5. Rose McGowan - Good ol Irish girl. Great frame, big pouty lips
and a sassy attitude. Truly a hottie. Only negative is that she
had sex (well, she went out with him - could be one of those
Hollywood deals) Marilyn Manson.
4. Michelle Pfeiffer - Yeah, she could stand to hit the buffet table and gain a good 20 pounds or so, but she has a killer set of eyes, great lips, and she actually has talent, and doesn't rely on her looks.
3. Singer from The Corrs - I don't know her name (ashamed of myself) but she is pretty as hell, and has a nice, soft, almost - angelic voice. Plus, I've never heard a samg by The Corrs that I DON'T like.
2. Janet - Let's face it fellas > Janet Jackson is the shizzit. That big ol booty, that million dollar smile (knowing her liposuction past, probably really is a million dollar smile). While she's very forward and suggestive in her lyrics/videos and gets some points for that, I automatically can't put her No.1 because (a) she's a Jackson and (b) she once told how she gets enemas with coffee??????????????? She's still hot tho.
1. Jewel - Sorry guys and gals, but it's true. Talented, an
>innocent/fragile voice. Full figured gal - in other words, not
afraid of eating more than 3 sesame seeds - with all the gear in
place. Amazing songwriter. Plus, with all the millions she's made,
and all of the magazine covers she's graced, she hasn't gone to the
plastic surgeon to straighten the nose, nor has she gone to the
orthodontist to correct that snaggletooth. All women EVERYWHERE
should use her as a role model/example.
1. If you want off the list, then reply and say so - I can only send out 50 at a time, and there are other people who can take your place.

2. If you disagree with something I say, then fine, I can handle that. Reply, disagree, do whatever - part of the reason for this is to provoke thought. But DON'T ask to receive it, then get upset when I say something you don't like and ask me not to speak of this or that. I will most certainly speak of whatever I choose, and if you don't like it, then block it, ask me to take you off the list, or ignore it and wait for something more cheery.

3. DO NOT ask me to pick and choose who gets what - while some of us wear our beliefs on our sleeves (like myself), others keep their beliefs to themselves. How am I supposed to know what a touchy subject is for someone else.

For the record, I have friends who agree whole heartedly with most of the things I say, and these are the kind of people that you would expect to be %100 opposed to my train of thought - thus illustrating that I don't know who agrees with what. This may sound like I am coming off a bit pissed and rude, and that's cuz I am a little. Someone asking to receive this then geting upset about it's contents is the equivalent of Johnny Smoker sparking up a cigarette while filling his gas tank, then complaining to Exxon about the hazardous emvironment. Don't ask me who got upset this time cuz this person replied to me privately, so I'm not gonna drop names. Remember - life isn't always wine and roses - sometimes it's blood and guts - and I'll be damned if I'm gonna pretend that it is wine and roses all the time.
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