thoughts from his lovers.

Gohan and Trunks flew toward the island, Trunks beginning to get frustrated at the way Gohan kept trying to slow them down, "Gohan! Come on! I know you're not looking forward to this, but let's just get it over with, O.K.? They have a right to know."

"I know Trunks, but I still feel funny about this. I don't want to tell him, I don't think I can do it." Gohan said, distress clear on his face.

"I don't want to do this either, but I think we have to tell them what's been going on behind their backs." Trunks said quietly, stopping and hovering directly in front of Gohan, leaning close to his young lover until their foreheads were touching.

"Kay, let's get this over with." Gohan sighed.

*GOHAN!!* Gohan clapped his hands to his temples, screaming in pain as his father's voice ripped through his head. Trunks gasped as his lover screamed, and began to plummet to the ground. He swooped down and gripped his lover tightly around the waist, slowly lowering both of them to the ground.

"Gohan? Gohan! What's wrong?!" Trunks gripped the young man's shoulders tightly, his heart pounding with fear.

"I.....Dad?....Aaahhh!!" Gohan shrieked as the voice tore through his mind again.

*Gohan, I want you and Trunks to turn around and go home, RIGHT NOW!!*

"But Dad, Trunks and I have to tell you and Vegeta something, please Dad, it's important!" Gohan groaned, his head feeling like someone had clamped it in a vise.

*I know everything Gohan, I know about your mother, Trunks' mother and Piccolo, and I also know about you and Trunks.* Gohan gasped, his face turning extremely pale.

"Gohan! What's wrong?" Trunks shook him gently.

"It's Dad....he wants...he wants us to go home. He says he knows what our Moms have been up to....and..." Gohan swallowed audibly, "He knows what we've been doing." he said quietly.

Trunks gasped, his face going deathly pale. "Does.....does my...father know?" he asked, horrified.

"I don't know, but Dad says to go home right now." Gohan whispered.

"Let's go!" Trunks rasped, grabbing Gohan's hand. The two very worried demi-Saiyans took to the sky.

Goku smirked or rather, he would have smirked, had his lips not been busy sliding up and down Vegeta's length. His body throbbing in response to the muffled cries of pleasure coming from his lovers, and he began to shiver as he felt his climax approaching. Goku gave a muffled cry as Yamcha's fingers brushed his prostate, spots dancing before his eyes. A long, low moan escaped him, and vibration of his voice along Vegeta's length pushed the smaller Saiyan over the edge. With a muffled shout, Vegeta's body stiffened, his hips jerking once, twice before he filled Goku's mouth with his essence. Goku shivered as Yamcha cried out, the human spilling his own essence into Vegeta's mouth.

Vegeta pulled away from Goku, raising himself to his knees. His eyes narrowed as he watched Yamcha continuing to suck on Goku's member, before he issued a fierce growl.

Goku's eyes widened is surprise, and issued a soft sound of protest as Vegeta pulled Yamcha away from him.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Yamcha glared at the Saiyan prince angrily as he was pulled from his position.

"Let's do it together." Vegeta purred, leaning down to claim Yamcha's lips in a fiery kiss that left the human breathless, his eyes slightly glazed.

Goku gasped, his back arching off the mattress as his lovers mouths moved to his straining arousal. Goku cried out as his hips began to buck, his head thrashing from side to side as his lovers brought him closer and closer to completion.

A ragged scream tore itself from the Saiyan's throat as he stiffened, his whole body quivering. Yamcha and Vegeta pulled away from his erection, smirking at each other as Goku's seed shot into the air, falling back down onto his chest and stomach. Both men slid themselves up the tall Saiyan's body, eagerly licking the sticky essence from his overheated skin. Goku fell back on the mattress, gasping for breath, as sweat glistened on his smooth skin.

Vegeta curled up on one side of Goku, his head tucked under his lover's chin, and Yamcha snuggled up against Goku's other side, throwing an arm over Goku's broad chest. Vegeta's hand slid across Goku's chest, and he laced his fingers through Yamcha's. Yamcha smiled at him, pulling his hand up to plant a soft kiss to Vegeta's palm.

"I don't think he'll be gettin' up from that in ten minutes." Yamcha smirked.

Vegeta's eyes widened, and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. The Saiyan prince was fighting it, but he lost. He threw back his head and laughed. "No, I think you're probably right. It will take him at least twenty minutes to be ready again." They locked eyes over Goku's chest, and snickered.

"No," Goku said softly. "I need to eat, and then I might be ready for another round." Three sets of eyes widened as Goku's stomach issued a loud rumbling growl. Vegeta and Yamcha burst out laughing, while Goku blushed.

"Who's gonna dig out some food?" Goku asked, looking down hopefully at his lovers.

"Well, both you and I have had several turns at cooking....You know how to cook, don't you?" Vegeta looked slyly at Yamcha.

"Oh alright." Yamcha heaved a sigh, before slowly climbing to his feet and making his way to the kitchen.

"Hmmm, maybe I should go and help him." Vegeta said, a decidedly predatory expression on his face.

"No, I don't think so." Goku said, knowing full well what kind of ::help:: Vegeta wanted to give Yamcha. "You are gonna stay right here." he murmured as he pulled a struggling Vegeta onto his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around his lover. "I'll deal with you after I've had some food to replenish my energy." Goku said, smiling as he felt the smaller Saiyan shiver at his words. *It's gonna be a long night.* Goku thought, his smile turning into a hentai grin.