To tell the truth.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating: NC-17

Notes: PWP, OOC, AU (as always)

Pairing: V/B/G

Warnings: Yaoi lemon, het lemon, language.

This is a request ficcy for Zab, who has pulled me bacon out of the fire a coupla times! *LOL* o.~

"Truth or Dare Pan?" Bra asked, an evil gleam in her eyes.

"Um...uhh...truth I guess." The young quarter Saiyan said, looking over at her friend fearfully.

"Okay...who would you like to you it with?" The 17 year old demi-Saiyan asked the 15 year old.

"Do it? Do what?" She stared blankly at her for a second. "Oh OH!" She slapped her friend on the arm. "That's disgusting!" I'm not telling you that!" She cried.

"Shhh!!! Keep it down!" Marron whispered. "Do you want your Mom and Dad to hear?"

The three girls looked around anxiously for any sign of Bulma.

*Hmm.. they really think they can get away with me not hearing them?* Bulma grinned as she piled several trays high with sandwiches for Goku and Vegeta, who were in the middle of an intense training session. *It's like having a group of hyenas take up residence in the living room.* She snickered quietly as she filled up the last of the trays. "Let's see now. I think they'll take about three trays each." She murmured, then grabbed the remote for a new helper bot she and her father had built. The robot whined to life and came forward on tracks. It looked like a little silver tank with a bulbous head and four thin, long and remarkably strong arms. She hit a few buttons, and the robot grabbed the trays and carried them out the front door. It rolled to the bottom of the ramp leading to the gravity room and waited for further instruction. Bulma quietly crept back to the doorway to hear Goku's grand-daughter answer the question posed to her.

"Uhh..." Pan giggled a bit and flushed. "Trunks." She turned and buried her face in the pillows as the other two girls tried to stifle their squeals. Bulma stood in the doorway, her eyes wide and a surprised smile on her face. *Aww...that's cute! Goku's grand-daughter has a crush on my son!* She laughed under her breath as she walked back into the kitchen.

"Hey Bulma!" Goku said, scaring the bejesus out of her as he used instant transmission to appear right in front of her.

"Goku!" She snapped, then was instantly sorry as Goku's dark eyes widened. "I didn't mean to yell." She said softly, rubbing his arm. "You just need to learn to use the door."

"But Bulma I was just coming to help with the sandwiches. Vegeta's getting really cranky. Says he's hungry. And so am I come to think of it." He grinned sheepishly as his stomach let out a fierce rumble.

"Well, if you would have come out the door, you would have seen the bot standing at the bottom of the ramp loaded up with trays of sandwiches for you guys." She sighed.

"Oh wow really? Great! Thanks Bulma!" Goku cried happily as he made to run out the door. He screeched to a halt as riotous laughter erupted from the living room. "Hey!" He called, striding in to give his grand-daughter a kiss on the cheek. "What are you three up to?"

"We're playing truth or dare." Bra grinned up at him. "Wanna play?"

Goku sweatdropped at the evil smirks he was getting from Bra and Marron. " thanks...I..I'm gonna go." He backed away.

"Aww...chicken." Bulma snickered as he headed for the back door.

"Excuse me?" Goku whirled and stared at her. "Chicken?" He walked over and smirked down at her. "Alright then. Let's play."

"Fine." Bulma grinned as she rubbed her hands together. "Goku, truth or dare?" "Truth." Goku said without hesitation.

" was hoping you would.." Bulma leered. "Aside from Chi-Chi, who would you want to have sex with?"

"What?!" Goku facevaulted.

"You heard me." Bulma murmured. "Who do you really want to do Goku?"

"Oh man!" Goku covered his head with his arms, his entire face turning beet red. "I...I can't tell you..he'd kill me if he ever found out I wanted to do that!" He cried.

"He..did you say..He?" Bulma cocked her head to the side, an idea forming in her head. She stalked over and pulled Goku's arms away from his head. "Come on Goku, you said you wanted to play now obey the rules. Tell the truth."

Goku's wide eyes were firmly fixed to the floor as he shivered violently. "I..can't.." He whimpered.

