5. Debra Norville - She hosts Inside Edition, and this is the only reason I even manage to tune in to that show every now and again. Pushing 40 and STILL looking good.
4.  Nancy O'Dell - She's one of the cohosts, along with Pat O'Brien for Access Hollywood. She's the blonde one. Unreal hot. Nice, wide hips on her, beautiful face - just a near perfect built, full figured gal. Only downside - comes across as a ditz.
3.  Rebecca Rankin - Used to be a MuchMusic VJ, now a "reporter" for VH1. Pretty Face, nice body, but more importantly, a functioning brain behind those eyeballs..
2.  Martine Gaillard- She is the co-anchor for The Score (Headline Sports) Another full figured gal. Looks a bit chunky on air, but when you see her do her fitness thing in her spandex gear on the weather channel, you realize she isn't chunky, but VERY curvy. And she seems sassy too. Boys, tune in and watch her sometime. Thigh-high catboots, tight shirts. And every time she talks, she perks her chest outward. It's funny, cuz I watch the  network all of the time, but have to go online to find out who won the games cuz I  NEVER pay attention to the scores
1.   Leeza Gibbons - I don't know if its the Hollywood doctors and her millions of dollar, or if it's just genetics, but the older she gets, the better looking she gets. She is over 40 now, and she is hotter than ever. I started watching Entertainment Tonight because of her, and stopped watching when she left. I would rather watch her shitty talk show because of her, and now I watch Extra because of her. Laugh all you want, but she is THE hottest media chick ever. Martine is slowly creeping up though - if she lets her hair grow another 4 inches she may equal her.
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