Well folks!
The mighty Metallica have eclipsed even their own sky-high levels of faggotry.
A new tune from the band is on the net - in demo form - and let me say this: for all of you desperate diehards who are still hoping that they will reclaim whatever glory they once had, you'd be better off hoping for a Cyndi Lauper comeback, cuz it just ain't happening.
This new "song" (I almost laugh when I think this is the same band that wrote tunes like Of Wolf and Man -we all know Mustaine and Burton wrote everything before then) is nothing more then another disgraceful hammer in the coffin of the Metallica casket.
I think the boys listened to Whiskey In The Jar one too many times, because this and Low Man's Lyric sure makes it look like they are trying to become an Irish folk band.
But, I suppose it's fitting that they still perform Master of Puppets - it sounds lately like Lars, Kirk and James have been running around with their hands up each other's asses playing finger puppets.
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Here's a link to listen in if you dare.
Even the diehardest of diehards will have to snicker at this.
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