"You have to." Bulma hissed, peering around the doorframe to make sure the girls were still too involved in their game to notice what they were saying. "Goku..." She growled. Goku said something so quietly she couldn't hear it. "Speak up!" She demanded. The nervous Saiyan raised his head and whispered one word.


Bulma's eyes narrowed as a plan came into her mind. *Damn, I knew it. These two have been mooning over each other for years! I've got a plan..* An evil grin settled on her lips. "Well, why don't we go and tell Vegeta your feelings..." She purred, stroking his cheek.

"SAY WHAT?!" Goku shrieked, drawing a lengthy silence from the living room. Bulma turned and smiled at the girls, who immediately went back to playing their game.

"Here's the plan..." She smirked. "You use instant transmission to get back into the gravity chamber and shut off the gravity. Then you come back here and get me..and then..." She leaned forward and nipped his bottom lip playfully. "We help Vegeta warm up to the idea."

Goku stared up at her in amazement. "You mean'd.." His face paled in shock.

"Goku." Bulma chuckled. "How long have you had a thing for Vegeta?"

The Saiyan blushed and mumbled incoherently.

"Exactly." She grinned. "Now what if I told you that Vegeta's had the hots for you for just as long?" Goku's head shot up and his eyes widened in shock. "That's right..." She ran a finger down his chest. "Now...go out there and shut off the gravity, and I'll show you how Vegeta really feels about you." She purred.

Goku vanished without another word of protest.

Vegeta raised his eyes as he felt energy gathering in front of the control panel. A split second later Goku appeared and bent over the control panel. "It's about time you got back Kakarott! What took you so long? And where's the food?" Vegeta snapped, stalking over to the younger Saiyan, his tail lashing behind him in annoyance.

"We'll eat later." Goku said, his voice oddly flat. "Right now you and I are going to get something straight between us."

Vegeta paused at the strange tone, and scowled as he backed up a step. "What are you doing?" He growled as the gravity was shut off. His tail puffed out to twice its normal size as Goku turned to stare at him with an intensity he had never had before, even in battle. "What the fuck are you looking at me like that for?" The prince snarled.

Goku didn't answer, merely disappeared again.

"What the hell is that third class baka up to now?" Vegeta asked himself as he replayed the strange words, and the look he had received from the other Saiyan. "What did he mean by that? What do we have to...oh Kami...did I fuck up somewhere?" Vegeta began to pace anxiously as he coiled his tail around his thigh. "Could he know? Is that what's got him so upset? I hope not..." Vegeta shuddered. He spun around as he felt the air shift, signaling Goku was about to reappear. "What...what is this, what are you doing here onna?" Vegeta demanded as he saw Bulma clinging to Goku's neck. "And where's my FOOD!!" He bellowed.

"Now really Vegeta. You mean to tell me that the only things you can think with are your stomach and your fists?" Bulma purred as she advanced on him.

"What are you up to?" Vegeta growled suspiciously as he backed away from her. He jumped in shock as a hand gently grabbed his tail and held it, stroking the fur softly. "Let go of me! Baka!" He spat, jumping away from Goku only to find Bulma in front of him.

"Ah ah ah..." She crooned as she sank to her knees in front of him. "You'll enjoy this Vegeta. Trust me." She whispered as she pulled down his spandex shorts and took his member into her mouth.

Vegeta gasped at the unexpected move, his head falling back as Bulma's lips caressed his rapidly growing erection. "Haaahhh....nn...woman...wha.." He began to pant softly, his tail coming up to wrap tightly around Bulma's wrist as she gripped his hips. "'t..not in front of..Ka..Kakarott.." He moaned, his eyes sliding shut as he surrendered to the sensations.

"Now Goku." She growled, backing away from the distracted Saiyan.

Goku snarled as he lunged forward and grabbed Vegeta tightly, pinning his arms to his waist as he dragged the kicking screaming Saiyan to the floor. Goku quickly pinned Vegeta's wrists over his head as his other hand splayed against the smaller Saiyan's chest, holding him still. He smirked as he turned to watch Bulma's head dip down as she took Vegeta's length into her mouth once more. "Feel good Vegeta?" Goku breathed as Vegeta arched beneath him.

