Folks, I am gonna be pumping these bad boys out at a fairly rapid pace for the next little bit, cause we have a surprise for Volume 50. The content may suffer a little bit in my rush to 50, but other times it will match, and maybe even exceed, previous efforts.
Today's rant goes back to the ever-marching pussy parade.
Folks, I can honestly use the following expression and sincerely mean it - Ihave seen it all.
In the paper today, a 7 year old boy was suspended from school for 5 days.Wanna know why he was suspended?
he brought a wooden envelope opener to school for show and was from another country, so it was like a souvenir/artifact. And the kid gets suspended, under the premise of "it can be used as a weapon" Really? Thanks for the heads up! Let me ask you all this - if a wooden envelope opener can be used as a weapon, what about the other things used in the run of a regular school day.
Let's see. A meter-stick should count as a weapon.  In the past, it's been used as one, so why not outlaw meter-sticks? Or better yet, do away with school altogether.
I mean, a kitbag full of books can be used to club someone over the head. Beieve me; I've been on both the receiving end and the giving end of a kitbag full of books and it can cause considerable damage. Folks, I am honestly getting sick and FUCKING tired of these rotten bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, hippy, flower children who are "running the show" now. I say we start an antagonist, war-monger movement, and every time a bleeding-heart rears it's ugly head, we give them a REAL reason to scream for public outcry. Goddammit this is sickening.
Fuck - when we were kids, if we brought a pocket knife to school, we had it
taken off us for the rest of the day, and it was given back after school. None of us has ever killed anyone (that I know of). It's getting fucking sickening.
I say we tie these fuckers up to a tree, douse them in sugar, and watch as the
ants go to town. Then enjoy it as the worms crawl through their worthless caracasses. It becuase of faggotry like this, that Osama Bin Laden was not afriad to launch an attack on the U.S. Everyone is all about "let's not rush to drastic measures, now is a time to think"  Thinking is what got us in this fucking mess. It's time to turn off the brains, flex the muscles, and crush those who need crushing - the weak.

"The weak ones are there to justify the strong"
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