5.  Trish Stratus - On the verge of getting a little too silicone for my tastes, but still looking pretty damn good. Until she crosses the silicone border all the way, she'll be on my list
4.  Elizabeth - She was pretty much the original "Valet" in that she was the first one on national broadcasts. She was way too skinny back in the 80's, when she was "in her prime". Now she filled out, in her 40's, and looking the BEST she ever has
3.  Lita - The way she carries herself, the outfits, the body - unreal. She has taken a few too much trestosterone, thus developping a bit of a man face (check out those cheekbones) and that's the only thing keeping her from being higher up on the list. Gotta love the way she wears those pants hanging off her ass with baby blue or hot pink thongs showing.
2.  Torrie Wilson - Beautiful face. Unreal, toned body. She has a sassy attitude that carries her a long, long way. But, her best feature is that million dollar smile.
1.  Stacy Kiebler - What a girl. She was the only reason I ever watched Nitro, asnd she's the reason why I started watching raw again. She has the best legs/ass combo I have EVER seen, and she knows it - that's what she markets when she's prancing around ringside. For those of you guys who don't watch wrestling anymore cuz "you outgrew it" tune in just once and check her out - you`ll thank me
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