A hazy shade of green, part 3.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Piccolo goes into heat, throwing the entire Z gang into emotional and sexual chaos.

Pairings: Piccolo x everybody (almost *LOL*).

Notes: Het, yaoi, lemon, extreme OOC, AU, late DBZ, humor, weirdness. Just for those who seem to have a problem with inconsistencies with my fic and the anime, that's why I put AU on it. Hello? Does the phrase ALTERNATE UNIVERSE mean anything to you? *snickers*

Disclaimer; Don't own characters or show, not making any money off 'em.

Rating: R for really lemony. *LOL*

This fic is a multi pairing gratuitous lemon request fic for Larania Drake, my 2000thvisitor. Will be at least a 5 parter. (that's what I figure on so far)

Chi-Chi stormed through the house on another rampage about Goku's inconsiderate behavior. "He couldn't be on time to his own funeral!" She yelled.

"Umm...Gohan?" Videl winced as a plate went sailing across the kitchen. "Maybe you should take Pan and go to Capsule Corp., let her play with Bra for a while okay?"

"I think that's a good idea." Gohan said, looking at his mother with an annoyed frown. "Call me when she's calmed down okay?" He muttered before grabbing his daughter and slipping out the door.

"Yeah go on. Bra will love having her playmate over, and I'm sure mom and dad will talk your ear off." Bulma said with a smile, waving them off.

"Later!" Gohan said, grabbing Pan and waving to the women before streaking off toward Capsule Corp.

Several minutes later, Videl looked up and let out a chuckle. "I think Piccolo's here looking to get Gohan out for a spar."

"Hooboy, Chi-Chi's gonna freak if he even mentions sparring." Bulma cringed.

"That's his problem." Videl said with a smirk, making Bulma laugh.

"What do you want!" Chi-Chi screeched, flinging open the door and waving her finger in Piccolo's face. "Goku's out with Vegeta and Gohan just left for Capsule Corp., so you're out of luck if you're looking for someone to fight with!" She snapped, slamming the door shut in his face.

The dark haired woman jumped, letting out a loud squeal as the door was smashed and torn from it's hinges.

"Actually, this is perfect." Piccolo said, voice low and eyes glinting dangerously. "I was hoping to catch you alone." He walked into the hallway, grabbing Chi-Chi by the shoulders and pushing her back into the kitchen. "Ah...I see you have company. Wonderful." He murmured, a cruel smirk on his lips. "Now I can kill three birds with one stone."

"Get out of here Bulma." Videl said, scowling. "I don't know what's going on here but I don't like it."

"What are you waiting for?" Chi-Chi snapped, breaking free of the Namek's grip and crouching into a defensive stance beside her daughter-in-law. "Go on!"

"Right..." Bulma scrambled out of her chair and raced to the back door.

"Oh I don't think so.." Piccolo chuckled. He growled and began to power up.

Videl and Chi-Chi gasped, both women turning tail and running after Bulma as the Namek split himself into three and lunged at them.

Chi-Chi shrieked when a hand closed over her wrist and she was dragged back. Videl cried out as she was grabbed by her long hair and forced to a halt.

Bulma was at the door, and about to fling it open when a deep voice sounded in her ear and hands gripped her waist. "Leaving so soon?"

"Gah! Piccolo stop it...stop.." Chi-Chi snarled, fists beating on Piccolo's chest. She kicked and struggled against the strong hands lifting her to sit on the counter, and turned her head away when Piccolo leaned down to kiss her. "No!" She shouted.

"Oh yeah..." The Namek purred, his body instinctively releasing a new set of phermones.

Videl and Bulma, who had still been thrashing and twisting trying to break free of the two copies of the Namek grew still as Piccolo's scent assailed them. Videl shuddered and leaned back against the Namek, clutching his forearms. Bulma spun in his arms and nuzzled his chest, breathing deeply.

