5. Don Lapre - you know him> the making money guy. That
motherfucker talking about making millions from his "one bedroom
apartment" What's with that horrible fucking T.V. voice he talks
with. Don - if I saae you, all the millions you made from your one
bedroom apartment ain't gonna stop me from smashing your mouth.
4. Ron Popeil - You know that asshole who hawks all his useless shit on informercials. Like his juicer - so you can have "fresh juice" Jesus christ, you want juice, get some fucking tropicana. With the time and effort it takes to juice the fucking selected items, it would be quicker to eat it. And his fucking rotisserie machine. he talks about how great it is and all that garbage. Problem is, it takes 18 minutes per pound to make your meat rare, which mean you're looking at about 45 minutes (at least) to have it well done. You get a 15 pound roast or whatever, and you are looking at 11 hours. Wow, a tasty roat in only 11 hours, what a fucking invention. And let's not forget about the spray-on hair. i mean, you have parent's groups wanting heavy metal msuic banned, blaming metal for the columbine incident, and video games like doom. Isn't seeing a man spray fake hair on his head more damaging? Ron - if I see you, I'm gonna kabob your ass and stick you on your wonder-rotisserie and see how long it takes to make YOU well done.
3. Lars Ulrich - The little fucking elf who occupies the drums set
for Metallica (I would call him a drummer, but he is so bad he
orders takeout cuz he can't even beat batter). That fucking troll
had the nerve to start the whole Napster thing. Sure, he "has the
right to control his music" and this argument may be old, but when
they were struggling, they give records away. Now that they are
worth hundreds of millions, he's worried about his $0.75 royalty
payment on an album. That fucker squeezes a nickle so tight you can
hear the eagle scream. Let's not forget about his many
personalities. He dresses like he's Axl Rose 9remember the white
leather jacket?) talks like he's Tommy lee (says fuck in weird
places when he speaks "i remember fuck this one time james fuck and
I fuck we fuck playing a fuck gi and the fuck power went fuck out")
and NOW he thinks he's a big aristrocratic V.I.P. Nothing better
than watching his ass get booed off the stage at the awards last
year. Lars, if I see you, I'm gonna blow up that bridge you live
under, grab some of Ron Popeil's fake hair for ya, and tie you up in
a quiet room with a pendulum, so you get timing forced into that
tennis-playing fairy ass of yours.
2. Oprah Winfrey - Racist fucking pig who has no fucking soul. this bitch tries to relate to today's youth by using phrases like "you go girl" OPRAH - you're 50 years old. She did her whole charity thing and got her pals and fans to donate. i mean, here is a bitch who makes $ 200 milion per year, and kicked in an impressive 10 k into the pot, and got all her celeb freinds to kick in lik 5k, and actually had the nerve to ask from her fans. I mean, her fans are working class people, and here is this billionaire cunt asking THEm for money for HER chairty. I'm just wondering when people are gonna wake up and see her for the fucking snivelling rat bitch she is. Oprah - I see you, you're safe, cuz I'm against violence to women. You're lucky.
1. Fred Durst - Lead singer for Limp Bizkit. This fucker needs to go away really fast before I lose it. I don't know what pisses me off more - the fact that he's a passing fad that has a limited window (for which that window is pretty much shut) or the fact he realizes it and pollutes our minds with that shit he calls music every single year. Thank god his guitarist quit - that signals the end of the band. I mean, who in their right mind can respect a 31 year old man, running around in startr clothes, screaming "i did it all for the nookie" and telling people to "break stuff" and how "everything sucks" Dude - you've made millions of dollars and are pretending that everything sucks? Pull a Cobain already and leave us alone. Jesus Chrsit - the mere fact that a 31 year old man calls sex nookie is sad enough. I always knew Fred Durst was a piece of shit, and if you rearrange his last name it spells Turds. Fred - if I see you, it IS gonna be "one of those days" and I WILL be like a chainsaw and "skin your ass raw" and and then piss in your ear drum when I'm through.
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