Hello hello hello again my loyal (YEAH!) disciples! Welcome to the latest isntallment from, as one person so aptly put it, the diary of a madman. As you've probably already noticed, this is the same old nonsense from a brand new address. So I sit here, battered and bruised from a weekend of abuse. Let me warn you people - do NOT attempt to drink an entire quart of Jagermeister
all by yourself. I survived it because I am crazy, but it's not as if I escapes sans feeling the effects. Oh well!
Even though I have no recollection of the events that took place after 11:45 pm, it was welll worth it. Any time you wake up, cut and bloody, bruised and torn, and have no idea how it happened, it's usually a sign that it was a good night. Also, not to be overlooked is the fact that this would fall in the category of a classic T-Bone Jagermeister bender. Bret Doyle and Richard Arsenault's new club venture is slowly starting to pick up steam.
Slowly, but surely, word of mouth is spreading that it is cheaper than myron's, and offers better music.
I have been doing trivia with the help of Mike Birt and Greg Garrett (hey, i need someone to ask the odd question while I drink ya know?) Me, Bret, Gregg and Mike have been brainstorming for ideas to get the word spreading. So far, the boys have come up with Sex Olympics, Blind Date and other absolutely foolish (good foolish) ideas to make people leave there talking. Bret and I have been scheming to set up a broadcast station on the computer there and broadcast trivia nights over the net. Who know, maybe your truly may even go for the real kicker and do some live Ossifieds. With all of your help, we may actually be able to turn it into THE spot to go. But it requires word of mouth.
Before I sign off this week, I have a few public service announcements.

1. Come to Bret's place Thursday for trivia. We give away all kinds of shit.

2. Ozzy's new album - Down To earth - hits shelves October 16. But for those who are online and into the Ozzman, I have the whole album already. I got it from audiogalaxy.

3. Party at Oka's place this Saturday night. This is Oka's annual fall bash. Oka
- we should call it Oka-Toberfest! This is the party of the year, partly cuz I am
there and guaranteed to do something stupid (remember last year, I lit myself on
fire boys?), and partly because Oka is the man and can get word out.

4. The Boom is BACK in FULL force
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