Chi-Chi's struggles ceased, her eyes growing heavy lidded and glazing over as she stopped swinging at him, her hands clutching at Piccolo's powerful arms instead.

"Well, you sure changed your mind fast." The Namek chuckled when Chi-Chi darted forward and began kissing his neck. He let go of her waist and began stripping off her clothes. "Now isn't that better?" He purred, pulling off her shirt and lowering his head to capture a pebbled nipple in his mouth.

Chi-Chi moaned and trembled, the Namek's hand and mouth on her breasts sending pleasure rippling through her. "Piccolo.." She whispered, hands clutching the Namek's broad shoulders. "Please...." She gasped, eyes widening when Piccolo's fingers slipped inside her panties, stroking the damp folds of soft flesh between her legs. "Kami...ahh...nn.." Chi-Chi groaned, arching into his touch.

Piccolo snickered and pulled back long enough to remove the rest of her clothing and push down his pants. "Let's see...you should be able to take a lot after warming Goku's bed for the past three decades." He murmured, positioning the head of his cock at her slick entrance. "Hnn...." He moaned as he pushed into the velvet heat.

Chi-Chi gasped and dug her nails into Piccolo's arms as the Namek pushed her down onto her back.

"Anytime you guys." Piccolo smirked as he quickened his pace, wrenching a keening cry from Chi-Chi. The other two copies of Piccolo nodded and grinned.

Videl shivered as she was bent over the kitchen table, sharp nails raking her skin. She pushed her rear into the air suggestively as Piccolo slid her skirt up and hooked his long nails in the waistband of her panties. "Please..." She whimpered, wriggling her hips impatiently.

"Mm...aren't we eager to get started." Piccolo chuckled as he slid the silky material down her thighs. He skimmed his finger back up between her legs, and was rewarded by a loud moan. He smirked as Videl shifted her hips and thrust them against his fingers, eager for his touch. He slipped a finger up between the soft folds and pushed it inside, pulling a low groan from her. "Can't wait to get started can you? Horny wench." He snickered, grabbing her hips and pulling her up so her feet left the ground.

Videl shrieked as Piccolo plunged his full length into her. The Namek paused for a moment until she began to rock her hips back and forth, signaling she wanted more. "Uh...nn...Pi..Piccolo..." Her voice quavered as she writhed in his grasp. "I want...." She rasped.

"You want?" Piccolo panted softly.

"More..." She whispered.

The third Piccolo picked Bulma up and carried her to the living room. "Let's see. This looks good." He smirked as Bulma stared up at him with glazed eyes, fingers toying with his shirt absently. He set her down on the couch and pulled off his sash, chuckling as the blue haired woman quickly stripped off her dress. "You human women sure are a horny lot aren't you?" Piccolo snickered, pulling his pants almost to his knees and sitting beside her.

Bulma growled softly as she lunged forward, jumping into Piccolo's lap and kissing him hungrily. "I want you.." She whispered, shifting so she straddled his lap.

Piccolo moaned against her lips as Bulma rocked up and down slowly, the moist flesh between her legs brushing his cock as she moved in slow sensuous strokes that left Piccolo fighting for self control.

Bulma moved up one more time and then impaled herself on his shaft, both of them crying out in pleasure. They both jumped and gasped as a high pitched shriek came from the kitchen, then chuckled as they realized the sound was Chi-Chi reaching completion. A loud snarl signaled the copy of Piccolo that was with her had climaxed as well.

"Hnn...." The Namek moaned and bucked his hips gently. "That's really turning me on..." He whispered, smirking up at her.

"Why Piccolo..." She smirked back. "I never knew you got off on watching and listening to other people having sex."

"Yeah well..learn somethin' new every day huh?" Piccolo chuckled, then groaned, eyes clenched shut and teeth bared as Bulma began to jerk her hips up and down rapidly.

