5 year itch.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh and Annakit.

This is a little something that happened when Anna introduced my to the joys of rpg. I copied this from the message history, flushed it out a little and am posting it here with her as co-author.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; T/P.

Warnings; yaoi, lemon, language, angst. Trunks starts out a minor in this fic, and there's some very, VERY lite scenes with them when he's young, but I promise you Piccolo is NOT going to have sex with a 13 year old Trunks kay?

Notes; TWT, OOC, AU kinda.

*denotes thoughts*

"denotes speaking"

Trunks flew over the forest, searching for Piccolo's ki. *I know he's here somewhere....* the 13 year old demi-Saiyan thought to himself. *I'll bet he's shielding his ki again.* He grinned, determined to find the large green man.

Piccolo sat hovering cross legged in the air, meditating in front of his favorite waterfall. His eyes snapped open as he sensed Trunks approaching. Moments later the demi-Saiyan crashed through the forest and came to a stop at the riverbank. Piccolo merely nodded at him and went back to meditating.

"Whatcha' doin?" Trunks stared up at Piccolo curiously. "Or rather.. isn't that


Piccolo sighed then snapped, "NO! it's relaxing. at least when I am left alone to do it." He glared pointedly at Trunks and gave him his most intimidating scowl

Trunks floated up beside Piccolo and assumed the position. Moments later he got a pained expression on his face. "Ouch. Gee whiz. This is more like torture then

relaxing meditation!" He grinned at Piccolo.

Piccolo glared at demi-Saiyan, wondering how long he would take to drown if Piccolo held his head in the waterfall behind him. He grined evilly at him.

"No, but if you really want, I could make it torture......" He snickered.

"Oh really?" He grinned impishly and floated away. "Why so grumpy Piccolo-san? I thought meditating was supposed to make a person peaceful?"

"It is. WHEN I CAN DO IT WITHOUT BEING PESTERED!!!" Piccolo roared. He grumbled to himself and went to find another waterfall, mumbling about

damn nosy Saiyans.

"Aw, c'mon Piccolo-san. I'm bored. There's no one around to talk to." He pouted.

Piccolo heaved a put upon sigh. "And just what would we have to talk about?"

He asked, raising an eyebrow ridge at him.

"Erm... Um... girls! I bet you know about them then -I- do. Are they normally so stupid?" He smiled at Piccolo.

Piccolo sweatdropped. "Why would I know about girls?"

"You hang around papa and Goku and Yamcha don'tcha?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah, but why would I listen to Goku talking about that shrew of a wife of

his? And all Vegeta and Bulma ever do is argue, and what Yamcha

actually knows about women could be engraved on the head of a pin."

"Then you know more!" He grinned.

"I know nothing about women." He stalked away, blushing a deep purple.

"Nor do I care to know, I only know about fighting, and meditating."

"Then what about guys!?" He rushed after Piccolo. "Tell me about guys." He grinned widely.


"Well..." He blushed a little. "See... there's uh..." He blushed more. "There's this guy in school who... well... I...."

Piccolo coverd his face and flopped to the ground, laughing hysterically.

"Oh no! I soooo did not need to know this!"

Trunks continued to blush. " It's not funny! He asked me to kiss him and I was

just wondering if it feels good. Should I say yes? No? Should I kick the

stuffing out of him?" He looked down at Piccolo with a frown.

"How should I know! I've never kissed anybody!!!" Piccolo looked away,


"Oh." He pouted. "Never? Not even a girl? Or a Namek? Or your mother?

Or your dog? Or.."

"NO!!" He got up and stalked off angrily.

"Oh" Trunks bit his lower lip. "Well... would you like to?"

Piccolo stopped, spinning around and gaping at him in shock. "Wh...what did you just say?"

"I said, would you like to?" He whispered.

Piccolo stood staring at him for a moment then shook his head. "NO way! Vegeta would kill me!"

"No... Not me!" Trunks fell over laughing. "I meant would

you like to kiss someone?." He asked, giggling.

