Well folks, just like a good little plague, Ossified is spreading and spreading. Oh well, enough of making like a truck driver and sounding my own horn and to the point. I am focsuing my attention today on busy-bodies. You know - nosy fucks who have NOTHING better to do in their own pitiful little lives than to stir up shit for other people. These fucking people are SOOOOOOOOOOO empty that they have to involve themselves in maaters of no concern to themselves just so
they can feel appreciated. Unbelievebale
Today, a lady called the office here to say that noone was at the North River tourism center, and that there was noone there on Gold Cup Day either. Now, some may view this as "doing a civic duty" But really, what are these people getting out of it? Now, I tend to go off on a lot of alcoholic benders now and again, but when did it become fashionable to be a rat? Do people like this really look at themselves in the mirror and like what they see looking back at it? Do they honestly feel they are doing the right thing? What on earth do these people do in their private lives that makes them think they are doing something valuable for the community. Last I checked, when you come across something that may seem out of the ordinary, you keep your mouth shut. Fucking busy bodies.
Reminds me of the time when I was 15 years old. I was at Dairy Queen with a couple of buds and we were drunk. I guess I said the "F" word a few times, but not overly loud. This guy comes over to the table and says "if I hear you use that word one more time were gonna have ourselves a little incident" My response was "what's that sir? the "F" word? He says "yes, the "F" word. I follow with "I'm sorry sir. I'll do my best to watch my fuckin' language" He just looks at me as if to say "are you insane" (that question answers itself folks) THEN, he goes and gets the manager to kick us out. A grown man tattle-tailed on me???????? So I tell the manager "let me finish the sunday and I'll leave" The manager was down with that. As I'm leaving, I see the man sitting down, with his family, griining like an idiodic Tom Cruise on marijuana. So, as I walk by, I take a HUGE drink of Coke and spit it right in his face.
Of course, both he and the manager lost it, and the man kicked me right in the ass. Now, looking back, I've tried to feel even a hint of remorse, but I can't. Some of you may think I'm an evil litle bastard (some of you already know better than to just think it too) but let's examine it. - Instead of coming over and politely asking me to watch my language cuz he has a young child with him, he comes over in a power-trip manner, probably trying to put on a show for the wife and kids, and to intimidate me and my buds. Approaching me with a confrontational attitude works for a lot of people eh? As all of you know, this intimidating behavior not only doesn't work on me, it only fuels me to further antagonize.
Instead of dealing with me like a man, he runs and tells on me? What the fuck? He tells on me??? I don't think I need to comment anymore on that. - As I'm leaving, he's sitting there grinning, like he just
accomplished something special, and there's no way in the name of
BLUE HELL I'm gonna let him "have his moment" My only mission at
that point in time was to make sure I left an impression that would
for years have his son asking "dad, why did that guy spit pop on you
at Dairy Queen that time????" Leaving him with the worst scenario
What does he tell him?
"Well son, some kids are just assholes" When the son wonders why his dad didn't beat me up, he'll counter with "takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight" Then, adopting that philosphy, the kid will get his ass kicked the first time he pulls a confrontation and tries to walk away.
Then, when this happens, he'll change his mindset and realize his dad was a pussy and got what he deserved for being an ass-herpe. Or, does he tell him the truth? "Well son, I fucked up and stuck my nose where it didn't belong and got embarrased for it" This might actually be the best thing, although I'm sure his son would still wonder why his almighty pops didn't knkock some heads. Of course, there's the doctored truth. "Well son, it was a tricky situation and I handled it the wrong way" Then, things get REALLY
fucked up cuz kids think parents know nothing as it is so imagine what this would have done. No folks, I'd like to say I have no time for busy-bodies, but that would be a flat out lie. I have lots of time for them - time to give them a piece of mind. You ask me if I had the chance to relive the Dairy Queen incident, would I do anything different? Hell yeah. I would have taken a bigger drink to spit. Hey Tim - remember the time we went to see Look Who's Talking and that asshole and his woman stole yours and Lara's seat? I sure ruined any chance they had at enjoying the movie eh?
Fuck the busy-bodies and power to the oppresors
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