There's always someone else Remember those words. Let them help be a part of the foundation you base your life upon. Never become satisfied, because satisfaction breeds complacency,  complacency breeds nonchalance, and nonchalance results in a loss of focus. And, a loss of focus, be it but a nanosecond, can forever change things. There's always someone else. This rings true in any aspect of life
These are the words that will help to define the line between confidence and cockiness. Unless you are the owner of the company, you had better make sure you keep the joi de vivre in your work, because there will always be that person below you, who has the get-up-and-go, that can easily replace you, should you get too comfortable. This helps create the turnover.  And three years from replacing you, that person will probably get too comfortable and be replaced with his/her underling. An athlete can no longer afford an off season.  Just as he/she thinks he/she is all that, and figures his job is secure, that upstart comes along to take his spot. In music, it's old as old the art itself watching artists reach the top, inly to think it will be that way the rest of their lives.  They get lazy and lose their hunger, thus they stop taking chances, and it all slips away.
In movies, same deal.  And actor/actress finds a role that works for them and nets them million dollar paydays.  Problem is, they think the fans ONLY want that from them, so they paint themselves into a comfortable corner by type-casting themselves, and before you know it, they become a laughingstock who is easily replaced.  By the time they wake up and realize it and try to fix it, the fans see through it and have none of it.  See Stallone for this example.
A fighter, be it professional or street can not afford to get comfortable.  And the fighter has it tougher than most.  The fighter has to both deal with believing noone can beat him, but, at the same time, accept that there is always someone else so as to make the proper preparations so that noone can beat him. Realtionships are probably the trickiest, because there is no retiring from them.  A guy goes out with a chick.  At first, it's all about the sweet gestures, like flowers, candy etc. You know, the "sweet little things" that one does.  With time, the gestures become fewer and far between, then, in a lot of cases, stop.  The person also gets comfortable, adopting the mindset (he/she love me no matter what) and thus, they let themself go.  Of course, it's usually only one that lets themself go.  So, the other one has that moment where they ask themself "does he/she love me anymore? there are no more gestures, and he/she let himself/herself go"
What happens then?  He/she is out somewhere, and starts to get the compliments that they used to get, that they miss, and start to enjoy getting them again. Before you know it, a change in partners happens. Folks I am not sending this to be negative. You know me and you know I'm positive, and this is positive. It's positive for those of you who may have become comfortable, and need a kickstart to pull you outta your rut, so that "someone else" doesn't burn you. It's positive for those of you who may not be where you wanna be, so you can take comfort that you too can be that "someone else"
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