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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

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'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Biblical/Historical Facts about the Land

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"Palestinian" Rocks - Infant stoning victim dies of wounds

"Palestinian" FAKE Photos & Videos INDUSTRY

The ?al-Aqsa Intifada? ? An Engineered Tragedy [How many of the 'Palestinians' were/are really unarmed]

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Arab propaganda Against Israel Answered

Palestinian stage scenes of "Israeli" atrocities

Arab Muslim libel Sep-2001> Tracking an Internet hoax Remembering the victims The real list of names of different backgrounds of the victims at the 9/11/2001 bombing.

Refugee "camps" or terror bases?

The Refugee Issue <Who's really responsible for that?
What Arabs Say about Arab refugees
Israel Insights
Israel did not cause the Palestinian Arabs to leave

Arab refugees VS Jewish refugees from Arab land <Both Arabs' fault

http://www.jimena-justice.org/ <Justice for Jewish refugees from Arab countries.
Jewish refugees to sue Arab league

Careful research of who's INNOCENT & how many victims on which side of latest Arab made bloody Intifada:
The ?al-Aqsa Intifada? ? An Engineered Tragedy
Casualties of the al-Aqsa intifada, (Who's responsible for it?)
'Palestinians' Not Hapless Victims
Israelis Are the Victims

When Palestinians become oppressors

The 'Palestinian' Oppression by 'Palestinians'

Who's Fault is it all?

Why Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East

The Anti Human 'Palestinian' Arabs use of 'Human rights' organizations

A LIE called "desperation", made exclusively in premeditated Genocide-Bombings' "palestine"
It's Aspiration, not Desperation

Lobby Myth

The 'Palestinian' Proxy war

On: Goals of Arabs in media, The Notorious Arabist paper 'The Independent' intentional confusion,  Iraq, Sudan, Slavery &; Arab racism

Israel = Pawn, in 1991 West Vs. Iraq's Saddam

Thanks to Israel...

The Islamo Arab Goliath Mafia Lobby, worldwide

Regarding Israel's anti terror operations like the one in Gaza on July 2002

Hamas to blame for civilian deaths
Civilian Casualties: No Apology Needed
Death of a terrorist
Hamas kills it's own
Children of the damned
War & Responsibility
Why Israel Had to Kill Hamas Sheik Salah Shehadeh

The story is always the same. The Palestinians indiscriminately slaughter the innocent, and Israel tries to hunt down specific terrorists who have helped to plan and carry out those murders.

Genetics, DNA Proof of (almost all) Jews' roots to the land of Israel, not so for Arabs /"palestinians"

The Myth of Israel Using Excessive Force

Israeli Tactics Help American Lives

When Cheating Islamo Arab Propagandists Attempt to "explain" to us, 'Why they Hate Us'...


(They're) Creating a bad picture to fit their propaganda frame

'Refusniks', Critics, Israel's Super Morality & Haters' Misuse

What is 'State Terrorism, 'Terrorist State'?

About that boy used by Arab Palestinian propagandists

WorldNetDaily: Who killed Mohammed al-Dura?
WHO KILLED Mohammed al Dura
IDF investigation: Unlikely that IDF fire killed Mohammed al Dura (November 27, 2000)
German TV station: Mohammed Al-Dura killed by Palestinians (Ha'aretz March 19, 2002)

On Blaming "both-sides", How exactly is it any of Victim Israel's fault???

Is Israel Really Not Much Better?

On Demonizing the Settlers, Libel Exposed

More pon the MYTH of "threat" from so called "extremists"...

Arabs! Kiss Kind Israel's Feet!

Documentation of IDF Activity in the Palestinian Preventative Security Service

Racists cry "racism" at U.N. conference

The Arab racism of playing Israelis' fear of Arab terror as "racism"

It is utterly RACIST to claim/lie on Israel as if it is "racist"

On the "charge" of favoring one group over another, the Global phenomenon vs racism against Israel

Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried

Beautiful Compassionate Humane Kind Zionism VS Evil, Arabism, Islamism

Palestinian Arab Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens?

Only Racism Motivates anti Israel "racism" charges - Constant campaign by racist Arabs

What caused Rachel Corrrie's death?


