Allright kiddies! At the risk of sounding like Klaus Meine from The Scorpions - Here I Am..... This week's edition deals with a topic somewhat different than you are used to reading about from the Ossifieds. However, when I sent the intial Ossified, I DID say that the Ossifieds would be about whatever I saw fit to discuss. This edition deals with the Sweet Science - Boxing. As you may have heard, Row Jones Jr, and Felix "Tito" Trinidad have recently agreed to get it on in a "pound for pound supremacy" match. Now, let's just suppose for a second that Trinidad beats benard Hopkins in the middleweight tournament, Jones will destroy him. Of course, Don King handles Trinidad, so crooked happenings will take place.
Hopkins will lay down against Trinindad "solidifying" Trinidad as a "legitimate" middleweight, thus incresing his marketaility against Jones. Keep in ind that Hopkins lost a decision to Jones years ago, so expect that angle to be played. Also, expect part of the condition Hopkins lays down against Trinidad is that he'll get the winner of Jones vs Tinidad - rematches always make more, and a fight against either is a rematch. Now, on to the Jones - Trinidad matchup. Honestly, how stupid are boxing fans on the whole? Promoters and "experts" are billing it as the "pound for pound championship". The worst part is, people are actually buying into it like Trinidad has even an 8th of a chance to last more than 5 rounds. Trinidad obviously only wants the money, cuz Jones is unbeatable. And poor Trinindad. Jones gets knoocked because he suposedly doesn't fight the best. Of course, Jones' problem is there is noone remotely close to his level, so every fight is a walk for him.
This fight will be no different. It's sad that the "experts" are even suggesting that a blown up welterweight (yes, he's just 1 1/2 years removed from the division, so he's not adjusted yet) stands a chance at all as a middleweight, let alone a super middleweight, where they'll meet. Jones is light heavy - one class above super middle Trinidad is middle - one class below One of the worst things is, destroying Trinindad won't do any good for Jones' career. Sure, to sell the fight beforehand, they'll market the hell out it is the two best meeting. But when the fight comes off and jones gets rid of him very very quickly, what's it gonna do for him? All the expertswill say Trinindad was too small etc. thus placing more emphasis on the whol "Jones doesn't fight anyone and has to beat up smaller guys etc"
Even a true boxing fan knows this fight is a farce, and, unless they are biased and follow with blind loyalty, KNOWS Jones will eat him. I'm saying 5 rounds, cuz Jones has a habit of giving fans a show.
But I wouldn't be surprised to see it end in 1 round. Remember when jones got disqualified against Montell Griffin, then kayoed him in 93 seconds in the rematch?
On a side note, Lennox Lewis and Hasim Rahman have agreed to a rematch. Now, Lewis for the most part is unbeatable. But, just like Superman has his kryptonite, every fighter has an enemy who has his number (see Tyson vs Holyfield) People make excuses that Lewis wasn't in shape, Lewis wasn't
prepared etc for the first fight. Bullshit. Lewis got careless once before when he was champ, and there's no way he'd allow it to happen again. Fact is, he got smashed with one of the cleanest, hardest, right hands ever landed on anyone. People say he has a glass jaw cuz he's been knocked out twice. Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman both dropped him. Anyone who has seen those fights KNOWS that ANY fighter, even the great Ali, would have tasted the canvas with the shots he absorbed.
Of course, while Rahman may have Lewis' number, he will lose the rematch. Don King has his mitts in that fight too. So expect Rahman to lay down, setting up a future match with either Lewis for part 3, after Lewis beats Tyson, or with Tyson, assuming Tyson can take Lewis. Remember when McCall had his rematch with Lewis and had his infamous "breakdown"? He was handled by Don King. How much do you wanna bet that Don Told him to lay down, cuz part 3 would be worth more, but McCall wouldn't do it cuz of pride, hence the display in the ring. Then the smear campaign started, blaming his display on drugs. Please!
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