10. Jewel - This Way. The only non hard rock artist on my list.  Jewel's new one continues to cement her legacy as perhaps the greatest female folk singer out there.
9. Monster Magnet - God Says No. Not QUITE as good as their previous effort, Powertrip but not too far off.  Littered with surf-a-billy, psychedelic tunes, true to Wyndorf style.
8. Megadeth - The World Needs A Hero. Far from their strongest effort. But, after a MAJOR detour with last album Risk, this is the album that set them back on the right path.
7. Slayer - God Hates Us All . Just the title alone gets them on the list.  Not cuz I think it's true, but more that they (unlike their peers in a band that ends with the letters etallica) have YET to sell out.  Vintage Slayer, yet fresh.
6. The Cult - Beyond Good And Evil . The Cult got back together with producer Bob Rock and pumped out another dandy.  Still retaining the vintage Cult sound, but adding a modern twist gives this album its legs, and it walks like an octopus.
5. Ozzy - Down To Earth. The Ozzman delivers yet again.  The Ozzy/Zakk combo still hasn't run its course, and may even be getting better.  If nothing else, you can always count on an Ozzy album having lots of blistering guitar work, for thos starved of guitars
4. Buckcherry - Timebomb. These guys had a great debut album, but this, their sophmore effort, leaves the debut way behind in the dust.  Every single song is excellent on this album.  Great party album. Only problem is, teir record label released the wrong single, then didn't release another, sending the album to the can, when one of their amazing ballads could have catapulted it into the charts.
3. Dope - Life.  These guys are another band whose sophmore effort far exceeds their debut.  In their case, it's not out quite yet (I got mine from the internet).  Hopefully, their record label won't drop the ball like Buckcherry's did.  For those of you who don't know Dope, they are like a cross between Manson and Powerman 5000.  Songs from the new album recommended to d-load > March Of Hope, Now Or Never, You're Full of Shit, Take Your Best Shot, Die mf Die.
2. Kid Rock - Cocky.  I was worried as HELL he'd pull an Axl rose and take forever to release his follow up to his smash breakthru and fuck it all up by trying to cater to the masses.  Not here.  Kid Rock actually topped his last effort.  Whether it sells more or not will be a different story, but it's a better album
1. Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge. The Zombie conitnues to churn out his awesome brand of metal. Again, it sounds like cintage Zombie, but sounds current as well.  This time, the Zombie brings in an Orchestra for a few tunes, fast tunes at that, and it works beautifully.  Once again, there are guest appearances  - Tommy Lee and Kerry King on "Dead Girl Superstar", and Tommy Lee, Kerry King and Ozzy on "Iron Head"  A masterpiece album.
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