"Why...why are you..doing this?" The Saiyan rasped, his hips bucking involuntarily.

Bulma sat up with a sigh, her hand wrapping tightly around Vegeta's shaft and stroking him. "Because if I hadn't have stepped in, this never would have happened." She said as she moved down to pull off his shorts.

"Fine with me." Vegeta growled, gnashing his teeth as the hand on his chest slid over to rub a pebbled nipple.

"No it's not Vegeta. I've seen all the looks that passed between you two over the years, all the hints, the teasing, the staring, and the tension. You two have wanted each other for so many years it's pathetic. The only thing that stands in your way is that damn Saiyan pride." She glared at both of them. "Well that ends today." She pulled a tube of lubricant out of her pocked at handed it to Goku. "You'll need this." She smirked at him.

"What?!" Vegeta shrieked as he began to thrash beneath them. "No! No way! Where the hell did you get the stupid idea that I would want him?" He demanded.

Bulma pulled up her skirt and sat straddling Vegeta's hips, his erection pressed against the crotch of her panties. "Vegeta...." She said softly as she rocked her hips, wrenching a groan from him. "If you won't admit to wanting Goku..." She moaned softly. "I will." She got off him and leaned forward, capturing a very surprised Goku's lips in a hungry kiss.

Goku inhaled sharply as Bulma's tongue ran across his lower lip, and her hands tugged at his sash. The large Saiyan moaned softly as Bulma's lips and tongue left a trail of fire from his jaw to his collarbone, and she nipped gently as the sensitive spot where neck and shoulder joined.

Vegeta sat up and watched with narrowed eyes as Bulma pulled away Goku's sash and pushed up his gi shirt, leaning forward to run her tongue over the smooth skin. He growled low in his throat as the younger Saiyan's head dropped back, dark eyes sliding closes as he groaned.

"Well Vegeta? Are you going to admit it or not?" Bulma smirked as she pushed Goku down onto his back and began to pull down his gi pants and boxers. "Or am I going to have him all to myself?" She managed to strip away the last of Goku's clothes, and sat straddling him much as she'd done to Vegeta before.

Goku gasped as Bulma began to rock against him. "" Goku stammered, shaking his head violently. "'t." He said as he pushed her away gently and rose to his knees. "I can't. I'm sorry" He whispered, looking at Vegeta beseechingly.

A slow burning sensation spread through the Saiyan prince's body at the earnest, pleading look in the other Saiyan's eyes. "Tell me how much you want me..." He purred, getting to his feet and slowly making his way over to the now trembling man.

Goku sat back on his haunches, staring up at Vegeta with glazed, half closed eyes. "Vegeta.." He said, his voice almost a groan. "I've wanted you for so long...." He reached for Vegeta, who stepped back out of reach with a smirk. Goku growled, something dangerous flashing in his dark eyes as he vanished. He reappeared behind the startled Saiyan, wrapping his arms around his waist and lifting him off the ground. "You're all I can think about sometimes. All I can see, all I want to feel." He closed his eyes and buried his face in Vegeta's spiky hair. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

Vegeta's body tingled at the other man's words, and he gasped as he found himself turned around to face his former nemesis. His eyes narrowed as he was pinned to the wall, and he groaned and shivered as Goku rocked his hips, brushing their arousals together. "Where do you think you're going onna?" The prince growled as he noticed Bulma discreetly making her way to the door.

Goku's head snapped around and the younger man pinned her with an intense gaze. "Yeah..where you goin Bulma?" He asked, his voice husky.

"I'm just gonna leave you two alone." She grinned as she turned and started walking again.

"Like hell." Vegeta said as he gently pushed Goku away. The two Saiyans locked eyes and nodded.