"Nn...Piccolo.." She whimpered, trembling as she plunged down on his arousal repeatedly. A rasping cry from the kitchen made them both moan softly as Videl was the next one to go over the edge. Her cry was followed by a low growl as the other copy of Piccolo came as well.

Bulma panted softly, sweat beading on her forehead as she sped up her movements. She closed her eyes and groaned softly, Piccolo's large hands spanning her waist and moving her even faster. "Ah...nn...oh Piccolo....Nnnah!" She threw head back and shouted out her pleasure as Piccolo bucked his hips against her. Seconds later Piccolo's answering shout reverberated through the house, shaking pictures on the walls.

"Piccolo!" Yamcha shouted, sprinting toward the ruined front door. "Oh man no! Please tell me he didn't. Oh Goku is gonna freak!"

"Oh my!" Dende stopped short in the doorway, covering his face and blushing wildly.

"He did." Yamcha said with a frown as he took in the scene before him.

Chi-Chi was sprawled on the counter, naked with one large Namek slumped over her. Videl was semi dressed and curled up on the floor in the arms of another copy of Piccolo, and Bulma was lying draped over a third Namek.

"Shit....he really went all out to get the job done." Yamcha growled. "Man what are we gonna do? Goku Gohan and Vegeta are gonna know about this sooner or later! I wouldn't want to be the one to explain why their women all had green babies!" He paced anxiously.

"There might be a way to keep them from knowing...." Dende said softly, his head cocked to the side. "I might have a way to keep them unaware, long enough for the babies to be delivered..."

"But how long will that take?" Yamcha cried.

"Less than an hour in the room of spirit time." Dende said smugly.

"Oh hey! Yeah!" Yamcha cried. "You keep them from getting out of hand, and we have the babies delivered, them healed and home before anybody realizes they're gone! But what about that door?" Yamcha asked.

"Can you get another one?" Dende walked over and tried to rouse Piccolo.

"Yeah..sure. I'll go do that now." Yamcha said quietly, taking off to the nearest hardware store.

Piccolo winced, slowly opening his eyes. "What the..." He growled as he felt something on top of him. He gasped and sat up, rolling Bulma off of him. "Oh no!" He cried.

"Oh yes." Dende said, crossing his arms and frowning at the larger Namek. "You've done it now Piccolo. Do you have any idea what it's going to take to fix this mess? Now pull yourself together." He chuckled at his own pun.

Piccolo got up and went to rouse the two duplicates of himself. He got them up, and slowly, clumsily managed to get the women properly dressed once more.

"Now as soon as Yamcha gets back with that door we can take them to the lookout." Dende said.

Half an hour later the door was fixed and they were on their way, Piccolo carrying Videl and Chi-Chi, Dende holding Bulma and Yamcha going back to his house to get the eggs.

"How could you do this Piccolo?" Yamcha demanded angrily as he caught up with them a few minutes later. "Do you have any idea what Goku Gohan and Vegeta would do to you if they ever found out about this?"

"Yamcha." Dende said sharply as they landed on the lookout. "I've already explained the circumstances to you. What happened today wasn't Piccolo's fault." He said as he carried Bulma to one of his private rooms.

Piccolo remained silent. He could feel the tenuous bond between his mind and Yamcha's, and could sense the man's anger and betrayal.

Yamcha for his part sighed as he also felt their bond. He could feel Piccolo's guilt, and his self loathing. *Man Dende's right. Piccolo didn't mean to do any of it, he didn't want to do this to his friends. How could I think so little of him?* He asked himself, scowling at having so little trust and faith in the person that, as Dende explained earlier, had chosen him for a lifemate. "I'm sorry for what I said earlier Piccolo." He said quietly, setting Chi-Chi on the ground gently before walking over and hugging Piccolo. "I shouldn't have said that."

"I understand." Piccolo whispered, draping an arm over Yamcha's shoulders.