Piccolo shook his head and started walking again. "Forget I

said anything. Do what you want with the guy in school. I'm just glad I don't have these kind of problems"

Trunks flew over and stopped Piccolo. "Wait! Don't go!" He looked up with wide, tear filled blue eyes. "Please?"

Piccolo glared at him. "Why not?"

"Because I don't want you to go." He whimpered.

Piccolo shook him off and leaned up against a tree, looking off in the distance. "Fine, but no more talk about this kissing nonsense. Agreed?"

"What about love? Can we talk about love?" Trunks asked, sitting down by Piccolo's feet.

"You can talk, but I have nothing to say on the subject." Piccolo said quietly.

"But....why?" Trunks asked, staring up at him.

"I understand loyalty and honor, maybe even friendship, but love....."

He trailed off, his face hardening.

"I love you Piccolo-san." Trunks blurted.

Piccolo facevaulted. "SAY WHAT??!!"

Trunks put his thumb in his mouth and chewed, looking a bit scared.

"I....I said I love you."

Piccolo stared at him in shock. "No... no...you maybe see me as a comrade in arms, perhaps even a friend...but love....no." He went silent for a moment, then resumed. "I don't understand this whole concept of love. I hatched out of an egg,

all alone, with no one to care for me, no one to look out for me. My only wish was to destroy. Now I protect, but it's out of respect for the sanctity of life. I just don't understand this love that drives people to seek each other out, to....." He blushed.

"I could teach you. I don't know much about boys and girls but I know about love Piccolo-san." He smiled brightly. "My papa and mama taught me about that."

Piccolo ruffled his hair fondly and sat down beside him. "Alright then,

tell me what you know."

Trunks blushed. "Piccolo-san..." He swallowed audibly. "You really want me to?"

"Yeah...tell me." Piccolo smiled slightly.

"Love is... loves is hard to explain though. I'll have to ..." He thought hard and continued to chew on his thumb. "Love burns, down here." He pointed to his stomach. "There are two kinds of love though. There's.. friendship love, and -I would die for you- love. Oh! There's another type too. Parent love. Parent love is unconditional and never dies."

Piccolo smiled. "That sounds like Goku and Gohan and Goten.."

Trunks nodded. "Yup! He smiled. "The love I feel for them is good. It makes me feel warm and safe." He paused, then continued. "And then friendship love is..well, it's more caring than love. And the love.. the other love... it hurts sometimes." He chewed hard on his thumb. "But it's good too, sometimes." He looked at him, brows furrowed in confusion. "Am I making sense?" He blushed. "I guess it's hard to explain. Let me tell you how I feel about you? Maybe that.. that will make more sense."

Piccolo eyed him warily. "Okay...."

"Well... first, I love to be around you. You're so smart and.. and beautiful," he turned pink, and smiled shyly, "you make my heart beat so fast it hurts. And when you talk to me my stomach churns. I -would- die for you. He looked up and his smile widened. "Sometimes I see you in my dreams.. and I.. well... I guess that's.. that's the best way I know how to explain it." He sighed. " I'm a bad teacher... aren't I?"

"No..." Piccolo leaned forward and kissed his forehead gently. "Not at all

Trunks smiled and crawled into Piccolo's lap wrapping his arms around Piccolo's waist. "You're a good friend Piccolo."

"You too kid...you too." Piccolo hugged him tightly.

"I'm not a kid." He poked Piccolo playfully in the stomach with a little giggle.

The Namek chuckled. "Yeah, you are." He poked back.

"I'm not!" He pouted and poked a little harder. "I'm almost all grown up!"

Piccolo smiled down at him. "Oh, and how old is all almost all grown up?"

"You know how old I am!" He squirmed around so he was facing Piccolo, his legs on either side of Piccolo's hips straddling the older man.

Piccolo's eyes narrowed as he shifted uncomfortably. "Cut that out now."

Trunks looked innocently at him. "Cut what out Piccolo?"

"Never mind. He said as he tried to pry him off his lap.

Trunks didn't budge save to grab Piccolo's shoulders. "What's wrong Piccolo-san?" He asked worried. "You look.. upset."