"Ack! Hey! What do you think you're...mmph..." Bulma's protests were silenced as Vegeta's lips claimed hers in a deep kiss, his tongue sweeping the inside of her mouth playfully. She chuckled as she was slowly lowered to the ground and four hands quickly but carefully removed her clothes. "So...I get a piece of the action too do I?" She grinned.

The two Saiyans smirked down at her. "Of course...consider this a thank you for giving us a push in the right direction." Goku whispered as he leaned down to kiss her. The tall Saiyan's mouth trailed down her throat, raining fiery kisses across her collarbone before moving down to her breasts. He moved away to go after the lubricant as Vegeta knelt between her legs and began kissing her stomach.

"Hmm. If this a thank you I should do nice things for you guys more often." Bulma whispered, then cried out as Vegeta settled himself between her thighs and entered her in one smooth, deep thrust.

Goku's head whipped around and he stared at them with hooded eyes, his body throbbing in response to the passionate sounds Vegeta wrenched from Bulma. He smiled evilly as his hand finally closed around the lubricant and he vanished, reappearing right behind Vegeta a split second later.

"What are you up to Kakarott?" Vegeta panted as he rocked his hips. He moaned softly as Goku placed a finger under his chin, tilted his head back and delivered a bruising kiss.

"Just getting my piece Vegeta." The tall Saiyan chuckled as he smeared the gel onto his fingertips, then teased Vegeta's entrance with one hand as the other reached around to graze his fingertips over Bulma's hardened nipples.

"Wait..Kakarott..not yet..let me.." Vegeta whispered as he began to move faster inside Bulma, sensing she was close. He leaned down and sucked on a peaked nipple, thrusting harder as her hands slid up to his back, nails raking the skin. "Mmm....yeah.." He growled as he felt her beginning to tremble beneath him. "That's right...let go.." He purred as he reached down to stroke her clit. The fingers on his back dug in harder, snapping two fingernails as Vegeta's mouth moved from one breast to the other.

Bulma's scream resounded through the gravity room, bouncing off the walls as she arched and shuddered violently beneath Vegeta. She went limp under him, panting, as Vegeta looked down at her with a smug smile.

"Vegeta..." Goku whimpered softly, rubbing his now painful erection against the smaller Saiyan's back. "Please?" He pulled Vegeta away from Bulma and knelt behind him once more.

"Yes Kakarott. I didn't forget about you." The Saiyan prince smirked, his tail snaking up to wrap around the other Saiyan's arousal and squeeze it.

A strangled groan escaped Goku before he slid his hand down and pushed a finger into Vegeta as he slid his arm around the smaller Saiyan's waist and held him tightly.

Air hissed between Vegeta's teeth as a second finger was added, and he moaned softly as Goku probed for his sweet spot. He bared his teeth and growled, his hips bucking as the other Saiyan found what he was looking for and exploited it, his touch making Vegeta tremble. The Saiyan prince gasped, rocking his hips as Goku wrapped a hand around his straining arousal and stroked him in time with the fingers rubbing the squirming, groaning Saiyan's prostate.

"K...Kakarott..." Vegeta rasped as he arched and twisted, seeking more stimulation inside and out. "I want you.." He moaned.

Goku froze for a moment as the words sank in, then with a snarl he pushed Vegeta to his knees and bent over him. "I've waited a long time to hear you say that Vegeta." Goku whispered before nibbling on the other Saiyan's ear gently. "Say it again..please?"

"I...want you." Vegeta said softly. He clenched his jaw as he felt the head of Goku's cock press against his entrance. His eyes widened and he whimpered as Goku's thick shaft stretched and filled him.

"Sorry koi.." Goku whispered as he pushed himself all the way into Vegeta. "I'll go slow I promise." He paused, waiting for Vegeta to tell him when he was ready.

Vegeta stayed still and silent for several moments, enjoying the sensation of the other Saiyan filling him. *I..feel good...complete.* He thought to himself before rocking his hips very slightly. He gasped as the movement sent a sharp spike of pleasure through him. "Kakarott..." He groaned. "Move." He bucked his hips hard for emphasis, crying out softly at the pleasure the motion caused.