They both turned as Dende and Mr. Popo rushed out, Mr. Popo carrying Bulma while Dende carried two silver headpieces. "These will help with what we're about to do." Dende shuddered. "I never thought such measures would have to be taken with our friends like this." He looked sadly at Bulma.

"Hey what are those things?" Yamcha asked, reaching out to touch the headpiece already fastened to Bulma's head, almost completely covered by her hair. Only a silver band running across her forehead gave away that she was wearing one.

"They're a mind control device." Dende said quietly. "They prolong any kind of hypnosis or brainwashing."

"You brainwashed them?" Piccolo asked, looking down at the still unconscious women.

"No, your phermones made them come to you, then put them into a trance like state." Dende explained. "Ordinarily this effect would wear off in half an hour or so, but if my calculations are correct, their gestation should last approximately a month. We need to keep them unaware until they give birth, and I can heal them and return them to the Son house, all the while making sure their husbands don't find out they're missing. Therefore...." He said as he walked over and opened the door to the room of spirit time. "We'll keep them in here. Come on Piccolo, Yamcha, let's get them in here. Mr. Popo?"

"No problem Dende. I'll keep watch for a little while longer." The little man said. He watched anxiously as the door slammed shut behind his friends. "I hope everything goes according to plan." He whispered.

"Now..." Dende said, fastening the headpieces to Videl and Chi-Chi's heads. "I'll just make a slight adjustment or two.." He touched the silver bands, and his fingertips glowed. First Bulma's eyes fluttered, then Chi-Chi, then Videl. "Now they will still be unaware of many things, and they won't think to question where they are, who we are, or what's happening to them. However they will be able to feed and dress themselves, and look after their...ahem...personal hygiene." Dende said, blushing.

"Basically they'll be self reliant zombies." Piccolo muttered, watching them warily as they began to wander listlessly about.

"Um..sort of." Dende nodded. "We'll have to keep watch over them. Make sure they don't wander out there.." He gestured toward the vast nothingness that surrounded them. "And make sure they get their rest, proper food, and so on. I'll do my best to assist with the births, and I'll heal them afterward."

"So. All we have to do now is coddle and babysit them until they give birth, and then we'll have real babies to coddle and babysit." Piccolo growled in annoyance.

"Basically." Dende said, giving the larger Namek an infuriatingly ingratiating smile. Yamcha laughed.

Mr. Popo paced anxiously back and forth across the lookout. "Oh I hope everything's alright in there..." He looked at the clock, only to see much to his dismay that just fifteen minutes had passed. "Well, I might as well at least try to keep myself busy." He sighed, grabbing his watering can and tending to his gardens.

Capsule Corp.....

"Gohan! Speak to me son! Are you alright?" Goku asked, patting the demi-Saiyan's cheek gently. "Come on wake up."

"Wha....how? You...he.." Gohan pointed at Vegeta, then stared at his father, eyes wide and face pale. "WHY?!" He cried, pulling away from his father's embrace. "How could you ditch Mom for him?" He demanded, finally finding his voice again.

"I...I can't explain it son, I'm sorry." Goku whispered, sitting of the floor beside him. "I wish I could tell you how it happened, but I can't. All I know is that we went out to spar today and something happened. Vegeta and I...we ended up...in each other's arms. That's all I can tell you."

"Wha...all you can tell me!" Gohan sputtered, rising to his feet and stalking over to the Saiyan prince. "Then maybe you can enlighten me as to what happens now!" He leaned down and glared at Vegeta. "You say my Dad's moving in with you. Is this just a little sexual arrangement or are you two gonna have a real relationship." Gohan demanded.

"What!" Vegeta stood and glared back. "What business is it of yours what we do?"

"It's my business because he's my Dad!" Gohan turned away. "And he's leaving my Mom for you." He said quietly, then whirled back to face the surprised prince. "I don't want to see him on my doorstep in a month or two with a broken heart because you decided you've had your fill of him!"

