Hello again all and welcome to the latest edition of everyone's favorite spam mail, Ossified. Before I go off on a rant, let me extend a few shouts out. One to my higher power, because I'm glad just to be sitting here typing this, after the weekend I had. I'm willing to bet that no human being has EVER consumed as much alcohol in one day as I did Saturday night, and lived to tell about it. Of course, I'm STILL suffering dearly, but it's all part of the fun eh? The second shout out goes to the the recently married Mr & Mrs Francis Kays, who were just married this past Saturday in Sydney, N.S.
Frank, my boy, awesome wedding, awesome reception, awesome dance. Thanks for inviting me and letting me be a part of it. Also, Mr & Mrs Francis Kays are the proud parents of THE most adorable baby I've EVER seen in my life. I'm not one to get all mushy when it comes to that kind of stuff, but this child is beautiful. I have a funny feeling the Abster (Abby) is gonna be spoiled rotten, and I can't say I'd fault Frank and Andrea one bit - if you could see the big bright eyes on this angel, you'd end up spoiling her too! Now, time for the insanity. This week's topic is one that is somewhat close to me. As you all know, I am, what some people might call, a music fan. Well, I just read from www.knac.com that the greedy little
bastards in Metallica are at it again. Metallica is suing an automotive company, for copyright
Here is the clip - Metallica is suing MHT Luxury Alloys, a Torrance-based wheel company that is the parent company of six other wheel lines: Driv Wheels, Kaotik Street Alloys, Foose Design Wheels, Niche Road Wheels, Concept Neeper Alloys and Elite Wheel. The suit is over a wheel released two years ago called the "Metallica" . Though MHT Luxury Alloys discontinued sales of this wheel last year, Metallica is suing the company for trademark infringement because they have used the band name for automotive products in the past (though not wheels in particular. In 1999, the Bay Area band sued
lingerie-turned-cosmetics chain Victoria's Secret for copyright infringement over a line of lipstick with the same name. I don't understand these guys one bit. Is this the band that wrote Kill Em All? Ride The Lightning? Master Of Puppets? And Justice For All? Well, we all know that is was Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton who were responsible for the first three Metallica albums, and when they ran out of their material, they sold out. Anyone who disagrees, need only look at the earlier music and how
often they released it, and look at the 90's and beyond music, and how infrequently they released.
Metallica is now in the worst place a band can be. Motley Crue talked, in their book, about the Cog in the music biz. Metallica are on the fifth wheel of the cog, where they become a number on an accountant's ledger sheet. Where the record company doesn't want them to take any chances by
making new music, but rather have them cash in on old glory, hence the Live Hits with the Orchestra, and the re-release of Garage Days, with a disc of new material.
And, true to form of any band, just when they release a hits package, knowing they have run out of ideas, the dreaded lineuup change followed, hence Jason Newsted's departure from the ranks. Yes folks, Metallica has graduated from the Van Motley Roses school of music and majored in how to become the biggest band in the world and fuck it all up by letting greed and ego get in the way. Newsted's no dummy - he knows Metallica are on the way down, and got off just in time so his name isn't smeared along with theirs. Suing furniture companies, tire companies, lingerie companies and their fans isn't a great way to stay popular.
It's weird, cuz for a band that sold out to remain popular, they sure are going about it a funny way. You'd think they'd want their name used by a lingerie company, reaching as many women as possible. Seeing how they come from San
Francisco (cough cough....fags) why wouldn't they want women knowing their name? Or maybe they like having an audienece of angry bull-queers and 13 year old boys. We all know why they went after napster - their music sucks so bad now, they want us shelling out 20 bucks before we find out how bad it is. Now, Lars is talking about using loops and samples in his "music"? I've heard diehards say the following, in the same fucking paragraph - "they didn't sell out, they just matured.......... it's not them suing, it's the managers and record label, cuz they make money off them too"
So, they've become puppets (the very thing they vowed they'd never do) for the bigwigs? That is what they call selling out. Yes folks, Metallica is a sinking ship, and they are desperate. So desperate, they need to file lawsuits to promote summer tours, and make rehab announcemets to promote a new record. Which brings me to that. They posted on their website that they want to give James privacy while he went through rehab. Exactly how is making a press release and internet posting giving a man his privacy? It's not - it's garnering publicity cuz the music ain't doing it anymore.
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