Hello again my peeps! Once again, the world's last true fascist bastard has decided to grace y'alls mailboxes with mind-pollution of the highest order! Today I'm going to discuss the topic of music - more or less what makes hard rock/metal great, and what makes pop music nothing but
garbage for simple minded maggots who just recently learned to move their jaws while moving their feet at the same time. Let's stop and look at it from a realistic point of view. I catch a lot of flak becasue I still listen to heavy metal/hard rock, but I don't give a fuck.
There is NO argument when I say it is the best music. Some of you may not like it, but the talent behind it cannot be
denied. These are people who write AND perform their own songs. Whether or not you like the songs the write is neither here nor there - it takes talent to do both. It's real, unapologetic and driven - something pop, country, dance
etc lack. It's not a bunch of fairies hitting some buttons or whining about how their 47th dog got run over the same week his 17th wife left him. This shit is so horrible, it actually makes me angry when I hear it. Honestly, at what point is it that a person decides "I wanna listen to meaningless shit without feeling and emotion"??? Pop music makes me cringe.
Have you ever listened to the radio?
I mean, not have it on, but actually LISTEN to it? I'd rather bathe in a septic tank than be subject , or subject my frineds/family, to the shit that pollutes the airwaves. Unreal! It's the same fucking song, over and over and over and over and over and over again, just performed by different people, with a techno twinge here, or an effect there to make it sound a bit different. Take Backstreet's Back (BSB), I Want You Back (NSync) and Stronger (Britney's Speared) - same fucking song. And the songs are for simple people. They claim metal is for the disenfranchised and downtrodden, well, please explain these lyrics "my lonliness, is killing me" "if there's nothing, missing in her life, then why do these tears come at night"
And before any of you smart asses ask why I know these lyrics, bite it right now. Seriuosly, pop music is for the truly weak minded. Metal is thought provoking and stirs excitement, whereas pop just
basically makes you sad and justifies it. "I wanna be your ball an chain" ?????????????????? What the fuck kind of shit is that? Talk about submission. Funny how, in the 80's, you had every Tipper Gore whore and their merry mothers army campaigning against hard rock, saying it was evil and negative. I think tipper needs to read the lyrics instead of hearing one line and freaking, ignore the toning of the guitar, andhear what is really going on. And not be blinded by the cheery-satanic music polluting the airwaves. Remember Third Eye Blind's Semi-Charmed Life? Had a nice poppy/glossy soud to it with the do-do-do thing eh? IT WAS ALL ABOUT DRUG ADDICITON. Something the mindless sheep failed to pick up on. Next time you have 2 hours free, turn on the radio (be sure to have a lot of valium on hand, as I will not be held accountable for your fit of rage when you realize how fucking irritating that music is) and just listen.
It's bad enough all the sonmgs are the same, but every hour they repeat the same songs. Part of the droning process I guess (I won't expand now, cuz this will drag on, but if any of you wanna konw what I mean, email me and I will gladly explain the droning process). Listen for 1 - 1 1/2 hour and count how many songs use the words "heart" "love" "soul" or any combination of "be free" "set free" "set you/me free" Just take a listen. Folks - pop music (I use the term music VERY loosely here - I would much rather listen to a thousand knives being scapred across a china plate) is music sung by people who can't write or compose, composed by people who can't write or sing, written by people who can't sing or compose.
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