Now, it's time for me to get a little sentimental here, and say some
thank you's to you, the readers. I am doing these in alphabetical order (the way they are entered into my address book - nikcnames) so PLEASE don't think this is my order of preference or anything.
Al - I have only met you once, but we have had many conversations about shit in general, and I look forward to drinking with you again.
Arse - Thanks for all the backup over the years. Half the fights I won was cuz I had confidence knowing you were lurking over my shoulder. It's been an honor sharing a battlefield with you.
Ash - you may be a cocky fucker, and you may have rubbed me the wrong way from time to time, but that's what makes you who you are. Don't ever change dude.
Axe - I don't know you all that well, but I will give you props for being a positive person. There's just not enough positive energy in the world these days.
Balls Dalziel - We have shared may laughs and wild times, and will share many many more. Cheers dude!
Mike Birt - Not only are you probably the only person who can
stomach my wild conspiracy theories, but you are the only one asks to hear more. My praise to you.
Bret - being the attention craving fiend I am, you have given me a great gift - a microphone and an audience. For this, i thank you.
Bryan - don't know you dude, but you are spreading the word, so that makes you A.O.K. in my books.
Bon-Bon - Next time I arrive on your soil, we shall redefine the meaning of the expression "tear it up"
Lafford - Dude, you are the spirit lifter. Seems that whenever I flip into one of my hot-tempered-scotsman psychotic rages, you always know the right thing to say to make a smile appear on my sour grimace. Peace to you.
Chris Doiron - It's because of my association with you that I have met some great people that I am proud to call friends (watts, macleod, dalziel, maclaren etc.)
Christine - it's funny, cuz I've never met you - I only know you cuz Scott does and you are on my list. But the way you word things provides me with that little voice that makes a person think before they act which, for someone like myself, is a good thing.
Puiia - What can I say. My partner in anger and mockery. Don't ever go soft dude.
Ethan - always there to bail my ass out when I need a trivia question or when I feel like taking a break to drink. Thanks dude.
Dennis - although we disagree on just about EVERY aspect of life (except for which girls are hot and which aren't) that doesn't matter. Every hero needs a villain, every pro needs a con, and you are always willing to provide the opposite side of my rantings, which makes us all better people.
Ferg - What can I say. You helped me rediscover my soul, and get
back to being who I really am - the crazy, unpredictable drunken,
womanizing fool. Not the burnt out pot head that I was about to
become, had I kept at it for say one more year.
Frank - I feel totally comfortable in saying that between you and
Tim, you two are probably the reason I was able to make it to and
past the age of 18 as a live human, and not a distant memory.
Jeff Hims - Always good to have a fellow football nut, with
in-depth-knowledge, to shoot the shit with.
Jarret - Again, you and I disagree on just about everything (except cougars)but credit where it's due - you ain't afraid to tell me what you think. Kudos to you.
Joel - The world's only TRUE metalhead preacher. Thanks for being one of the rare christians who isn't judgemental with a "holier than thou attitude" Says a lot when when my preacher buddies (Scott and Joel) can listen to my rantings while we are driking on a boat, and accept them as mine and not judge. You guys truly are a breath of fresh air.
Melanie Kelly - Well kiddo, you know you hold a place very close to my heart. One of the very, very few people I trust with my life, and one of the best friends a person could have. Every person should be lucky enough to have a friend like Mel. EASILY the most thoughtful person I have EVER met.
Mike S - Sorry, dude, but I don't care how old you are - you will
always be "Mikey" to me. Truly classifiable as a worry free dude.
I am envious of you. p.s. Thanks for the tunes.
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