5. Peter Criss - Kiss >  Never was he attention getter in the band. ut he's fallen so far that now, the band kicked him out, and put his makeup on Eric Singer.  The last few years when Criss was in the band, they had to really mic up the drums cuz he can't hit worth a damn anymore.
4. Bret Michaels - Poison > Used to be a pin up boy - now he looks like a loated transvestite.  All the years of massive seroid useage has left him bloated and bald  -  that's why he never goes in public without his bandana.
3. Axl Rose - Guns N Roses > Anyone seen Axl lately?  Seriously, this isn't a "where is Axl now" joke.  he has resurfaced, with a lot more surface.  This guy apparently has been eating his fair sahre of pizza, and washig it down with gallons of crisco. He should change his name to XL Rose. Welcome to the Buffet Table.
2. Vince Neil - Motley Crue > Or should I call him Vince Meal.  Another former sex symbol who has spent way too much time at Hooter's drinkin beer and eating chicken wings.  poor guy had to grow a goatee to hide his second and third chins. Too Fat, Too Fat for Love
1. Jani Lane - Warrant > Doesn't get worse than this.  Another former pinup boy.  Now he looks like a fat, bald frog. Things have gotten so bad for him that his latest cd has sold a whopping 1,500 (yes, 1 thousand 5 hundred) copies.  Now he's working as a chef in a restaurant. Too many Cherry Pies I think.
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