"Had.....my fill?" Vegeta's voice dropped to a rasping whisper, his face going deathly pale. "You think I would set aside everything, class differences, pride, reputation....for a quick fuck? HOW DARE YOU!" Vegeta screamed, powering up to SSJ2. "You know nothing...NOTHING YOU HEAR ME YOU LITTLE HALF BREED WIMP?!" The prince roared, advancing on the stunned man.

"WIMP! LET'S SEE WHO'S THE WIMP AROUND HERE! LET'S TAKE THIS OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!" Gohan roared back, powering up to level 2 as well. Both Super Saiyans raced out the back door and began fighting in earnest, hurling accusations and insults at each other. Goku tried to jump into the fray, and wound up with a few bruises for his trouble. He wisely decided to stand on the sidelines until they worked off some of their aggression.

Dende's lookout....

Forty five minutes later, Mr. Popo looked up anxiously as the door swung open. "Well...how did it go?" He rushed over as Piccolo emerged holding Bulma and Chi-Chi, and Yamcha carried Videl.

"It went just fine. It took less time than I expected actually." Dende said, walking out behind them and gently cradling three eggs. "They didn't enjoy it much though, and it took a while to heal them. It was the same as any human birth, but the shells of the eggs made them bigger and much more difficult to push out."

"Careful!" Dende said as Mr. Popo reached for the eggs. "They came out very soft, like a membrane almost, and have been slowly hardening since. I think they'll need a few days on a soft surface, being turned often before they're hard enough to offer the babies any real protection." He handed one over to Mr. Popo and led the way to his quarters.

"My goodness, they are soft aren't they?" The small man carefully carried the egg, marveling at the silky, soft shell. He tried to turn it gently as his fingers left imprints in the putty-like exterior.

"Right here should be fine." He said, laying the new eggs beside their larger and harder siblings on a large pile of cushions. "Now. We have to take the women back to the Son house, sit them close to where they were, and then I can take these off." Dende fingered the silver band running across Videl's forehead. "After they're off, we'll have about ten minutes to make our escape unnoticed."

"And then what?" Yamcha asked, looking down at a still virtually catatonic Videl.

"Then nothing." Dende said. "Now we'd better get them home before Goku or Gohan show up."

Piccolo and Yamcha nodded, and the three of them flew over the edge of the lookout.

The Son house.....

"I sure hope you're right about this Dende." Yamcha said as he and Piccolo finished cleaning the kitchen, getting it to Chi-Chi's exacting standards as best they could.

"Trust me." He said, smiling. "It will be as if the cleaning was finished, and they sat down to talk and all three ended up dozing off." They positioned the three women as comfortably as they could at the kitchen table, resting their heads on their crossed arms. "Now...." Dende said softly as he unfastened Bulma's head band. "And you.." He pulled off Videl's. "Last but not least.." Chi-Chi's was removed as well. "Now let's get out of here." The young Namek said as he lead them out the door.

Fifteen minutes later.....

"Hmmm.....ah..." Bulma yawned and stretched, working out a kink in her neck. "Hey you guys..what happened?" She looked around, noticing the clean kitchen, the washed dishes and the pot of coffee that sat fresh brewed.

"I have no idea, the last thing I remember is cleaning, and being angry about Goku. By the way where's Gohan?" Chi-Chi demanded, getting ready to go into another tirade.

"He went to Capsule Corp. with Pan for a while." Videl answered sleepily.

"Speaking of Capsule Corp., look at the time!" Bulma looked at her watch and jumped up, eager to escape another of Chi-Chi's wild rants. Gotta go, sorry to sleep and run." She giggled. "Hey Videl you want a ride?"

The young woman yawned. "No thanks. I'll wait for Gohan here."

"You sure?" Bulma asked, jumping as Chi-Chi began banging pots against the counter.

"Yeah. Go on. I'll stay and help with dinner." Videl rose slowly and walked over to the stove.

