Hello again children! It's been what, about a week now? Not a whole lot has changed in the past week. I am in a little more pain and am one pair of pants shorter in the wardrobe department, but that's what happens when you think you are Evel Knieval with a few drinks in him. Ah well! Nothing some rest and some hardcore iron pumping won't fix eh? Today I want to revisit a topic I discussed not to long ago.
I wanna discuss the mother of the year, Pamela Anderson Lee Rock. Have you guys seen the latest nonsense outta her mouth? She is suing Tommy Lee for full custody of their children. She is citing reasons such as his drinking, and drug usage as reasons, and that he is a negletive father, the kids come home using profanity etc. Surely to god she can't be serious. Now, if she was a regular gal, I would take her side. But this is Pamela Anderson, slut of sluts, whore of whores, groupie of groupies. Surely to go she doesn't think she, or Kid Rock for that matter, are more stable influences.
I mean, lets examine it. She says Tommy Lee has a drinking problem?  What about Kid Rock.  He openly admits he's a drunk. She says Tommy Lee has a drug problem?  Kid Rock openly admits he smokes pot, eats pills, and does Cocaine. She says Tommy Lee neglects his kids?  Um, I don't think the aforementioned traits quailfy Mr Rock as daddy of the year. She says her kids come home from Tommy's place using profanity?  They probably learned that profanity listening to a Kid Rock album. This woman is a curse. Look at the timeline. Vince Neil dates her - career goes down. Bret Michaels dates her - Poison's career goes down. Tommy Lee marries her - Motley Crue go down. Kid Rock hooks up with her - now his career has gone down.
Kid Rock's latest album debuted at No 7, then fell to No 15 the next week. How does the world's biggest rockstar debut his highly anticipated album at No 7?  Becaus Pamela Anderson makes people sick, and they get sick of the circus surrounding her life, thus, whoever is attached to her, they get sick of them too. I hope Kid Rock wakes up and doesn't fall for the trap Tommy fell for. in other words, I hope he doesn't give up his lifestyle to try to please her, only to find there is no pleasing her. I mean, last year he was wearing fur coats, but isn't this year. Why? Because Pamela is a BIG supporter of P.E.T.A.  (animal rights) so you have to figure she had a hand in it. I just don't understand why these guys let her do this to them. Don't get me wrong - a good woman would have me changing my ways and denouncing a lot of things in my life. But that's the catch - a GOOD woman.
Someone like Pamela Anderson is not a good woman.
Like I said before, she's a glorified groupie. And since when do rockstars let groupies control them? Last I checked, rockstars let groupies on the bus, the groupies did whatever the rockers wanted, and they got kicked to the curb. They are called groupies for a reason - they are subhuman parasites who deserve no respect, because they don't even respect themselves.
I'm out like the career of the next Mr Anderson p.s Don't forget people.  Steve barber returns to P.E.I. Thursday and will reunite with Ethan Garret for a one-night-only trivia appearance at Flavor Productions (formerly known as the Sport Page) Yours truly is will be there, as a spectator for a change, palying along and drinking like a madman, so come on down and play for the winning team.
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