Again HUMANE & Super- restrained Israel only attacks terrorists after warning to civilians for evacuate

Cox & Forkum: Disproportionate Response http://www.coxandforkum.com/archives/000889.html

Restraint after suicide blast in Israel,The army said the fugitives had drawn pistols before they were shot. ... Israeli officials had said they would show restraint in military operations - World News - MSNBC.com http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6379588/

Israel's Humane Army - Israel Update http://www.aish.com/Israel/articles/Israels_Humane_Army.asp

Israel's restraint in case of an attack could harm its deterrent http://www.tau.ac.il/jcss/sa/v1n2p1_n.html

Racist Islamo Arab Terrorist Leader Warns Only ARABS to Evacuate; Media Who Condemned Similar Non-Racist Warnings From Israel Say Nothing http://ginacobb.typepad.com/gina_cobb/2006/08/racist_terroris.html

http://www.israelnewsagency.com/palestinechildterrorismisrael88480521.html Israel Tears For Palestine Child

http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0806/kay081006.php3?printer_friendly Jonathan Kay: How Israel fights --- What the media does NOT report, humane methods


the unseen Intifadah

Israaid - helping the needy globally

Post 9/11 Arabist Propaganda

anti israel lobby george orwell orwellism of the middle east

Answer to the Palestinian-propaganda's 'apartheid' slogan (Israel's real beautiful attacked Democracy Vs. 'palestinian' Arab Real Apartheid & ethnic cleansing)

"Palestinians" and other Arab Muslims apartheid VS Israel's democracy

Arab funded Jimmy Carter's Crime on South African real victims of REAL apartheid

Because Arab - 'Palestine" is worse than any "apartheid", because Arab - "Palestine" means Genocide

When will matter win over theater? reality over fantasy?

Enough of the games of silly definitions, of sheer absurdity, slanderous attack, smear campaign over & over again, time for assessment of reality, clarity amids confusion, calling a spade a spade.

I wonder when some in the UN will finally break away from the mighty grip of Arabian oil lobbyists mafia giants (Kofi Annan's legacy) forcing/pushing as to what should be an "agenda" or even a "burning subject" on the UN's diary, no matter how silly the "accusation" are & finally talk about real issues of real culprits.

Leave aside the "toy" 'apartheid' coined by the "Palestinian" drama-queens that grew into an all out Arabian Goliath propaganda machine, the criminal -- not only ridiculous -- slur on a people that merely try to survive against Arabs' genocide campaign since 1920. (yes, that's right, long before the "occupation" & other excuse were invented).

More importantly this serious question is to those robotic-echoing the "apartheid" slur without even thinking.

What does the overwhelming support among "Palestinian" Arab-Muslims for Hamas & it's genocidal ideology tell you?

Does this mean that only the "Palestinian" leadership is so evil in-fascism or is it that most "Palestinians" are no better?

Now try as hard as you can comparing the harsh reality & vivid campaigning from the Arab Muslim "Palestinian" side VS the Israeli struggle against terrorists on the other.

A Judenrein Palestine? By Rachel Neuwirth January 7, 2004 ... The same people and countries that condemned ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, Cyprus, Rwanda, ...

Views: "Judenrein" Comes to Israel The aim was to make all of Europe, and eventually the whole earth, "Judenrein". The Nazis did not invent mass murder or ethnic cleansing of Jews. ...

'28% of Israel's Arabs deny Holocaust' Jerusalem Post
Israeli Arab Holocaust denial? Michael Greenberg - Canada (03/19/2007 17:09)

'No Hamas leader will ever recognize Israel' The ruling "Palestinian" faction Hamas has reiterated, yet again, that none of its members will ever recognize Israel's right to exist. ...

Hamas vows to 'drink' Jewish blood See terrorist group's video with messages for ... "and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews. ..." http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=48844

* * *

'Palestine' = racism, fascism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing

Re: Arabist Carter hateful anti Israel book "Palestine peace not apartheid".

Why don't we all call apartheid when it's really apartheid, racism where it is real racism and ethnic cleansing at it's actual happening?

What would you call Arabs' forcing Israel to "clear" Gaza out of Jews = i.e. non-Arabs? If this is not ethnic cleansing, What is?

How will Hamas Islamic militant agenda be exempt from the usual "Islamic apartheid"?