"Suit yourself. I'll see you guys later!" Bulma shrugged, then breezed out the front door. She jumped into her air car and careened off into the sky.

"Man, and they say Chi-Chi's a bad driver." Videl muttered under her breath.

Capsule Corp.

"Vegeta! No!" Goku appeared between his lover and his son, both men panting sweating heavily and covered in blood. "Stop it both of you." He stared pleadingly at Gohan.

"Dad I just don't want you to be hurt..." The demi-Saiyan said quietly, remembering the two men's uneasy friendship over the years. "Besides!" Gohan's head snapped up as he remembered where they were. "What about Bulma! How is she going to feel about Dad being your sex partner as well?"

"The woman and I are no longer together in that capacity." Vegeta said softly.

"What? You mean you're not a couple anymore? Since when?" Gohan demanded.

"Since I caught Vegeta masturbating and screaming out Goku's name in the gravity room about a year ago!" Bulma snapped, making all three men jump. She snickered as Vegeta blushed wildly and covered his face with his hands. "I always wondered why we never seemed to really click, turns out he wanted someone else." She smiled as Goku's arm draped across Vegeta's shoulders and brought them both back down to the ground.

"I take it from the fighting that's going on out here that you finally took my advice and told Goku how you felt ne?" She clapped a hand on his shoulder as well. "Don't worry Gohan. As hard as it may be for you to believe, I think your Dad's in good hands." She laughed as Gohan gaped at her in disbelief. "Come on Vegeta, why don't you tell Gohan what you confessed to me that one time I got you drunk shortly after catching you pleasing yourself and calling Goku's name?"

"SHUT THE HELL UP ONNA!!" Vegeta screamed, face turning a dark purple as numerous veins stood out on his forehead.

"No, I think I'd like to hear this Vegeta." Goku smirked down at him, sweeping a light kiss across the prince's temple.

"I would too." Gohan scowled, crossing his arms and glaring at his father and Vegeta as Goku cuddled the recalcitrant Saiyan.

"Well..." Bulma began gleefully as Goku restrained the now enraged prince. "About three months after I caught Vegeta that time, I tried to convince him to sit with me and have a beer. He had never tried it, said it seemed stupid, so I tried to give him some wine instead." She snickered. "Turns out the little prince can't hold his liquor too well."

"Don't call me little!" Vegeta snapped, making everyone chuckle.

"He got rip roaring drunk after about four glasses. And it was then he started talking about Goku. On and on he went, about how amazing it was that Goku made all these unheard of plateaus, and forced Vegeta to push himself beyond the limits, to be as good, or better if he could." She sighed. "After that he started talking about how handsome Goku was, how perfect his body was, he was weaving back and forth on the couch practically drooling!" Bulma laughed so hard tears came to her eyes.

Goku grunted as he tried to hold Vegeta still. Gohan saw his father's predicament and rushed to help. "Hold still Vegeta we want to hear this." Gohan snapped.

"Oh and then he started talking about how Goku was the last Saiyan left, as far as we knew, and it was just natural for him to be drawn to the last of his kind." Bulma grew serious. "When I asked him about homosexuality he just laughed and said that was a ridiculous human idea. Saiyans saw nothing wrong with taking pleasure from a male partner."

"Wow." Gohan said softly. "How did the female Saiyans feel about such things?"

"They didn't care." Vegeta muttered. "Most of them were so much weaker than their mates that the males would have to be as careful as Kakarott you and I were with these human females."

"Man..." Gohan shook his head. "Although, Videl's pretty good that way." He said shyly. "She can...um...take a lot."

"So could Chi-Chi if..." Goku slapped a hand over his mouth to stop himself.

"If she what?" Bulma asked slyly.

"Well..uh...heh heh.." Goku grinned and put a hand behind his head.

"She's frigid isn't she Kakarott?" Vegeta smirked. Goku nodded silently.

