Top 5 Guilty Musical Pleasures
"How NOT To Get Laid"
Top 5 Monologues in Flim
"Nosy Bitch Face Co-Worker"
Top 5 Pet Peaves
"Another Guilty Pleasure"
Top 5 Bands I Hate
"If I Had It My Way"
Top 5 Women of Country Music
"The Gay Parade"
"The Bad Boys of Rock"
"The Blair Ross Report"
"Response to a Looser"
"The Pussy Parade"
Top 5 Media Chicks
"Metallica Sell Out"
Top 5 Women of Wrestling
"The Sweet Science - Boxing"
Top 10 Albums of 2001
"Daisy Picking Fairy Dusters"
"The Pussy Parade II"
"Bussy Bodies"
Top 5 Coolest Song Intros
"Ozzy is Back"
Top 5 Coolest Rock Stars
"9-1-1 Conspiracy"
Top 5 Washed up Rockstars
"The New Pace in Town"
Top 10 Albums of All-Time
"New Metallica = Donkey's Ass"
Top 10 Bands of All-Time
Top 30 Work Out Tunes
"Pamela Anderson"
"Customer Service"
"There's Always Someone Else"
"Donald Brashear"
"Halifax in October"
"I Believe"
"Pam and Tommy"
Top 5 Chicks in
"Contraversy in the NFL"
Top 5 Coolest Actors
"Controversy Aftermath"
Top 5  Annoying Celebreties
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