Especially at their long war on Christians like pogroms in Bethlehem, massacring Christians in Damour, killing Christians at the Pope's comment (2006), chasing out YMCA, and other incidents as part of chasing out the Arab Christians from the holyland.

Why can Israeli Arabs be equal part of Israel's beautiful democracy but no Jews alowed into "Judenrein - Palestine"? Is that not far worse than mere: "apartheid"?

What would you call "Palestinian" Arab racist war on Jews, by their masses (no, not a fringe minority) shouting "Itbach-Al-Yahood" slogan to "kill the Jews", the slogan that Genocide bombers use, or Arab killers of Jews in any other form, to "drive all the Jews into the sea"? If that is not racism, What is? When their war since the 1920's is actually about Arab racism on non Arabs and Islamofascism on non Muslims, i.e. Israeli Jews.

Or "Palestinian" racism against blacks like cartoons against blacks as monkeys (cartoon on C. Rice, 2006)?

The Islamic Apartheid that created a myth on Israel

The very APARTHEID bastion of the world, otherwise known as the ‘Islamic world’, or the totalitarian dictatorships inc. where no one is ever equal there, not women, not one class to the other, not one minority has any decent rights, but persecuted in the regular Arab racism’s supremacy & Islamic apartheid, or Islamo fascism.

In order to divert attention from the real criminals of apartheid in this world [or to disperse their populations' resentment of the oppressive regimes], and much much worse then that [to say the least], they, in their collective hatred & Apartheid motivation against the ‘non Arab’ the ‘non Muslim’ entity AKA Israel, to deny it’s right to exist, have come up with a myth about “apartheid in Israel”, what it actually means is that if democratic & free Israel dares to defend it’s self from a Racist Arab terrorist it is doomed to be branded as an “apartheid” system.

The sad part is of course that some have been bought by Arab oil money like Jimmy Carter, but the world should not let the magic sand cover the Arabian monsters including those “freedom fighters” fascists in Gaza that oppress Christians or those “moderate” ‘Palestinians’ that try to ethnic cleanse all Jews from the land, and so far there’s not one Jewish family under “moderate” fascist ‘palestine’.

Our Money? To those that 'care' so much where 'our-money' is going...

Arab Settlements VS Others

'palestinian' Corruption, the souce of their people's Poverty

GENOCIDE! Not "suicide" Bombings

Arab Palestinian INDUSTRY OF LIES

Rebuking Arab Palestinian lies
The Search for Truth in the Middle East - Jews defend their right to the land of Israel, while Arabs attempt to destroy it.

'Tank VS Kid', unfair Lying Photo

'poor' Palestinian Kids not in School, Because...

What Palestinian-Arabs really want

When the Palestinians say "End of occupation",What do they mean?

Poll: Majority Palestinians See Israel's Elimination as Goal (June 2002)

Fake "peace" pro 'palestinan' movement - enablers of genocide

Does giving them land really bring peace???

Arab (propaganda) Crime On Six Million
Arabists' Drama Language, Lying Viciously, Comparing Maliciously
Laughing At 'palestinian' Criminal Drama Words
The Guardian's obsession in adopting "Palestinianism", big words on empty reality

On their Silly Comparing Jihadi Terror on CIVILIANS to early Zionists' acts against British Army

How 'Palestinian' propaganda struggles with their terror initiation, How/When they use the words: Terror, Massacre

Getting Butcher Sheikh Yassin


Hamas Placard reads: Our Struggle With Israel = Only Part Of Struggle With The WEST

The satanic sheik and the enablers of evil
Another one bites the dust
Yassin, Presentation
A legacy of pain and poison, Giving terror moral sanction (4/5/04)
What a Nice Man

Are their terror organizations against Israel only?
Hamas' "popular army": Fight against Israel, part of overall struggle with the West


The Deterrent & Lifesaving of Destroying Terrorists' Homes

More and more terrorists surrendering

Sabra & Shatilla:
Sabra Shatila

That came after:
The Massacre by Palestinians.
This is what the PLO did in a Christian village in Lebanon
Photo Page
Damour before Shatilla, the TRUTH on Sabra Shatilla

More on the REPRISAL factor (linkage) Sabra Sharila for Palestinian crimes at Damour Massacre

While not underestimating the events of Sabra & Shatila, it could be seen as bloody revenge for the Damour massacre. It could be perceived as revenge for the assassination of President Bashir Jemayel and twenty-six of his aides. The assassination was ordered by President Hafez al Assad and carried out by Syrian air force intelligence commander, Muhhammad Al-Khuli.

