Ossified Vol 48 dealt with the major controversy that happened in the Cleveand - Jacksonville game this past weekend in the NFL. I now wanna deal with the aftermath. The first thing that pisses me off is Carmen Policy.  he is the president of the Cleveland Browns. I used to respect him as a front office guy, but now I don't.  After the game, he said he didn't begrudge the fans because he liked that they were passionate. Well, he has since held a news conference to apologize for his comments.
It pisses me off because he came from the renegade organization, the San Francisco 49ers who always did things their way, and now he is kissing coporate ass.  Probably because his team hasn't won anything yet and he can't afford to be a maverick, and he wants to stay in the good graces of the powers that be.  The second thing that pisses me off is "actions" being taken by the league.  The league is upset about the whole incident. I don't know why
It's all over the news, and the last I checked, there's no such thing as bad publicity.  And the whole delay factor is not a factor.  I mean, the league wants games to go as quick as possible for the fans.  Well, if the fans are causing the delay, then what's the problem?  And, it's not as if the t.v. viewers will be offended.  Note to Commissioner tagliabue - the kind of people that watch football in the first place are borderline animals, and have no problem watching that kind of behavior. I was giddy with excitement.  The third thing that pisses me off is the continued dehumanizing trend we are seeing in this world.  The fans' reaction was nothing more that the fans being very passionate about their team.  You can't take that away from the fans - it's like a god given birthright of a fan to get emotional and throw shit, if the situation calls for it. Hell, I am a believer that tomatoes and lettuce should be handed out at concerts to spectators when the hand over their ticket, so, if the show sucks, then it's back to the old days of flying food at the performers.

Maybe I'm nuts, but that's the way I see it!!
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