Allright folks!  We have reached that oh-so-special time of week when your mailbox is graced with the quasi-psychotic ravings of the world's last true fascist.
This week's edition has to do with a little festival that took place in Charlottetown last week. It was "gay pride week" complete with the gay pride parade. Now to each their own and all, but the name of that festival is what one would call an oxymoron.
I personally don't have a problem with the quee.... homosexual community.  Hell, all the power to them!They wanna sell fudge then great.  Just don't knock on my door, ya know? Anyway, I know that the gays have been "oppressed" and "discriminated against" blah blah fucking blah.
Do we REALLY have to host a parade? I mean, you don't see us heteros having "stright pride week" now do you?  You don't see us rounding up the troops, celebrating our heterosexuality, running around grabbing girl's asses (at least not in broad daylight in the city streets) now do you? The common tree-hugging, vegan sensitive type would probably take the stance that if we, the heterosexual community, were to have a "straight pride week" complete with parade, that it would be considered offensive to the gay community.
Now, I honestly, for obviously selfish reasons, don't have a problem with the gays. I respect their right to marry each other, carry on a relationship, chew pillows of their choosing etc. I just wanna know when it became cool to be gay, and offensive to be straight?  Did I fucking miss something? It's your typical "one extreme to the other" scenario.  There's no tolerance.  It's now a crime to be straight.
Just like affirmative action - it became a moral sin to be a white male.
That being said, I still must stress that I don't have a problem with them.  Hell, there's one at my job and he's a pretty cool cat ya know? Hey, the more guys that wanna go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the better - that means I have less competition with regards to the ladies. p.s. You have to realize the cosmic level of amusement I get from watching a group of people, who bitch and moan and complain that they are no diferent than us, hold a festival and parade that celebrates how different than us they are. I'm done like Gordie (fuck off with the remarks - I figured it would be a great pun, considering the subject matter)
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