Well folks, so much for weekly - there is a brand new issue today. This little dillema began last week. Myself and Andrew (Lafford) were busy plugging away doing work for the Natal  Day weekend festivities. Now, I had just started back on, so Andrew was the one who had made
all of the contacts regarding supplies etc. But I was the one who had transportation. We both left one afternoon - me driving and Andrew receiving the merchandise
(that sounds dirty doesn't it?)
We got back and the old crow that works the front desk raised a stink. She was pissed that we both were running off and leaving the tourism centre
empty, for her to field questions from visitors.
She called upstairs to the bigwigs, and anyone else who would listen, just to raise a stink. Well, it came back on her because the bigwigs told her that those supplies were necessary to be had, Natal Day being a City event and all, and that we
had no choice but for both of us to go. Of course, lost in all of this is the fact that it was my second day back, and she was fielding questions for 6 months, so wopuld one more day fucking kill her?
Now, I never once complained when SHE left her desk, and customers came in wanting to pay parking tickets, and I didn't run upstairs and rat on
I also didn't squeal when I'd go on break and she'd ask me to change $1,000 into smaller bills either, when that's not my job. I could have walked away with that money and said it fell out of my pocket, and I wouldn't get in trouble cuz it ain't my resposibility.
Now, to make matters worse, what happens? The VERY DAY she raised a stink about not being at the desk, what happens?
THAT AFTERNOON SOMEONE CAME IN TO PAY A TICKET AND SHE WASN'T AT THE DESK. I think it goes without saying that if you're gonna complain about something to the pwoers, don't turn around and do the same goddam thing 2 hours later.
Now today, in a fit of jealous rage (jealous cuz the bigwigs sided with us) what does she do? I was on break but I didn't feel like going anywhere, so I sat outside on the bench. Surprise surprise, what happens? A tourist comes up and asks "you work in there right? can you tell me........" Can you believe that? That fucking c**t is so childish, she sent someone out there when I was on
break, interrupting it. Now, you all know me. I'm not gonna rat on her, nor will I pipe up unless
provoked face to face (behind the back provoking is the worst thing she could have done) But I hope to GOD, when she goes on break, she goes far, far away from City Hall, otherwise she won't enjoy another break again. p.s. I also hope she doesn't leave her coffee unguarded, as I have a
problem holding in my saliva.
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