Piccolo felt a strange stirring sensation in his groin, and tried harder to get Trunks off. "Just sit down here." He patted ground beside him.

Trunks pouted but sighed and complied. "I like it when you hold me. Feels good down here" He put a hand on his stomach.

Piccolo rolled his eyes and chuckled "Yeah..sure.."

" Teach me how to meditate Piccolo-san." Trunks said suddenly.

"Okay....well...find a comfortable position..." Piccolo began, a bit taken aback by the sudden change in topic.

"I am comfortable." Trunks grinned as he snuggled up against Piccolo's side.

"Okay, close your eyes and clear your mind of conscious thought....."

Trunks closed his eyes and tried to do it. "Is that all?"

"Concentrate on being one with everything, with nature. one with every tree, every being, everything around you"

Instead Trunks concentrated hard on being one with Piccolo.

Piccolo tried to get back some semblance of his earlier meditative state. "The keys are calming the chaotic thoughts and energy within you." He continued, his voice taking on a hypnotic quality.

Trunks started to feel quite sleepy. Piccolo looked down at him and smiled.

"Piccolo-san!" Trunks gasped suddenly, jumping to his feet.

"What's wrong?" Piccolo stared up at him.

"Am I supposed to see things?" He asked, looking unsettled.

"What did you see?"

"I'm not sure...it doesn't make sense...." He knelt down again and shook his head. "Let's try again." He crossed his legs, put one hand on Piccolo's knee and closed his eyes.

Piccolo began again, trying to get inside his head and see what's wrong.

Trunks bit his lower lip as he tried to focus, frowning as the images started to fill his head again.

Piccolo made his way into Trunks' mind and watche the images play out.

Trunks whimpered as the confusing images flash before his minds eye, slowly becoming clearer as he slipped deeper into a meditative trance.

Piccolo gasped as he realized what the images were. "Trunks..."

The boy's eyes snapped open and he shifted uncomfortably, putting a hand on his stomach. "I don't like meditating Piccolo."

" Do you remember your mother and father telling you about a Trunks came from the future and warned us of the andriods. he saved all our lives, and eventually went back to his own dimension or time, or however you want to say it."

Trunks frowned. "Yes, but I don't understand Piccolo-san... why would... how could I...?"

"These images must mean you had some kind of connection to him. You must have tapped into his memories and thoughts when he was here and the two of you co-existed briefly in the same reality."

Trunks wrapped his arms around his knees. "And when I clear my thoughts and meditate that connection becomes clear so I tap into his thoughts and memories..." He trailed off, staring at Piccolo with wide eyes. "Cool!"

"Still, I don't like meditating though..." He sighed and buried his face in Piccolo's side. "It didn't feel nice."

"Okay kid, you don't have to do it anymore if you don't want to."

Trunks rubbed his head against Piccolo's chest and smiled. Suddenly he twisted, dropped onto his back and placed his head in Piccolo's lap. He smiled up at the Namek. "I'll be quiet if you want to meditate now Piccolo-san."

Piccolo wondered how the hell he was supposed to meditate with someone's head resting on his lap. He debated telling him how distracting that is, decided not to. *Knowing him it would just make him more determined to stay there.* He smirked.

Trunks took Piccolo's hand placed it on his chest, covering it with his hands and then closing his eyes. In a few brief moments he was fast asleep.

Piccolo sighed, then picked Trunks up to take him home.

Trunks curled up against Piccolo, mouth dropping open as he began to snore softly.

Piccolo chuckles softly as he cradles Trunks to his chest.

A sweet smile spread across the demi Saiyan's face, and he decided to try to tap into Trunks dreams to see what put that smile on his face.

//In his dreams Piccolo is placing little kisses on his face and holding him tightly.//

Piccolo gasped, but kept watching.

//In his dreams Piccolo suddenly starts to fade away and Trunks whimpers//

Piccolo feels his sadness, and lands gently before concentrating on entering his dream, trying not to take control.

// "Piccolo..." Trunks murmurs.