"You ready?" Goku's voice was strangled as he forced himself to remain still.

"Dammit MOVE!" Vegeta shouted, writhing under the larger Saiyan.

Goku slowly withdrew until only the head of his cock remained inside, and then drove himself deep into Vegeta, wrenching a harsh cry from the prince. He paused for a second, waiting to see if Vegeta was alright.

"KAKAROTT!" The smaller man screamed, thrashing in his grasp. "Stop teasing me!" He shrieked. As Goku repeated the move, Vegeta saw the tube of lubricant carelessly discarded on the floor. He tried to gather his wits as Goku pulled out, paused then slammed into him again, wrenching a low groan from him as he reached for it. "You'll pay for this Kakarott...." He rasped as he squeezed a generous amount onto the end of his tail, an evil smile on his face. He moaned and slowly worked the gel further down his tail, the pleasure from Goku's movements as well as a gentle hand on his tail almost his undoing.

"Yeah yeah Vegeta... 'You'll pay for this Kakarott''ve been saying that for years koi.." Goku breathed into his ear, chuckling.

"Yes, but I was never in such a fine position to make it happen before." He smirked, then snaked his tail around and pressed the tip to Goku's entrance.

"Vegeta? What....?" Goku froze, his eyes wide as he felt something cold and slick pressed against his anus. "Ahh! Hnn.....Vegeta!" Goku cried, head flung back, eyes squeezed shut as Vegeta's tail thrust into him. "Ah...Kami.." His lips were pulled back from his teeth as tears leaked from his eyes. "Vegeta..uhh..." Goku moaned as the thick appendage filled him.

"What's the matter Kakarott? Too much for you? Let's see if I can't make it better..." Vegeta snickered as he waved the tip of his tail across Goku's prostate, drawing a strangled shout from the other Saiyan. "That feel good?" He purred.

Goku nodded his head quickly as waves of pleasure coursed through him. "Kami...what..where did do that?" He panted as he began to rock his hips back and forth gently.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Vegeta smirked as he began to thrust his tail in and out of his lover, making him buck and shiver. "Come on more teasing." Vegeta wriggled his tail once again, rubbing Goku's prostate and making him cry out.

Goku's hands tightened on Vegeta's hips as he pulled back and began slamming into Vegeta relentlessly, the prince arching his body as he began to pant raggedly. "Vegeta..." Goku rasped as he pounded into his lover. "Your t...tail...please? M..more..." He stuttered as sweat beaded on his skin. He threw his head back and shouted as Vegeta's tail rubbed his prostate once more. "Ve...hnn!" Goku cried as he picked up his pace, angling himself to hit Vegeta's prostate as well. He reached around to grip Vegeta's neglected arousal and stroke him in time with his thrusts, and was rewarded with a choked scream as Vegeta's seed spilled into his hand. Moments later a keening cry tore itself from Goku's throat as he emptied himself deep inside his lover. The two Saiyans slumped to the floor, Goku gathering Vegeta into a spoon position and nuzzling his hair.

"Mmmm...that was quite a show you two." Bulma said as she knelt by their heads, leaning down to kiss each of them on the cheek. "Now go find yourselves a nice quiet little place where you can be alone." She grinned as she stood up and finished straightening her clothes.

"Why should we do that?" Vegeta said, the sentence ending with a yawn. "I'm comfortable right where I am."

Bulma rolled her eyes and sighed. "You two have got a lot of catching up to do that's why. Now get going. If you want I'll even give you a little capsule house to set up there." She turned and winked before disappearing out the door.

"But I can't set up house with Vegeta.." Goku said, eyes wide. He looked down at his lover and tightened his arms around him, conflicting emotions starting to surface. "What...what about Chi-Chi?" He whispered.

"Hey bucko, I hate to break this to you but Chi-Chi and I have been together since about a year after the Cell thing so don't worry about it. The two of us have been trying to figure out a way to get you two together for years." She smirked at them. "Didn't you ever tell him Vegeta?" She giggled as she ran out the door, certain Goku would come up with an appropriately kinky punishment.

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