Just like Brian Johnson of ACDC once sang - Yes I'm Back. The protesters outside of Province House have captured my attention. For those of you who are not in the know, a group of protesters have set up camp (yes, camp - complete with tents) outside of Province House. they are protesting the process in which the Worker's Compensation Board handles its applicants
To give you the coles' notes version of it - the workers are pissed because the WCB has its own group of doctors who examine the applicants, and they feel the corporate doctors are shafting them.
Well, tough fucking shit for the workers. What did they expect was gonna happen to them? All through the years, people have abused the system. They went to their own doctors and had them write notes for them, keeping them off work longer. And, they also would get their doctors to keep them off that one extra week, once they had gotten comfortable. Now, the WCB has taken steps to prevent the abuse from happening, and the workers can't handle it. Of course, it has really just become a game of my doctor vs your doctor.
Apparently, these protesters have never heard of or read the story of the boy who cried wolf.  If they had, they wouldn't be in this predicament.
They abused the system, so when they really need it, they see nothing but a big middle finger staring them in the eye. Oh well.
It's like anything else - you abuse something long enough and it'll get ruined for everyone. They only have themselves to blame.
Yet, they insist on blaming everyone but themselves. If these parasites could hire Inspector Clouseau to give them a clue, they would realize that it's the abusers of the system who they should be protesting against, not the protectors.
So many years of taking weeks off to rest an ingrown hemmorhoid has made it near impossible for a person with a legitimate injury to be justly compensated.  But, as we say it here on PEI  -  Dem's da breaks eh?  Now, last night, a protester had to be arrested. It's this simple - the city is taking steps to repair the senataff, and the camp was in the way. they all moved, but this twat felt he shouldn't have to.  He was asked politely to move, then starte with his "I have rights, this is public property" bullshit.  Then, much like I used to do when I was 14, he plugged his ears and started yelling, ignoring the cops.  Today, there is a big stink about it.
Now, while I obviously am not a big fan of law enforcemnt in general, this time they were right.
I mean, to the outsider, it looks as though his right to free and peaceful assembly was vilotaed. But, when he was asked politely, he threw a fit, losing his peaceful demeanor, thus forfeiting his right to assemble. People tend to only see the superficial side of things.  They want the "little guy" to beat the system when the system bullies.
Problem is, there was no bullying. I am anti-establishment to the max, but I AM a firm believer in "what is right is right" and what was right, this one time, was the authorities. I mean, these protesters are morons. I walked by one day with Lafford, and one ogf them says to me "you know what they say about people who have big heads? They wear big hats!" Now, I'll be the first to admit - my head is big enough that passengers on cruise ships are stricken with fear from Titanic flashback.
But, is this really the way to go about protesting your cause?   Having people mouth off to passers by?
It just goes to show the level of idiocy that these protesters possess, and why they aren'[t being heard or getting the "respect" they fell they deserve. Fuck them and their lazy useless asses. They had better PRAY that their designated mouthpiece doesn't have another encounter with me. It's one thing to mouth off to me in broad daylight, inmid afternoon, when I'm working and CAN'T do anything about it. It's a whole new can of worms to open if they decide to mouth off to me on say a Saturday night, whenI've had a few, it's dark, and the last mouth-off is still fresh in my mind. I will personally assure they come away unfit to work ever again. p.s. Somebody explain to me why they are too injured to work, but not too injured to sleep outside, in a tent, on a cold, damp ground?
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