Hello again my ever growing audience of fellow anarchists (off base on that one eh?) I'm not gonna provide you with any disclaimers this week. As per
normal, it's proceed at your own risk. This isn't gonna be like my normal rants, where I bitch and moan about soemthing I saw or witnessed. This is about the way our country, and every other country, needs to be run.
- Democracy my ass. A full blown dictatorship, where the citizen's voice means jack shit. The only way to replace the dictator, is to overthrow him via a revolution. - Rights my ass. You have rights allright. The right to do whatever the fuck you want. This somewhat contradicts my saying a
dictatorship, but hear me out. I want a dictatorship in the policy making sense - finances, laws etc. But there shall be no real law. The only real laws are for rape and molestation. As long as you don't rape women and molesst kids, it's free reign baby!
If people are weak minded pansies, fuck them. If people are inferior, fuck them. That's called natural selection and it's a very necessary tool. The only right anyone deserves is the right to stand up for themself. if they are not willing to do so, then fuck em - toss em in the fire.
- Jungle Law. Yes, jungle law. Part of the problem now is we rely
so much on the police, the courts, and other people to help us out
that it becomes a game. Hardcore criminals and murderers prey upon this, the weak, because they think they can get away with it. It's
a game, and nothing more. They think the police can't get there on
time, and if they do get caught, there are so many anti-death
penalty protesters that they'll probably die of natural causes
before they fry.
If you impose jungle law, then hunters become the hunted, placing the fear in the fear invokers. Give every person the right to kill at will, police themselves under vigilante law, and the actual murders would decrease, guaranteed, because everyone would be scared to act out for fear of being murdered.
- Everything is legal. Yes, everything (except the aforementioned
rape and molestation, of course). You wanna drink? Booze up! You wanna get behind the wheel when you're drunk? Go for it! You wanna do heroin or cocaine or crack? Fill your bloodstream to your heart's content. It is your body, so you can do whatever the hell you want. If you wanna have a beer in one hand, a smoke in the other, a needle in your arm, a crack pipe on the table, a mirror and razor on the table beside the pipe, and a bottle full of pills, while tripping on hits of acid, then go to town.
- Grafitti is not only allowed, but encouraged. All buildings need a
touch of art to mask the bland and faceless color scheme of brick,
concrete and cobblestone.
- Protitution is legal. Hookers aren't my cup of tea, but I have
never frowned upon it. If a girl is an extreme nympho, and all she
thinks about is having sex, sex, sex, then what's wrong with making a living at it? To each their own. Hell, would she be better off
doing another job where she is distracted by thoughts of sex,
affecting her job in a negative manner? Or, is she better off doing
the job she yearns for?
- No Weapons. This too kinda falls under the free-reign or dictatorship argument, but here's the deal. All weapons to be outlawed, including kitchen utensils. You eat with your fucking fingers, not silverware. We can't have weapons, because weapons breed pussies. To go back to the whole vigilanteism issue, you commit assaults and police yourself with your bare hands. Plus, murders would decrease for the very reason that it's easier to pull a trigger than to strangle someone or break their neck. Pulling a trigger is quick and instantaneous, where as a bare-handed murder
takes time, possibly too much time to go through with.
So there you have it folks. Sounds and looks pretty brutal on the surface, but it's for the best, believe me.

p.s. If I see one more person eating pizza with a knife and fork, I'm gonna take the little plastic thing that comes in the box to keep it from squishing the cheese, place it against their temple, and drive it with all of my might.
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