Hello again folks! I'm completely smahed right now, and prolly won't remember writing this, so when I see Vol 17 I'll be like what the fuck? But hey - I'm a raging alcoholic and y'all have come to expect it. So, this is like a part 2 to the last Ossified. This one is gonna be the top 10 bands of all time. And, I'm prolly a little biased cuz I'm loaded and listening to tunes, but hey - if you don't like it, don't let the door skin your heel on the way out the door..
And, I'm listening to Jewel, so fuck off........ (if you don't like
Jewel, I ask you to raise issue with your local politician)
10. Marvelous 3 > Here is that band again. Fact of the matter is, Butch Walker is an AMAZING songwriter, and these guys are the best band to come down the pop-metal road since the gunners. Any of you who have heard them will agree.
9. Rolling Stones > Hey, some of you may say they are not metal, but, to me, metal is an attitude, not a sound, and these guys REEK of metal attitude. Not to mention that all of the "metal" bands we grew up idolizing put them on a pedestal. Imean come on - Mick may be fond of penis shavings,but him and Keith are the fucking macks when it comes to cool and attitude.
8. Soundgarden > I HATE grunge music (the grunge that was forced down our mainstream throats that is) Problem is, these guys ARE grunge, and originated the genre. Hell, Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam will admit he wanted Cornell as his singer. Basically, this is a "I think Chris Cornell is GOD vote. I dare ANY of you to say Cornell sucks.
7. Metallica > Yes, I DO have these guys in my top ten. But, only cuz Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets were written by Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton. And, sorry Joel, but Lars sucks. "Let's be the figure head of the band and make them work around my instabilities" Hell, it's a FACT that Lars had to record 900 hours of drum tracks for And Justice, and the digital age couldn't have come any sooner for him. Any wonder why they NEVER play Dyer's Eve live? Nevertheless, they WERE a great band with Dave's riffs and Cliff's arrangements
6. Guns N Roses > I am aware that I ranked Appetite as the #1 album of all time, but it all went to hel, after that. Sure, the Illusions were great albums (Illsuion being the key word here). They fired Steve Adler, breaking the original magic, and brought in a bunch of outside songwriters to help with the songs that weren't leftovers from Appetite. You Could Be Mine? YEAH! And I could be jammin the hole right off of Heather Graham if it wewren't for this and that. you get the picture.
5. Led Zeppelin > I know that some of you (pap) might want to crucify me for not ranking them number 1, but hey - this is opinion only. I love the Zeps and will NEVER ask to skip a song, but they just aren't my favs, that's all.
4. Aerosmith > I know some (lafford) may call for my head cuz they
are sellouts, but hey - 30 years later and they are STILL churnin
out top 5 albums. I don't put a whole lot into chart position, but
album sales coupled with concert attendance doesn't lie, and these
guys go platinum AND fill 20,000 seats each time out.
3. OZZY > Do I REALLY need to justify the OZZMAN? Didn't think so!
2. Megadeth > The 2 Daves have remained, but they keep replacing the lead guitr and drums, and they STILL kick my ass, every time out. Me-ga-deth. Me-ga-deth.Me-ga-deth.
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1. Motley Crue > You all know me, and you KNEW it was coming. Name another band that embodies what is rock n roll. Sex? Tons. (can I be a roadie?) Drugs? Lawton's are suing! (can I start again?) Rock N Roll? All kinds. Sure, they have had some stinkers (theatre of pain comes to mind) but they redeem themselves. Show me another band that
ANY of you would want to be a member of. You can't cuz, like they say - every girl wants to be with them, and every guy wants to BE them.
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