Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

"Looks like it's my turn to carry you across the threshold, huh?" Goku said softly as he scooped Vegeta up in his arms. He grabbed the bottle of massage oil on the edge of the sink, *That looks good.* he thought as he made his way to the bedroom. He walked in and put the massage oil on the nightstand before he gingerly set Vegeta on the bed and slowly lay down next to him.

"Was it good for you?" he asked with a wide grin, snuggling up to Vegeta, wrapping his arms possessively around him and throwing a leg over both of his. Vegeta didn't reply.

Goku began to worry after a few moments as his lover did nothing but stare wide-eyed at the ceiling. *What's wrong with him? I thought I pleased him...oh man! I hope he isn't having second thoughts...*

"My turn." Goku jumped as Vegeta broke the silence. He gasped in surprise as Vegeta practically threw him onto his back and pinned his arms over his head. His heart skipped a beat as Vegeta stared at him with the most hungry, predatory look he'd ever seen in his life, before slowly lowering himself down Goku's body, exploring his neck and shoulders with his mouth, as his fingers toyed with Goku's nipples. Goku moaned and arched his back off the bed, his hands gripping Vegeta's shoulders as he nibbled and licked his way down Goku's chest to his stomach, pausing to dip his tongue into his lover's navel, eliciting a startled noise from the large Saiyan.

"Now it's my turn to tease you, Kakarott," Vegeta growled, "let's see how you like it."

Goku didn't have time to react before Vegeta began swirling his tongue around the head of Goku's member, licking the underside, then teasing the slit at the top, looking up to lock eyes with him as he licked off the drop of precum that appeared. Goku groaned, thrusting his hips gently, hoping Vegeta would take the hint and take his length down his throat the way he had, but his lover had other plans. Vegeta gently nibbled and sucked his way down to the base of Goku's shaft, and then began to suck and lick his balls.

"Ahh...oh God, Vegeta!" he shouted as his eyes snapped open, his hands clenching the sheets, shredding them, and he bucked sharply, every muscle in his body tight as a bowstring.

"Hmm, you like that, do you?" Vegeta asked, pausing for a moment as he sucked on two of his own fingers, coating them with saliva. "I think you're going to like this even more."

"Ohh...yeah Vegeta, more!" Goku begged, too absorbed in sensation to think about what he was up to.

But he did notice when Vegeta inserted a finger into him. He jerked and his head came up to stare at Vegeta, his face showing his nervousness as his muscles clamped down on Vegeta's finger.

"It's alright Kakarott," Vegeta soothed, surprised at his partner's sudden apprehension. "I'm not going to hurt you, at least, not unless you want me to." he grinned wolfishly at him before taking Goku's length into his mouth, and down his throat until his lips hit the base of his cock. Goku moaned loudly, his head falling back onto the pillow as Vegeta moved his head up and down, trying to distract his lover from the discomfort as he stretched him.

*I'll bet it's that fear of needles that's making him uncomfortable.* Vegeta thought as he gently pushed in a second finger, moving his mouth a little faster when Goku jerked again at the second invasion.

"Shh, koibito, it gets better." he soothed, moving his mouth back to Goku's erection while probing inside him... seeking, seeking, there! Goku cried out, his hips jerking off the bed, and Vegeta almost choked as Goku's length was pushed further down his throat. *Found it.* Vegeta smiled to himself as he began pressing on Goku's prostate while continuing to suck on his member.

"Uhh...oh..Vegeta...don't stop." he pleaded as his hips rocked back and forth, trying to get more stimulation inside and out, "ohh..please...more!" he almost sobbed with need.

Vegeta released Goku's shaft from his mouth, and raised himself up until his head lay on Goku's stomach, trying to calm down enough to be gentle with him. He spotted the bottle of massage oil on the nightstand, and thought, *Perfect. That's just what I need.* Goku whimpered and moved restlessly beneath him, wordlessly begging Vegeta to touch him again.

"Hold on koi," Vegeta brushed his fingertips along Goku's rock hard abs, "I just need to do one more thing so that I don't hurt you." He grabbed the massage oil off the nightstand and slathered a generous amount onto his shaft, then inserted a well-oiled finger into him. Goku wriggled his hips, trying to get Vegeta to touch *that* spot inside him again, but Vegeta chuckled and shook his head.

"No, now I'm going to hit that spot in a way that will have you screaming with pleasure." he promised Goku. He spread Goku's legs and positioned himself at his entrance, placing his hands on Goku's hip for balance. He glanced up at his koi's face to watch for signs of discomfort, and slowly pushed into Goku's body. Goku's hands shot up to grip Vegeta's shoulders, making him wince as the strong fingers dug in. Vegeta's eyes closed, air hissing between his clenched teeth as he fought the urge to ram his length into the tight passage, *Calm down, take it slow.* he chided himself as he pushed in further.

"Oh...God..you feel good Kakarott." he whispered as he slowly pushed himself all the way in.

A startled cry came from Goku as Vegeta's member brushed his prostate, his hands dropping from Vegeta's shoulders to grip his biceps as he began to rock his hips, eager for more.

"Please....Vegeta...." Goku raised his head to look at Vegeta, and the look on his face made Vegeta groan.

Vegeta fought to stay still inside Goku to give him time to adjust, but he felt his control rapidly slipping away as Goku gazed down at him, his eyes heavy-lidded and glittering with desire, face flushed, lips swollen and slightly parted.

"Kakarott....." Vegeta's voice was hoarse as he tried desperately to restrain himself. Goku growled low in his throat as he tightened his hold on Vegeta's arms.

"Do it Vegeta..." he urged as he bucked his hips hard against Vegeta, nearly lifting him off the bed, "please! Move...do something!" he cried as he rocked his hips.

"No..wait....Kakarott....." Vegeta groaned as Goku's rocking drew him in deeper.

"No!" Goku shouted in frustration, grabbing the sides of Vegeta's face and glaring at him, a feral gleam in his eyes, "no more waiting. Fuck. Me. Now!" he snarled.

"As you wish." Vegeta snarled back as the last vestige of his control snapped. He pulled out until just the head of his member was inside his lover, gripped his hips, and began slamming himself into the tight heat.

Guttural cries rent the air, and the bedframe creaked in protest of the onslaught as the smell of sweat and sex permeated the room.

Vegeta stared into Goku's eyes, sweat running down his face, dripping off his chin and running down his chest. Goku stared back, sweat dampened hair clinging to his forehead, a light sheen of sweat covering his torso.

Vegeta felt his climax fast approaching, and wrapped a hand around Goku's shaft, stroking him in time with his thrusts. Goku covered Vegeta's hand with his own and encouraged him to move faster as he raised his hips up to meet Vegeta thrust for thrust, a choked moan escaping him as white dots began to swim across his vision .

Both men screamed in unison as they reached completion, Vegeta shooting his seed deep into his lover, while Goku's shot out to splash onto Vegeta's chest and his own stomach. Goku slumped back onto the pillows, gasping, as Vegeta collapsed bonelessly on top of him, heedless of the sticky seed covering them. After a moment, Vegeta moved up Goku's body to nestle his head under his chin. Goku reached a hand up to cup the back of Vegeta's head, while the other hand gently stroked his back. He listened to his lover's breathing even out, then start to grow deep and slow, signaling that he was almost asleep.

"That was awesome." Goku whispered.

"You always did have a knack for understating the obvious, Kakarott." Vegeta muttered, chuckling softly before yawning and letting sleep claim him. Goku listened to Vegeta breathing softly, feeling his heartbeat, and smiled before he fell asleep as well.