Hello folks! After a near 2 week absence, I'm like Vince Neil - I'm and comin your way, supercharged, just might explode in your face. Well, the last time an Ossified landed in y'all's mailboxes, Sir Lancelot, a knight of the round table himself showing unprecedented bravery, created a phony account with my name, and sent you all some e-mail. So, since the poser has refused to come forward and fess up, it's time I make this announcement -
I'M COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. Yes kiddies, the bone is unretiring for one night to smash maxillofacial structures (jaws, to the layman) the likes of which Dr. Habbi himself would be at a loss. So, Mr. Imposter, here is my proposal to you - Since you're obviously a herpes-ridden cock who lacks any form of
testicular fortitude who likes to hide behind his computer screen, surfing the internet for the coolest picture of Mr. Spock, I'm gonna make it tempting for you. You name the time and place and I'll show up with bells on. I have a gimp left ankle. Feel free to kick it. In fact, I'll give you a free shot at it right from the get go to see if you can take
me out. Tell the audience, whoever may be there, that the fight is over ONLY when the person in control at the end decides it's over, not when
the person getting pummeled says so.
Now the kicker. We each put up 50 bucks of our money, and see if the people on this mailing list will put in 5 bucks each to watch, with the winner taking all the money. That's a few hundred bucks to the winner. But I suggest you go the Bike Shop, grab a package of Spaldings, cuz I'm guessing the only balls you'll ever have.
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