A strong testimony to the Christian attitude comes from Khalaf Samir's words. "The Damour Brigades of the Lebanese Forces vowed to avenge their fallen townsmen and relatives. They swore not to stop the fighting until all Palestinians were driven out of Lebanon".

Another testimony to the linkage between the Damour massacre and Sabra & Shatila, comes from New York Times editor Tom Friedman, in his famous book From Beirut to Jerusalem. "The Phalangists wanted to avenge not only Bashir's death, but also past tribal killings of their own people by Palestinian guerillas, such as the February 1976 massacre by Palestinians of Christian villagers in Damour South of Beirut".

30 January 2002  Elie Hobeika's Assassination: Covering Up the Secrets of Sabra and Shatilla
Elie Hobeika knew the truth of Israel's innocence in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres, and for that reason many interested parties wanted him silenced.

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America - Google Books Resultby Brigitte Gabriel - 2006 - Social Science - 258 pages Palestinian militiamen started the killings in 1975, long before the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres. Beit Mellat, Deir Achache, Damour, ...

Elie Hobeika, the former Lebanese Christian militia leader, was killed by a car bomb outside his home in a Beirut suburb on January 24, 2002. Lebanese officials immediately blamed Israel for the assassination, since Hobeika had stated that he planned to testify in a Belgian court case which is deliberating allegations against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon regarding his purported connection with the massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps during the 1982 Lebanon War.

Yet a careful examination of recent material on Sabra and Shatilla indicates that Hobeika was far more concerned about what a Belgian court would reveal about his own role in the massacre...

(The one that carried out the massacre of Sabra Shatila-) Elie Hobeika's deeply impacted by Damour massacre
The Phalangists stood under the direct command of Elie Hobeika, said to be deeply affected by the murders massacre at Damour, with much of his family and his fianc�e being killed by Palestinian militiamen

"Jenin" LIES & Arab Palestinian crimes there:
The Big Jenin Lie
Anatomy of lies & incitement (Documentation)
Even Kadoura Mousa Kadoura, a leader of Yassir Arafat's Fatah movement, said explicitly that no "massacre" occurred in Jenin. Source: http://www.washtimes.com/world/20020501-5587072.htm
The truth there
Jenin's Palestinian war criminals

Short presentations:
"Jenin" zone
Made in "Jenin"

Video clip of fake funeral
Click here <Documented
Greedy Monsters

Israelis took no one's land
The Arabs in the holy land, natives or ALIENS?

Punish 'palestinian' Liars!

"palestinian" Criminal Propaganda (update your knowledge on their slogans)

'Palestinian' COSMETIC "casualties", Media & UN's Obligation to Doubt 'Palestinian' "Casualties", before damage is done

Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal, chief executive of S. Arabia�s Kingdom Holding Company Control on US  (& other) media
Who owns CNN?
The answers might surprise you (or maybe not). Ever wonder why CNN and Time are so blatantly pro-islamic. Ever wonder why these weasels want are tooo eager to toe liberal / islamic propaganda??
A good chunk of AOL Time Warner is owned by Prince Alwaleed Ibn Talal the Saudi billionaire. It is well known that Prince AlWaleed is a front for the Saudi royal family. All of the oil money that is swindled from Aramco the Saudi oil company is "invested" by Prince Al Waleed and his company.  (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1465942/posts, http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_basketball_heat/2008/09/beasley-hurt-ea.html?cid=132826195#comment-132826195)
From the 'Saudi Online' page:
RIYADH, 12 March � Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal announced yesterday that he has spent $1 billion on stocks over the last six months, including another $500 million on Citigroup.
�Already the world�s largest shareholder in Citigroup, the prince�s shareholding in the world�s most profitable bank is now around $10 billion,� said a press release from his Kingdom Holding group.
�At about $43, Citi�s share price was at too attractive a price,� the prince said in the statement.
And he added $450 million to existing shares in AOL Time Warner. �The price was very cheap at around $23,� the prince said.
�I believe in the power of the AOL brand and I am already a shareholder in this global media giant. Therefore, when the price reached lucrative levels, we decided to increase our stake. The weakness in AOL�s stock price is temporary as it reflects the temporary weakness in several areas in which it is involved,� Alwaleed said.
He also increased his stake in priceline.com to $100 million, or 5.4 percent of the company.

