5. Alien Ant Farm - I want these guys dead. They would be number one, but they are a 1 hit wonder, with their only hit being someone else's song, so they'll be around long enough to qualify for the "where are they now" shows 3 years from now. I want to take the lead singer (i use the term singer loosely, only cuz he's the guy who speaks the lyrics) and suckerpunch him right in the jaw. That way, I'll give him a reason to talk while gritting his teeth. Also, download any other song by them, and you will hear nothing but a sad attempt to rip off the Chilli Peppers, one of the great bands of our time. Anal Ass Farm has to go.
4. Shaggy - Someone should remind him that 14 minutes and 30 seconds have elapsed. Someone also should remind him that The Rock is the ONLY person who can pull off the eyebrow raise and not look like a tool. Someone also should tie him down, and clean out his sinus cavities. While they are at it, they should also remind him he's not jamaican, so lose the fucking reg-GAY shit. There is only one cool person named Shaggy, and he was a pothead who ate everything in sight, had a talking, crime-solving dog, and solved mysteries.
3. Backstreet Boys - Do I have to go into why I loath these little
fairy dusters? The only comfort I take is knowing that they have a greatest hits package out. Why is that comforting? Whenever a band releases a greatest hits package, they are out of fresh ideas, and are trying to cash in on the past, thus a breakup is just around the corner. Who actually listens to them now? They are too old for teeny girls, and they are too gay for adults. PLUS, just like New Kids On The Block, a lot of them are approaching 30, so they name Boys is passe. Talk about painting yourself into a corner. Larger than life my ass. Again, the sorry fact that they held a news conference to announce that one of them would actually play an instrument on one of the new tunes for the hits package is just sad.
2. Blu Cantrell - What the fuck is with this bitch? You know what pisses me off? Heavy Metal gets a bum rap cuz it's supposedly "a nagative influence on youth" What the fuck? Heavy metal tells it how it is? Have any of you ever actually listened to the words of Blu Cantrell's Hit Em Up Style? The basic message is - if your boyfriend cheats on you, don't sweat it, just take his credit cards and what not, and ruin him financially? I'm not condoning cheating by ANY means, but jesus christ, is it right to ruin someone's life over a simple human mistake? It's bad enough that there are lawyers turning people into gold diggers, do we really need musicians encouraging it? I'm all about free specch, but if you're gonna let pollution like that on the radio, then what's the problem with heavy metal?
1. Creed - I don't give a good, goddamn if they are electric,
distorted, whatever. They are NOT the embodiment of rock. They are a joke. They are a really bad Pearl Jam ripoff (pearl jam was hard enough to take, do we need a second rate version?) who are hypocrites. You hear Scott Stapp and his supposedly religious self talking about loving each other and all that garbage, yet every other week you hear about him getting arrested for bar brawls. It's fuckups like him that make it easy for people to condemn christians for being hypocrites.
Before I go  I just wanna whore myself yet again, and say that Bret and Richard's little project - turning the Sport Page into the OTHER spot to go - is building up a head of steam, so,be sure to stop in and have a drink. Cheap drinks folks. Also, unlike Myron's (and their faggoty rave music) they will take requests, within reason. If you go up and ask to hear Slayer, you'll be ridiculed (and rightfully so - I like Slayer, but not at a Club) and they will move to the next request.

You asked for a new spot to go to, now here it is. You can buy
beer/shots for $2.80. A draught will costs you only $1.80, so come
one down and get shitfaced.

So, if you are on the Island, stop by tonight (saturday) and watch
the master put on an exhibition on showing all you amateurs how to
tear it up, Scottish style. If you are not on the Island, bit have
people on your mailing list who are, pass the word along.
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