Hello yet again kiddies! I need something explained to me, and I need it explained to me now. I am desperately trying to figure out if affirmative action had anything to do with what I'm about to talk about. Donald Brashear Remember Donald Brashear? He's a toguh guy for the Vancouver Canucks.
Marty McSorley used to be a goon in the NHL, his last team having been the Boston Bruins. We all remember why Marty was thron out of the league. McSorley cracked Brashear on the head with his hockey stick, and it was viewed as deliberate, so he was tossed for a year, and hasn't played since. I still say affirmative action had a role in it.  Had McSorley cracked a white guy, the penalty wouldn't have been as stiff. Well, McSorley was not only received a suspension, but he was charged by the law as well, and that's part of what's bothering me. I mean, he was in an NHL rink, using an NHL endorsed stick, and cracked an NHL player across the head with his stick, and the law feels they have the right to step in? What kind of farce is this?
I mean, if you REALLY wanna get technical, ALL hockey payers should be charged. After all, if I ran up to someone and body checked them into a wall, or elbowed them in the head, or took a stick and cracked their shin out on the street, that would get me charged for assault. Even a little tap. But these idiots decide the severity of the intent to be the deciding factor on what to call an assault? Come on!
This was nothing more than the powers that be flexing their affirmative action muscle to rpotect the colored man from the poster boy of the arian nation.
Now, in an interesting turn of events, have any of you seen the sporting news today? Donald Brashear was given a conditional discharge on an assault charg.
As the story goes, some guy in the gym complex at his residence told Brashear he shouldn't let his kid climb around the equipment.
So, Brashear take exception and grabs the man by the throat. Now, i stand by Brashear because it's noone's business how a person raises their child. My problem is, in bringing charges against McSorley, they determined he had a history of cheap shotting people. But with Brashear, they determined their was no prior history. No history! The guy is a professional goon, paid to assault people, but there was no prior history????? Does that make one FUCKING bit of sense to any of you, cuz it certainly doesn't to me. I think they should have thrown the book at him. I mean, they ass-fucked McSorley for something that happened in a rink. The Brashear incident happened outside the rink. You can't testify that you feel you were assaulted, then turn around an assault someone.  It's just wrong.  I mean, this guy actually went ahead and testified against McSorley. Apparently, Donald has a hard time seperating his career from his personal life, and that is more dangerous than McSorley cracking another hockey player with a stick. Again, I say it's nothing more than affirmative action rearing its ugly head again.
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