Helo again my people. it's now time to get back to the regular standard of Ossified you've come to expect. I may be persuaded, in the future, to do more top lists, but for now they've run their course. I wanna talk about a subject today that bothers me a lot, but really shouldn't. Girls - I am gonna use a nasty word here, but it fits in this case. It's about how big a phony cunt Pamela Anderson is. Let's stop and look at this for a second.
She comes across as america's sweetheart and people buy it. The whole time they are together, while he is recording material with Motley Crue, she set aside a day where they'd all get shitfaced and make them drink.  The she goes on T.V saying he's an alcoholic.
She punches Tommy Lee in the mouth, so he shoves her, she breaks a nail trying to hold on, then charges him with assault, making up stories of kicking and what not. Then, when he goes to jail, she doesn't respond to his letters, and hooks up with her ex-boyfriend. The second Tommy gets out of jail, they are back together. After about a year or so, while on probation and he can't touch drugs or alcohol, new year's eve comes around and she convinces him to have a glass of champagne with her. 2 months later, she calls up the D.A. and says Tommy violated his probation. So, after all of this, she hooks up with Kid Rock.
Well, it's all roses now, but let's see how long it lasts. Kid Rock is no starnger to drugs and alcohol, so it's just a matter of time before she starts pulling the same shit with him as she did with Tommy. Here's the real kicker - she was supposed to appear on Leno to say a speical hello to the troops in Afghanistan.  She cancelled to go to Kid Rock's record release party. In other words, she renegged on her patriotic duty to go get drunk at a party. Nice girl. I mean, this is a famous woman, who was caught having sex in the bathroom stall of a night club. She moved her parents to L.A.
Why?  She says to be closer, but really, it's so she can have a babysitter for the kids so she can go get her whore-on all over town. So next time you see her on T.V. claiming to be mommy of the year, remember this - she's nothing more than a dirty, glorified groupie slut. She went from Vince Neil of Motley Crue, to Bret Micahels of Poison, to Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, to Kid Rock. I mean, she sold a tape of her having sex, and had the audacity to say it was stolen so she wouldn't look bad.  How can a person, with a straight face, go on national T.V. and say it was in a 700 pond safe, and the "culprits" stole the whole 700 pound safe. The only people capable of this would be the construction company building the fucking house. Funny, you never heard anything about them suing the construction company now did ya?  that's cuz they WANTED the tape out there, and the lawsuit against the internet company that sold the tape was a way of letting everyone know that the Playmate of the century is in a tape getting fucked ny her husband with the 2 foot cock.

She's a dirty, self-serving slut, and nothing more.
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