Good Morning (or afternoon/ Evening. depending on when you read this/where you're located). Today I get superficial and talk about the pussy parade again (for all you perverts - not that kind of pussy)
For a change, at breaktime I actually left the building. Now normally, I don't bother leaving the building on my breaks unless I'm going to the tanning bed. Today I felt like strolling. I'm guessing it was the higher one's way of telling me to get some fuel for Ossified. Its a beautiful day outside. It's like 5 or 5 degrees. With Global Warming, we are getting temperatures in november, that we used to get in September.
Well, today, I just wandered around and was stunned.Every other person was wearing touques, and ALL people were wearing winter coats. Unfuckinreal how soft these people have become.I'm betting it's really the fact that they've been conditioned to wear winter clothes in November, and haven't clued in to the fact that November is not November here anymore. I think x-mas 99, when we had NO snow on the ground, should haveserved as a message that the climate is not what it once was.
It's tshirt and jeans weather, a the least. You could EASILY pull
0ff wearing shorts today. I will admit - I have pants on, but not because it's cold, but because I am bending to society's views. 
let's face it folks - the ladies aren't exactly lining up to gnaw on
the bone, and prancing around in shorts would put my chances on a par with osama Bin Laden winning this year's nobel peace prize. So, I bend for self serving reasons. Now, just when I thoguth I could get any more pissed than I was, it happened. There is a LIGHT sprikle today, and people are acting like they are standing in a waterfall. i saw this guy and girl hiding under the marquee of the theatre, waiting for the light to turn green.
When it did, the ran, coats pulled over their heads, into the mall. Tons of people carrying around umbrellas. I'll admit - I'm as vain as they come, what with me and my perfect hair issues, but hey - it's only water. You let your hair get wet, and fix it up indoors - water is usually used for a fixer, so what's the problem? At this point,I ran into an old buddy that I played football with. He says to me "jesus tyler, where's your coat?" i asked hiw in return "what would I need a coat for? it's nice out. what happened to you? we used to PRAY for rain and mud and snow to play in" but it shouldn't have surprised me - this is the same guy who used to piss and moan about how the footballs refs called too much and took away from the flow of the game, then joined the very ref squad that he denounced, and started overcalling games himself. Now, I'm gonna change topics, but stay in the theme of my being superficial.Still on my break, I decided to take ablast thru the mall to check out the chicks (i'm not even gonna lie and say I was shopping, cuz you all know I went in to look at the chicks). I became disturbed by just how much people are into thisequality thing. Last I checked, we live in a capitalist society yes? Explain this to me - if you owned a pretzel shop, that sells fattening as hell foods, would you hire an overweight person to sell them, or a skinny person? This guy did.
now not to pick on people - I'm just saying if you're selling omething fatty, you don't hire an overweight person to sell it. i mean, you don't see roseanne barr or rosie o-donnel selling treadmills now do you? I also looked in at the body shop - thinking there'd be hotties there. Nothing but a group of women that looked like they forgot to take off their halloween costumes. Now, if you're gonna sell beauty/cosmetic products, shouldn't you have pretty people selling it? I mean, shopper's drug mart cosmetic desk has HOTTIES. Who do you see on all the cover girl, maybelline, revlon commercials? models, actresses - all hot. Maybe I'm too set in my ways - I won't eat chicken from Pizza delight; I'll go to swiis chalet for that. I won't eat burgers from Swiss Chalet; I'll go to McDonald's for that. And I never ate pizza from McDonald's; i went to pizza delight for that.  You see what i'm getting at? I (as do a LOT of people) buy things from places that specialize in what the sell.That's why it doesn't make sense to buy pretzels from overweight people (sure, you can make an argument and say the pretzels must be good cuz it looks like he/she eats a lot of them, but that's a flower-power copout) nor does it make sense to buy beauty products from ugly people. Maybe I'm right, or maybe I'm just more insane than ever.

You don't like then bite me!

The Bone!
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