"I knew it!" Bulma crowed. "I just knew it. Well Goku.." She grinned evilly at the tall Saiyan. "Frigidity is not something you're going to have to worry about with him!" She pointed at Vegeta and snickered. "I'd say he'll keep you pretty busy." All three Saiyans blushed wildly.

"Oh man I so did not need a mental picture of that...." Gohan groaned. "Okay I guess if Bulma thinks you two will be okay together, I'll try to accept it too." He said quietly, hugging his father and shaking Vegeta's hand.

"Great!" Mrs. Briefs squealed, clapping her hands and scaring the daylights out of the four of them. "I was starting to worry about my garden being destroyed by those two. Now who wants some snacks?" Bulma's mother's blue eyes snapped open wide as three blurs raced past her into the kitchen.

Dende's lookout...........

"So it looks like we've got quite a brood to prepare for!" Yamcha grinned. "Although I'm not sure my place will be able to take...let's see..." He counted the eggs. "Nine pint sized Piccolos running around." He laughed.

"It won't have to." Piccolo said softly. "They're not staying."

"What!?" Yamcha moved toward the eggs, watching the Namek warily. "What do you mean by that?"

"Mr. Popo's collecting the dragonballs, and I'm going to wish them all to Namek. They'll be raised there. All of them." Piccolo whispered.

"All of them?" Yamcha's face went pale. "No..not mine." He said, voice low and angry. "You're not sending my child anywhere."

"I have to Yamcha.....I...I'm sorry." Piccolo stood and stalked off.

"Yamcha..." Dende approached the agitated human. "Piccolo can't handle all of this right now. Don't worry the children will be in good hands. The Nameks will watch over them as if they were their own."

"But they're not theirs!" Yamcha cried, walking over and picking up an egg with a large red dot on it. "I put that mark there so I'd always be able to tell which one is mine. You understand? My child." He hung his head and clutched the egg to his chest. "Wherever this egg goes, I go." He said firmly.

The young guardian was about to protest, but considered the man's words carefully for a moment. "As you wish." He said quietly and walked away.

Piccolo stood on the edge of the lookout, gazing at nothing.

"Do you want to say goodbye to them?" Dende asked softly. Piccolo shook his head. "Alright...if that's what you want.." He went back to his quarters to await Mr. Popo.

Capsule Corp. ........

Trunks and Goten staggered in the front door, and were instantly re-energized by the smell of Mrs. Briefs' delicious cooking wafting in from the kitchen. The two demi-Saiyans raced into the room, and facevaulted when they saw the empty dishes. "You didn't save us anything?" They pouted in unison.

"Now boys..." Trunks' grandmother giggled. "I've already got more in the oven. She pointed at the door, and the two teens drooled as they saw the french fries inside. "And there's burgers and hot dogs on the barbeque."

"Aw grandma you're the best!" Trunks cried, throwing his arms around her.

"Yeah!" Goten copied the move, making the woman laugh.

"Okay come on boys, let's get you fed." Mrs. Briefs laughed, handing them plates.

"Wait your turn Kakarott!" Vegeta snapped, grabbing Goku's arm and pulling him back down into his chair.

"But Vegeta...I'm still hungry!" Goku whined piteously. "Please?"

"Let the boys eat their fill, and then you can have seconds." Vegeta said softly.

Trunks and Goten turned and watched their fathers, amused smiles playing on their lips. Their smiles turned to shocked stares as both of them noticed the two Saiyans were holding hands.

"Let them have their fill? But that could take hours!" Goku whined again.

"Well then I'll just have to find a way to keep you occupied won't I?" Vegeta purred softly.

Goku stared at his lover, eyes narrowed to glittering slits. "I guess you will." He purred back, pulling the smaller Saiyan into his lap.

"Dad! Vegeta!" Gohan nearly choked on his coffee. "Do the letters TMI mean anything to you?"

Goku cocked his head to one side. "Nope!" He said cheerfully, as everyone burst out laughing.

