5. Samuel L Jackson - Sammy just has that certain swagger about him
that others try, but can't match. Plus, is there a man alive who can
say "motherfucker" better than Sammy?
4. Robert DeNiro - You could make an argument he should be on this list strictly for his portrayal of Jimmy Conway in Goodfellas. DeNiro is soo cool, he could play a badass in a silent movie and STILL convey the message - watch his facial expressions in his movies.
3. Harrison Ford - Has a "fuck you I'm Harrison Ford" attitude that exemplifies what cool is all about. i mean, he's Han fucking Solo for god's sake. Come to think of it, maybe it's a "fuck you, I'm Han fucking Solo" attitude.
2. Clint Eastwood - Come on! this guy pretty much wrote the modern day book on cool. Granted, he's spewed a lot of cheese outta that mouth (go ahead, make my day) but that's what the times caled for.
1. Jack Nicholson - Jack Nicholson IS cool; in other words, he is
how cool should be defined. The arrogance, the indifference to all that is conventional. You just know that if you actually knew him, you'd wanna smash his cocky, arrogant mouth. AFTER you realized you could never be like him.
Honorable mention -

John Travolta > smokes a cigarette better than anyone, but that
whiny voice, and movies like Michael and Phenomenon keep him off the list.

Kevin Spacey - A few more roles like Verbal Kint and John Doe would put him here.

Sean Penn - doesn't do enough movies. To busy being a badass to
actually portray one.

Brad Pitt - Not cool yet. Still kind of a pretty boy. Not old
enough to reach cool status.
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