5. Keith Richards - Rolling Stones >  The guy looks like a corpse up on that stage, but he still dangles a cigarette from his mouth better than most - he's the guy who started it.
4. Steven Tyler - Aerosmith > Amazing he is still coherent after all the years of abuse he put himself thru. The guy is walking music - next time you see him in an inteview, see if he can go without rhyming or rapping.
3. Nikki Sixx - Motley Crue > I just love his "fuck you" attitude toward, well, the world in general.  Did I fine job learning his Aerosmith-cool lessons.
2. David Lee Roth > About to reclaim his rightful place behind the wheel of the Van Halen machine.  Diamond Dave STILL fills arenas, and, at one point, was THE rock GOD.
1. Joe Perry - Aerosmith > This guy redifines cool.  The way he hangs his guitar to the way he plays it, he jumps out at you.  In the new Nelly viseo, you never get a good peek to see if it's Joe, but his style gives it away.  Not too many people have a trademark sound AND style, but Joe pulls it off.  The entire 80's generation of rock guitarists and bassists tried to be Joe Perry.
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