Well hello again my human counterparts and welcome to the latest edition of the letter that forewarned you of today's proceedings. By now, you all know what has transpired south of border (for those of you down there, not so much south). As most of you could probably guess, as soon as I heard the news I was giddy with excitement. Yes, it was tragic to hear about the innocents that lost their lives, but I was excited cuz I thought the revolution was finally underway.
After all, what did the U.S. expect? They do the same fucking thing to the countries overseas, waving their nuclear weapons in their faces, taunting them with their superpower status, basically daring them to do something, cuz they are the U.S. and they are untouchable. Well, I thought, the U.S. got a HUGE wakeup call that they are not as untouchable as they thought. But that was right away when I heard about it and was caught up in the moment. Once I had time to devour it and ponder it, I adopted a whole new mindset about it.
It's painfully obvious that this is an inside job. Yes, the U.S. did this to themselves. And before you call me a fucking psycho for thinking that way, just remember that the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rules the world, and there are hundreds of billions of them at stake. Think about it.
For starters, the oil companies got bush elected and own him, and they are trying to pin this on bin laden, a saudi, where there just happens to be a wealth of oil. This puts the u.s. in one of two predicaments - go bomb the fuck out of the country and destroy the resources, or not bother with them and be peacekeepers. Either way, it opens the door for the alaska oil drilling. Not to mention, there is a sparking of a canada-u.s. merger in the news cuz u.s. wants our resources. Remember - hundreds of billions at stake. Also, remember this propsed super missile defence system that Bush wants to activate? That's worth hundreds of billions, and just tell me they aren't gonna justify a need for it now, after this. Now, before you go and say I'm nuts and noone would do that to their own people, ask yourself this - you are in debt billions of dollars to people who know where your family is at all times and can very
easily wipe them out and they tell you to live up to your end of the bargain or else. What are you gonna do?
Also, it's not like he would physically do it himself - all it would take from him would be an O.K. And also - the president executed as many people as he could as governor, so don't think for a second the guy has compassion or remorse for humans. His fucking dad was the head of the CIA, and people in the CIA (we won't even mention people who are in charge of it) have no souls. Don't let the clumsy, goofy, frat boy schtick fool ya - he's cold blooded as they come. What I wanna know is this, and please don't take it to be racist. But, there are weapons in the cockpits of planes in case of emergency, and tha FAA has Marshalls on every flight to prevent terrorism. Now, that means that one terrorist could not take over a plane - it would require a group of them.
Now, the U.S. is highly racist - black people get pulled over for being black for christ's sake - so tell me, with this amount of racism, how the fuck did a group of armed arabs get on planes and take them over without being thoroughly frisked. I get stared at like I'm a hardened criminal just cuz I look young - you gonna tell me those racist pricks aren't gonna inspect the shit outta anyone who looks "non american"
You are fucking right they are. Let's look at the world trade center too. No way those planes crashing into it made it collapse like that - that was a lower level explosion if I've ever seen one.
Now, after the bombing incident there years ago, is it reasonable to think people can just walk in with a bomb a plant it? No. Painfully obvious that someone was allowed in there. But anyway, I've rambled enough. Remember - George W's old man once preached about the New World
Order. Is this the beginning, or was I right when I said months ago that revolution time was near, and this revolution WILL be televised?
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