5. Martina McBride - Sexy, sassy little vixen who is approaching cougardom - god blees her cuz she gets hotter by the minute.
4. Sara Evans - She has her days where she looks great, and other where she looks like a heiffer fresh from the feedlot, but overall, she ahs more good days than bad. Plus, she has that girl-next-door
kind of look, which gets some extra points.
3. Mindy McCready - She is HOT. In that video (can't remember the name) when she's all decked out in white clothes with the boxing gloves on - heehaw heehaw heehaw.
2. Shania Twain - Do I really have to explain what makes her hot? She has the total package, and something tells me she's a nasty little "girl" Plus, for a woman approaching 40, she's STILL damn sexy.
1. Faith Hill - When she has long hair, I give her this rating. She
was always near the top, but when I saw the video for "breathe" that was the deal-sealer for me.
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