"I'm here kid."

He jumps into piccolo's arms and starts to cry. "Don't ever leave me!"

"I won't I promise."

Trunks pulls himself closer and kisses Piccolo.

Piccolo's eyes widen as the young boy kisses him. Trunks..." He begins.

"Don't say anything... please.." He buries his face in piccolo's chest. "Just hold me."

Trunks yawns kittenishly as he begins to wake up. "Piccolo?" He smiles up at him. "Whatcha doin?"

"I'm takin you home kid. You're tired, and the sun's goin down."

"Oh." He says, a little crestfallen. "Will I see you again tomorrow? Can I watch you meditate? Will you train with me and Goten sometime?" He asks quickly.

Piccolo thought carefully, wondering about the strange feelings he had today for several minutes.

"Uh...yeah...sure kid. I'll train with you and Goten sometime, and ....yeah...I'll see you tomorrow."

Trunks grinned. "Thank you!" He hugged Piccolo. "I like being with you.

Sometimes I get so jealous of Gohan because he got to spend -tons- of time with you !I mean, it's not fair! He only loves you as a friend and here I am eating my heart out and I don't get to spend anytime with you!"

Piccolo stared at the boy, the meaning of his words beginning to sink in. "Wait....you....no.....I..."

Trunks looked up at Piccolo. "Yes Piccolo-san?"

"W...what do you mean? why are you jealous of Gohan? and what do you mean eating you're heart out?"

"I love you Piccolo." He frowned. "I think I always have. And... and the only person you seem to care about is Gohan..." He looked down shyly.

Piccolo cupped his chin gently. "I...I care about you too Trunks, and Goten, and Goku, and maybe even your dad, a little..."

Trunks' eyes filled with tears. "Sometimes it doesn't seem like it." He hugged him again.

"I do...really...I...just..." He looked down into Trunks' innocent face. "You are so young....too young to be eating your heart out over anyone, never mind me."

"It's okay Piccolo-san. You don't have to say anything." He squirmed out of Piccolo's arms and stood before Piccolo, having to tilt his head back to meet the taller man's gaze. "You don't understand love so well, so it's okay. And I don't mind if you don't feel the same way, just so long as you're my friend."

I'll alwasy be your friend. But come back in, say, 5 years and maybe then we'll talk about more." he smirked.

"We don't chose who holds the other half of our soul Piccolo-san." Trunks pressed a fist against piccolo's chest, right over his heart. "You're the other half of mine."

Piccolo steeled himself from his own surge of emotion. "Like I said, come back in 5 years kid."

Trunks punched Piccolo in the stomach. "I'm not too young!!!"

"Yes, you are." He chuckled.

Trunks punched again, looking hurt. "Just you wait Piccolo! I'll prove I'm not too young!" He turned and started to run off.

"Trunks wait! where are you going?" Piccolo yelled, grabbing his arm.

Trunks struggled a little. "Home remember? It's dark. It's past my bed time." He snarled sarcastically.

Piccolo sighed, then lifted the struggling boy up and kissed him chastely on the lips. "That never happened." He growled before pushing him away roughly.

Trunks floated up and grabbed the front of Piccolo's gi shirt, leaning forward and pressing his lips against the Namek's cool green ones, his tongue darting out to lick.

"Stop it Trunks! This is wrong!" He forced his sharp features to remain neutral as he lied to the boy. "I don't love you that way. I can't."

Trunks stared at Piccolo, his eyes filling with tears. With an anguished cry he spun and took off into the air, flying away as fast as he could.

"I'm sorry Trunks...." Piccolo rasped, slumping to the ground as his eyes filled with tears as well.

Trunks bypassed the front door, instead flying in to his open window and collapsing on his bed, sobbing.

Piccolo leaned back against a tree, wondering why the hell he always had to fall for people that were too young. He thought about when he first had feelings for Gohan, he was just a kid.

"And now Trunks!" He snarled as he bashed back of his head against tree trunk, growling angrily at himself.

Anybody want to see the conclusion? Or did I finally manage to scare you all off?