Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

"Hmm... eager to get started I see."

Goku's eyes slid shut and he moaned as Vegeta's fingertips traced slow, sensual circles on his chest.

"Please Vegeta," he whispered as he let his head fall back, "I want you."

"Mmmm, but can you handle me?" Vegeta growled softly as he tipped Goku's chair back and bent down to kiss a line along Goku's jaw, before moving down to nip and lick the now hyper- sensitive skin of his throat.

"Uhhh... more." Goku moaned as Vegeta moved to his shoulders. His eyes snapped open as he suddenly felt Vegeta's ki increase.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing koi," Vegeta whispered in his ear, "just moving this into another room."

"Vegeta!" Goku exclaimed, startled, as Vegeta lifted him out of his chair like he weighed nothing at all.

"What?" Vegeta glanced at him, surprised, then smirked, "What's wrong Kakarott, never been carried across a threshold before? Bulma told me that this was an Earth custom performed after two people have become mates, or husband and wife as you would call it." he rolled his eyes, "She said it's supposed to be romantic."

"Well no, actually, no-one's ever wanted or I guess been able to carry me around since I was a baby, or when I was unconscious." he tentatively reached out and wrapped his arms around Vegeta's neck, "and it is kind of romantic." he looked away shyly, his cheeks stained a dark pink.

Vegeta stopped and stared at the man in his arms in amazement, one eyebrow raised and a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Then he could stand it no longer. He threw his head back and laughed out loud.

"What's so funny?" Goku demanded, his face turning from pink to red.

"Just that you can be so coy sometimes, and you certainly are cute when you blush like that Kakarott!" he smiled at him affectionately.

Goku gaped at Vegeta in astonishment, "Hey, that's just what I thought about you when we were back at Capsule Corp!"

Vegeta kissed him softly.

"Now let's get to this damn bath, I can't stand it anymore!" he said loudly, causing Goku to throw back his head and laugh as Vegeta carried him into the bathroom.

Goku's laughter died down as they entered the large bathroom. The lights were off, and sitting on most of the surfaces of the room were large red pillar candles, giving the room a gentle glow. The bathtub was filled with what looked like, could it be...?

"Bubble bath? Vegeta, I haven't had a bubble bath in years but I love them! How did you know?" He began kissing Vegeta eagerly. Vegeta's knees threatened to buckle as he groaned and surrendered himself to the kiss. He set his lover down gently on the edge of the bathtub and pulled back to look into his eyes. Goku's body tingled and he trembled slightly at the intense desire he saw in those obsidian eyes, and as he reached up to run a fingertip gently down Vegeta's cheek, he gazed back at him, letting his lover see the need in his eyes as well. Vegeta reached out and took Goku's hands, and helped him stand up.

"You're wearing too many clothes Kakarott." Vegeta stated as he began kissing and licking Goku's chest. Goku gasped as his boxers were ripped off.

"Did I hurt you?" Vegeta pulled his head back to look up at him.

"No...oohhh" Goku's hands fisted in his lover's hair as Vegeta's mouth latched onto his nipple, while both of Vegeta's hands wrapped firmly around Goku's erection and began stroking him with agonizing slowness.

"Oh God......Vegeta!" he gasped as Vegeta moved back and forth teasing his nipples with his teeth and tongue, moving one hand off his now slightly painful erection to gently cup his balls.

"Hmm?" Vegeta grinned mischievously as he continued to tease him, "what's wrong koi?" Goku groaned in response. Vegeta chuckled.

Suddenly Goku began to shiver violently. Vegeta stopped and looked up at him, sensing his need.

"Cold Kakarott?" he asked.

"No," Goku ground out, teeth bared and eyes clenched shut.

"Well, maybe we'll just put you into that nice hot bath just in case." Vegeta said, bending down with a smile, an evil smile, a smile that made Goku tense slightly.

"Vegeta..." he began, "Vegeta no!" he flailed his arms, losing his balance as Vegeta hooked his hands behind Goku's knees and pulled, unceremoniously dumping him into the warm, soapy water.