5. Stupid People - I don't mean people with a low IQ, or a bad
memory or that kind of stupid. I am referring to people who just
walk around all day, without a fucking clue. The kind of people who walk across the street without looking, making you slam on your breaks. One of these days, I'm gonna actually be in a pissy mood behind the wheel when this happens, and my foot will "accidentally" hit the gas pedal and smash his jay-walking ass into the afterlife.
4. Powertrippers - I don't mean ego maniacs. And I don't mean authority types. I am referring to people with massive inferioirty complexes, who's only defence mechanism is to demean and belittle others. These people are so miserable on the inside that the only way they can make themself feel better is by inflicting their misery on others. While I hate the people themselves, I love when these types try to step to moi - that oftne works for them eh? I have probably sent more people running to the prozac than 3/4 of the psychiatrists in North America.
3. Bad Drivers - I don't mean fast drivers, because fast drivers are people who are confident behind the wheel, and that is reassuring. I mean BAD drivers. Like the fuck-stick that started to make a lane change right beside me, into my lane, and made me have to speed up and into another lane, and almost get smashed by a transfer truck.Needless to say the cock-knob got a little piece of my mind, not to
mention a nice god of saliva in his face, at the intersection.
2. People who fuck with my timetable - I do certain things a certain
way, at a certain time, for a certain reason, and it AGGRAVATES the
living hell outta me when people fuck with it. Like, when I go to
the gym - I take certain "supplements" at certain times, to time it
so I can maximize it at the gym. I have it down to a science. But
every now and then, my sister will come along, park behind me, and
not move the car until she's ready, putting me off by 10 minutes.
Last time it happened, I drove through the backyard. Then a day
later, she got dropped off here, and wanted a drive. I was going to
Irwin's, I told her to come on, she says one second. 3 minutes pass
- fuck her, she walks home. Then has the audacity to be pissed at
1. Tough guys - I know, I know. Some of you are wondering why I,  captain fisticuffs himself, would get unnerved by tough guys. But remember - "tough guys" aren't tough > they are fronting. Idiots who walk around, chest out, giving you the eye. Half the time, they don't even know what's looking back at them. A good bit of insane talk, like what will happen to him (not, I'll kick your ass talk, but actual detailed, picturesque violent talk) is enough to dissuade them. I've actually talked myself out of more fights than I've been in. And not pussy back out talk, but meeting the tough guy talk and intimidating them. It's not hard. Example - I was heading down to the bar i used to work at one night. It was a holiday, but the boss gave me the keys, and I was going down to turn shit on cuz I had a
lady friend on the way. Well, these tough guys drove by and started yelling faggot. So I says "I'm not the faggot hanging out the car window am I" He asks if I wanna go so I tell him to come on. They pull in, all get outta the car and start approaching me. I bent over, tied my shoes really tight, and started stretching while talking to them. I said "how's it gonna work boys? One at a time? All at once? On the street? Down the alley with no witnesses? Or is it just gonna be one of yus?" Well, mouthpiece that was doing the yapping goes into the old "nah man, we were just fucking with you.We thought you were someone we knew. Do you know so and so? ou seem like a good cat, why dontcha come with us" I told him I was waiting on a lady friend and bid them adieu. What I want to know is
this - did these people actually think I fear a human being? Or even 5 for that matter?
Props go out to Al for giving me this idea of top five pet peeves.

I'm sure Al just missed my psychotic ranting and wanted me to get worked up.

Please feel free to forward all y'all's top 4 pet peeves (i say 4,
cuz I'm sure one of your pet peeves is getting flooded with
ossifieds and replies)
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