Everyone except Goten and Trunks. The two demi-Saiyans stared at their cuddling fathers, looked at each other, eyes rolling back in their heads as they passed out in a dead faint.

"Hnn... our children seem to have a strange way of accepting news Kakarott." Vegeta said, cocking his head to the side and staring down at the two young men with an amused smirk.

Suddenly Goku, Vegeta and Gohan stiffened as they felt an enormous power taking form.

"Hey!" Bulma cried, jumping up and peering out the kitchen window. "The sky is totally black! Someone must be making a wish!"

"It's coming from Dende's." Gohan said, frowning. "I wonder what kind of wish he would need."

"Well, we can go find out." Goku said, holding his hand out to Gohan. The demi-Saiyan grabbed it, and Vegeta wound an arm around Goku's neck.

"Hey what about me!" Bulma cried just as they disappeared. "Damn! They're always leaving me behind!" She stomped her foot angrily.

Dende's lookout.....

"Here Dende!" Mr. Popo rushed over with the seven glowing dragonballs.

"Let's hurry, I want to get them out of there before the z fighters think to come and investigate." Dende said. He placed the balls in a circle and called the dragon's name. The sky turned black, and lightening streaked across it. Thunder shook the ground beneath their feet, and suddenly the huge earth dragon soared up from the balls.

"Who has summoned me?" Shen Long's voice boomed.

"It is I who summoned you." Dende said confidently.

"Speak your first wish."

"I wish for...." Dende looked over and made sure Piccolo was out of earshot. "For these Namakian eggs, and this human, Yamcha be transported to neo Namek!" He said loudly.

"Your wish is granted." The dragon said, as Yamcha and the eggs disappeared.

Piccolo gasped and whirled around as he felt Yamcha's ki vanish. He cried out as the bond between them went dead, unable to be sustained over such a great distance. "Yamcha!" He shouted, streaking toward Dende.

"What is your second wish?" Shen Long asked.

"I have none. You are free to return to your slumber." Dende said. "Thank you mighty Shen Long."

"So be it." The dragon said, disappearing in a blinding flash of light.

"NOOOO!!" Piccolo roared. "Dende what the hell did you do?" He bellowed. "Where's Yamcha?"

"Yamcha did not want to be separated from his offspring. He said wherever the egg goes, he goes. So he is on new Namek with the eggs." Dende crossed his arms and glared up at Piccolo. "You should have been more considerate. You said Yamcha was your chosen mate. So why would you send away the child that was his?"

"I...I don't know." Piccolo sighed, hanging his head softly. "I just wasn't ready to be a parent."

"Maybe you weren't, but I think Yamcha was." Dende said quietly.

Both Nameks jumped as Goku, Gohan and Vegeta appeared beside them. Piccolo and Dende stared at the two full Saiyans. Vegeta's arms were around Goku's neck, and the larger Saiyan clutched his prince to him almost possessively.

"What's going on Dende?" Goku asked. "Is something wrong? We sensed the dragonballs being used."

"No. Yamcha wanted a wish, that's all." Dende said, strolling away.

"What?" Gohan rushed to keep up with his friend. "What kind of wish?"

"I'm not at liberty to say." Dende said truthfully, for Yamcha and Piccolo had both decided never to tell anyone about the eggs. "Just know that his wishes won't hurt you or Chikyuu in any way shape or form. He needed this."

"Well where is he?" Vegeta demanded, jumping down from Goku's embrace.

"He's gone off world, to a different planet." Dende said. "I can't tell you where. If he ever decides to return, he can tell you himself now please no more questions!"

Goku looked at the ground, shuffling his feet as he sighed sadly. "Yamcha and I have known each other since I was a kid. What could have happened to drive him right off the planet, without even trying to talk to me or anyone else about it?" Goku wondered.

"I don't know koi." Vegeta said, watching the Nameks with narrowed eyes. "But mark my words, we will find out the truth sooner or later."

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