AOL BIAS - This is a growing guide to AOL political and religious bias seen by AOL subscribers as
demanded by its Arab owners.
Alwaleed,Arab,owned,Arab money
AOL shows political and religious bias in its news coverage. The bias is also seen in the use of AOL message board
censorship policies.  Poster's messages are deleted by AOL monitors violating AOL's own Terms of Service, TOS.
Time Warner has taken no action to stop the bias but has looked into it.  They did nothing.  AOL is owned by Arab money.
Alwaleed spent $1 billion on stocks recently
RIYADH, 12 March � Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal announced yesterday that he added $450 million to existing shares in AOL Time Warner.
�The price was very cheap at around $23,� the prince said. 
Is CNN International Really - ANN or the Arab News Network ??
CAIR, WAMY to launch massive propaganda campaign�We are planning to meet Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal for his financial support to our project ....
Georgetown�s Capitulation to Radical Islam  
By Joe Kaufman and Jeffrey Epstein
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, January 06, 2006
Georgetown University was built with a Catholic and Jesuit identity.  This bit of information is proudly displayed on the school�s website.  But like Bethlehem in Israel, that identity is quickly being lost to a radical strain of Islam, as a counter-terror symposium has been abandoned and a pro-terror conference has been confirmed.  Indeed, one of America�s most prestigious universities appears to be under siege.

Fearing violent reprisal from militant Muslim members of their student body, the school�s conference center rejected an educational symposium being hosted by America�s Truth Forum (formerly the People�s Truth Forum), a non-partisan, fact-based organization whose sole mission is to educate the American people on topics of national security.  In this case, the subject matter to be discussed involved the �Underlying Roots of Terrorism: The Radical Islamist Threat to World Peace and National Security.�...

While the counter-terror symposium was shunned, an organization associated with violence has been awarded a forum.  From February 17 - 19, the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM), an activist group that has expressed its willingness to work with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, will be holding its �Fifth Annual Divestment Conference� on Georgetown University�s campus.  At past events, shouts of �Kill the Jews� and �Death to Israel� could be heard amongst the crowd.  And according to a news report, during PSM�s last conference, when a resolution to condemn terrorism was voted down, �the delegates erupted in cheers.�

When PSM announced its event, it�s interesting to see who they sent a press release to.  A site that devotes a page to the release, Palestine Monitor, is said by one source to be a �PRO-TERRORIST SITE.�  This is easy to understand, as the website contains numerous pages glorifying the Intifada (uprising) against Israel.  Another location that prominently displays the press release is Ramallah Online, a hate site that equates the Jewish Star (Star of David) with the Nazi Swastika.

Not wanting to anger its on-campus insurgency, the university has remained hush about the event.  The consideration of a small matter of money may also be on Georgetown�s mind.  The PSM conference is coming on the heels of a $20 million donation to the school, given by a fairly effluent Saudi sheikh, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.  This is the same sheikh who had previously donated $27 million to a telethon that raised money for the families of suicide bombers.
Hamas.... at least $50 million from wealthy Saudis like Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal, ...
Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal hoster of telethons for suicide bomber families buys large share of Fox News
Saudi prince advocates strategy of business not boycotts to 'influence American public opinion"
September 25, 2005
Saudis Buying Shares of Fox lets freakin take over the oil fields already in saudi arabia... Prince al-Waleed ibnTalal already owned stock. ...
New Islamic satellite channel launched
March 8, 2006
Filed under: Newspapers � Hans Henrik Lichtenberg @ 2:24 pm
Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal, the chief executive of Saudi Arabia�s Kingdom Holding Company, has officially launched an Islamic satellite channel seeking to project Islam as a religion of moderation, the Arab News online daily reports. Al-Resalah (The Message) has been broadcasting informally since last Wednesday. At a press conference on Monday, Prince Alwaleed said the 24-hour channel would target an Arab audience, especially young people, by projecting �our Arab heritage through a modern medium.�. Al-Resalah will be the forerunner of a future English-language Islamic channel for Western audiences.
The prince said the new Islamic network would provide a platform for a dialogue on religious, social and economic issues affecting everyday life, but its priority would be to counteract the misconceptions of Islam in other societies. Tarek Alsuwaidan, the channel?s general manager, said that 40 per cent of the programmes would be youth oriented, 30 per cent would target women and families, and 10 per cent would focus on children, Arab News reports. (AKI,March 08, 2006)
Saudi Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal owns 5.46 percent of Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate News Corp.

