Well folks - it's Friday evening, and Mr Cyber Loser is just too
hungover to go out tonight (let's face it - we all know I'm not too
hungover to go out since 3 days bender comes as easy for me as drinking water does for most people - it's more of a case of my
having bought a new toy yesterday and wanting to amuse myself with it > gotta love mp3 players!) Since I've been popping off top 5 lately, I'm gonna continue
5. En Vogue - Ya ya, laugh it up boys, but I don't give a shit. The first time I heard their song Never Gonna Get It, the first thing that went through my mind was "what a great sex song" All you men have to admit when you saw the video for free your mind, when they came strutting down the catwalk in their thigh high cat boots, that you were turned on. I tell you this right now - next time you are with your partner (boyfriend for the girls, and girlfriend for the boys) and getting kinky, fire on some En Vogue. You can send thank you cards to my home address.
4. Lit - These guys are kinda like a modern day 80's throwback band.  Since they are an 80's throwback, and me being captain 80's, it shouldn't seem like such a stretch. But the fact that they are all over Much and MTV, places them in the Pop genre, so that's why I call it a guilty pleasure. But hey - they write ctachy songs that everyone can enjoy, so what the hell eh?

3. 3rd Eye Blind - While I thoroughly HATE the song semi-chramed
life, and it's overplayed do-do-do, do-do-do-do shit, I do enjoy the
rest of their work. Another band that falls into the Pop genre, but
writes some damn catchy tunes.
2. The Corrs - I'll admit that the only reason I even know of them is cuz my ex liked them, and I saw some videos. Well, I started watching the videos, and the singer was hot, so I kept watching. Then, I strted liking them. I noticed that I liked every single they had ever released, so I went and loaded up on Corrs music, and I can say I have yet to hear a Corrs song I don't like. Her voice has a type of fragile innocnece to it, harkening back to the days of when Susann Hoffs was fronting The Bangles, which brings me to......

1. The Bangles - Yes, I listen to the Bangles, and enjoy it
immensely, so deal with it. The Bangles wrote awesome songs (Hoffs
was the REAL brains that powered the gogos, not Belinda Carlile) and
were just cool. When I was a little bonehead (this is the point
where you say - WHEN you WERE a little bonehead?) I was fascinated
with them. There I was, the gods of pubescence starting zap me with
some hormones, and there was this group of chicks, playing guitars
and stuff, just blowing my mind. I don't get it though - I get some
really weird looks if I put on the Bangles. Weird looks from some
people who listen to garbage like Colplay and that crap. But hey -
now you know my guilty pleasure, so what the hell eh?

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