What kind of precedent will this set? What, will they start reviewing plays in the 4th quarter that happened in the 1st quarter? What the hell, why not wait until a victor has been crowned, then overruale it the next day! once the overturn happened, the fans went nuts.  they threw whatever they could get their hands on, including beer botles.
Now, I don't blame them for throwing beer bottles at all - I fault the stadium for selling bottled beverages to passionate fans in a passinoate environment, watching a passionate sport. They actually arrested people for throwing shit. They should have arrested the officials for robbing the fans of a game. Now, that's not to say the browns would have won the game.  but they WERE driving pretty good and they WERE robbed of a chance to play for the win. Now, the refs called the game with 48 seconds left, and that is when they fans started throwing shit.
After 1/2 hour, the commissioner, Paul Tagliabue,like the good publicity hound he is, ordered them to take the field and finish the game. Tagliabue just couldn't stop.  He knew he had a gold mine of press and publicity, but he had to milk it some more. Worst of all, he put his officials and players at extreme risk by doing this. Goes to show that the powers don't care about the subjects. Oh well, next year, when the Browns are Super Bowl champs, they can look back on this day as the day that decided their fate.
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