The Failure of Western Universities [incls. Middle East studies, MESA, Saudi funding at Georgetown and Harvard, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, John Esposito, Martin Kramer, Daniel Pipes]

Kari Vogt, historian of religion at the University of Oslo, has stated that Ibn Warraq's book "Why I am Not a Muslim" is just as irrelevant to the study of Islam as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are to the study of Judaism. She is widely considered as one of the leading expert on Islam in Norway, and is frequently quoted in national media on matters related to Islam and Muslim immigration. People who get most of their information from the mainstream media, which goes for the majority of the population, will thus be systematically fed biased information and half-truths about Islam from our universities, which have largely failed to uphold the ideal of free inquiry. Unfortunately, this situation is pretty similar at universities and colleges throughout the West.

London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), scene to a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents from an increasingly pro-Islamic campus, issued a threat to one of its Jewish students to cease his protests against anti-Semitism at the University. Gavin Gross, an American, had been leading a campaign against the deterioration of conditions for Jewish students at SOAS, which is part of the University of London. SOAS had witnessed an escalation of anti-Jewish activity, in both severity and frequency. At the beginning of the year, the Islamic Society screened a video which compared Judaism with Satanism.
Meanwhile, in a move to "promote understanding between Islam and the West," Saudi Arabia donated about SR13 million to a leading British museum. The officials said the money from Prince Sultan would pay for a new Saudi and Islamic gallery, which would help to portray Islamic culture and civilization in right perspectives. It would also help fund scholarships for Saudi students at Oxford University.

The Saudis and other oil-rich Arabs are busy buying influence over what Westerners hear about Islam. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, a member of the Saudi Royal Family, is an international investor currently ranked among the ten richest persons in the world. He is known in the USA for a $10 million check he offered to New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in October 2001 for the Twin Towers Fund. Mayor Giuliani returned the gift when he learned that the prince had called for the United States to "re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause."

Prince Talal is also creating a TV channel, Al-Resalah, to target American Muslims. He already broadcasts in Saudi Arabia. In 2005, Bin Talal bought 5.46% of voting shares in News Corp, the parent of Fox News. In December 2005 he boasted to Middle East Online about his ability to change what viewers see on Fox News. Covering the riots in France that fall, Fox ran a banner saying: "Muslim riots." Bin Talal was not happy. "I picked up the phone and called Murdoch [...] [and told him] these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty," he said. "Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots."

Media's Wrongful Obsession In 'Palestinian' Casualties

Erase the words : "in-response" in the M.E.

Palestinian Own Vicious Cycle of Violence, Cycle of Violence made in 'Palestine'

The NON Exist 'extreme' Israeli

Between Radical Arabs VS Others

Regarding the USS Liberty:
'USS Liberty' case closed

Lies in the Palestinian Media

Palestinian media watch

Palestinian manipulation & intimidation of the media

Regarding UN's bias & Arab Islamic control there:
Kirkpatrick blasts UN's anti-Semitism
Israel and the United Nations - Introduction OIL!!! The UN: Irrelevant & Malignant UN can't be taken seriously in the Middle East peace process. UN's war with Israel
United Nations hatered
UN racism cartoons
Indicting the U.N.
Another chapter in bias
Why Not?
United Nations Hatred
UN Agency Aiding Palestinian Terrorists
Bitter joke: Syria "leads" UN council 06/02

On Sep. 2002 UN's open bias, dropping all about dangerous Saddam, ignoring terrible violence India-Pakistan, or Sundanese millions of victims of Islamic Jihad, rushing to meet on Israel's action against Arafat & militants held with him. (Leftist) Global thinks perril
ADL Urges UN to codemn Egypt
Kofi Annan's crimes against sensibility The moral authority of the U.N.

Some of Arab Muslims' old massacres on Jews since 1600... (Not ignoring Arab countries that Jews lived peacefully there).

