5. Al Pacino - Devil's Advocate > The scene where he has Keannu in his office and he's talking about Eddie Barzoom and how he's "god's special little angel" What a rant.
4. Al Pacino - City Hall > You know the one I mean - THE rant in themovie when he's addressing the chamber.
3. Al Pacino - Scent Of A Woman > When he's in the school, sticking up for Charlie (chris odonnell) and ranting like a madman. Classicline - "if I was the man I was 5 years ago I'd take a flame thrower to this place"
2. Jack Nicholson > A Few Good Men > The first rant, when Demi Moore, Tom Cruise and Kevin Pollock go to Cuba to meet with Jack and Jack tells Demi about eating breakfast 200 yards from 400 cubans who are trained to kill him.
1. Jack Nicholson > A Few Good Men > The coutroom rant that was spawned from the "you can't handle the truth" line. Too bad, cause that line got/gets more attetnion than the rant tha ensued, and the rant was choice.
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