Which came First, Terrorism or the (so called) "occupation"?

It's Arab-Muslims' HATE, NOT, "land"

Islamic Hypocrisy, Correction: [Islamists'] 'Holy' HATE not 'holy site' (Temple mount 2007)

So. wanna join the 'anti-freedom' "freedom fighters"?

Petach Tikva 1886, First of Arab attacks on Jews in Israel "palestine"

Hebron Massacre - 1929

No Such Thing As "Paletinian"-People but Plain ARABS!

I Arab Propaganda Says that the Israelis are Illegally Occupying Palestinian Territory.

The territories the Arabs say the Jews are occupying are Judea and Samaria and were inhabited by Jews long before the conquering Arab occupiers set foot there. In return for promises of non-violence from the Palestinian Authority, Israel has given up so much land that 98% of the Palestinian Arabs are under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority!

II The Arabs Claim that If Israel Would Only End the Occupation There Would Be Peace

In 1967 the armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq together with contingents from other Arab countries including Algeria and Kuwait attempted to destroy Israel. In 6 days the Israeli Defense Forces defeated the combined Arab armies and gained control of the ancient Israeli lands of Judea and Samaria. The attacks of these countries happened before the "occupation" by Israel of Judea and Samaria. Arab terror was committed against Jewish civilians from even before Israel?s declaration of independence. The Palestinian Liberation Organization was founded before the Israeli ?occupation?, because the goal of the PLO is to destroy Israel. Thousands of Arabs pass out sweets and sing songs when Israeli civilians are killed. Their goal is not peace.

III The Arabs say that the Israelis are Oppressing the Palestinians

The Palestinian Arabs are being oppressed by (Arafat & others in) their leadership, PLO & others. Arab civilians have to pay protection money to Arafat's cronies. Millions of dollars donated by Europe and the United States to improve the living conditions of Palestinian Arabs have been diverted toward buying weapons with which to attack Israeli civilians, and to the pockets of Arafat and his henchmen. Incitement of anti-Jewish hatred by Arafat's Palestinian Authority has led to unprecedented levels of violence against Jewish civilians. To defend her civilians against Kassam rockets, mortars, gun fire and suicide belts packed with poisoned nails, Israel has been forced to search and destroy bomb and rocket factories in Arab civilian towns and to launch premptive strikes at terrorists to prevent more terror. In addition Israel has been forced to impose closures to seal in terrorists. Every time Israel lifts these closures for humanitarian reasons, Arab terrorists sneak out and commit more atrocities against Israeli civilians. Before territorial concessions were made to Arafat the Israelis administered Judea and Samaria. During the Israeli administration Arab mortality rates fell and life expectancy increased dramatically. During the "Israeli oppression" of the 1970's, the West Bank and Gaza had autonomy and constituted the fourth fastest growing economy in the World! Under Arafat the last three years of terrorism (2001-03) has brought poverty to more than 50 percent of the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria and 80% of residents of Gaza

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Israel helping Arab Palestinians, even when the Arabs are only about to destroy it!

Were the Palestinians Expelled?

EFRAIM KARSH is professor and head of Mediterranean studies at King?s College, University of London and the author of, among other books:
Fabricating Israeli History: The New Historians and, most recently (with Inari Karsh), Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923.

Re: Law Of Return

Israel the Scapegoat

Why Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East

The "retaliation" MYTH

The "Palestinians", The Self made "victims"

Enough is enough, Giving the prolong deception of this "creation" call "Palestinian victimhood".

Isn't it time we all expose the falsehood of it all, worse, the criminal history and present by the "Palestinian" leadership and masses to inflict themselves with, deaths and suffering?

Start by their beginning of this twisted chain from it's refusal to comply with UN's offer for a 2 state in 1948, followed by their adhering to Arab leaders to evacuate via spreading lies of "massacres" and arrogant racist promises to drive all the Jews to the sea.

Then, came al those years that their leaders refused to let Israel improve their condtions, as all Arab leaders, for not losing the "Palestinian" card -- 'oh, those poor Palestinians' -- in their anti-Zionist racist drive.

Of course we all know that their masses are just as guilty, and if anyone thought otherwise, came the swift overwhelming election - suuport of militant Hamas in 2005 - just as Israel made another sacrifice in Gaza, giving it away.

All those Arafat years of not standing up against his most evil form of child abuse, indoctrination of kids into the virus of extreme hatred, into the Satanic death cult, glorifying mass murder, suicide, homicide and genocide.

So is Arafat's continuing legacy of exploiting the young in the theater of war.
You almost want to scream when you see those little Arab children being put to hide adult shooters, "Where are your terrible parents"?
The other known term for the horrindeous self killing, self made massacres is of course: The "Intifadah".

The population's investment of all energy into hatred and terrorism, instead of rebuilding economy.

The very lergacy that is still on today, all in mind to continue to be the "victim".

Worshipping that sacred "image as a victim" to the cameras of the world, nothing is more important to them, next to massacring Jews.

Not one Arab nation wants them, Jordan is eager for a "settlement" because it does not want any more "Palestinians", Syria & Jordan just sloughteed them in the 1970, Lebanese are fed up with them, etc.

Instead of pointing fingers at humane Israel, that is the only country in the entire world that treats them with humanity, they better take a look in the mirror, for they have no better enemy than themselves.

Palestinian self-inflicted wounds http://www.aijac.org.au/updates/Aug-02/070802.html

Self-inflicted Catatsrophe, Self-inflicted 'Nakba' http://web.israelinsider.com/views/5585.htm

Fed up with their self-inflicted misery - Reader comments on article: To End the [Palestinian] ... Peaceful Palestinians threatened by their own http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/5895

The Palestinians became the sacrificial pawn of Arab politics, ... [Shi�a] and Hamas [Sunni]) have intensified the dynamic of self-inflicted suffering http://www.seconddraft.org/ess_palestinian_suffering.php

Were the Palestinians Expelled?-, The Israeli "narrative" of this episode sees the Palestinian tragedy as primarily self-inflicted, a direct result of the vehement Palestinian/Arab rejection http://www.netanyahu.org/werpalex.html

Nakba: Journalistic Catastrophe. Palestinians commemorate a 1948 catastrophe. From reading the news, you'd never know it was self-inflicted. http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/45884734/critiques/Nakba_Journalistic_Catastrophe.asp

Another 'Palestinian' MYTH, 'right of return' http://houseoflabor.tpmcafe.com/blog/lel66/2007/jan/21/the_right_of_return_myth

http://www.intellectualconservative.com/2007/where-the-iraq- study-group-had-it-all-wrong/

...Thus, the accusations that the creation of the State of Israel led to the eradication and dispossession of a Palestinian �nation,� and that Israel continues to obstruct and deny the Palestinian�s right of self-determination, are spurious at best, since, as Robert Spencer, scholar of Islamic history, notes, before the 1967 war when Israel took control of Gaza and the West Bank, no one � including the Palestinians themselves � thought of themselves as a nation, that this �supposed national identity was invented in the 1960s in what turned about to be an extraordinarily successful ploy to adjust the paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict with the newly-minted Palestinians as the underdogs.�

Nor was the land that the Palestinian Arabs fled from in what would become Israel ever land to which Palestinian refugees could ever make a legally sound claim. �None of the West Bank and Gaza Strip has ever been �Palestinian Land,�� said columnist and historian David Meir-Levi. �Before Israel�s, the last legal sovereignty over these territories was that of the Ottoman Empire. The British Mandate was a temporary care-taker control established by the League of Nations. And from 1948 to 1967, the West Bank was illegally occupied and annexed by Jordan, and the Gaza Strip by Egypt � both in stark defiance of international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and UN resolutions 181 and 194.�

There is some irony in the fact that the Palestinians have repeatedly violated both the spirit and intent of 194, that particular UN resolution containing a reference to the concept of �return� to one�s country, although two key points are characteristically ignored by those pointing to this source as justification for their legal claim. First, Resolution 194 was the product of the UN General Assembly and "is an expression of sentiment and carries no binding force whatsoever," meaning that it is meant to make recommendations but not binding law. What it did suggest, however, was that �the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which . . . should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.�

According to the evaluation of law professor Ruth Lapidoth of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, this language precludes an interpretation of the UN resolution that supports a Palestinian claim for an unqualified right of return as opposed to a suggested one. �Though the Arab states originally rejected the resolution,� she wrote (specifically because it would mean giving implicit recognition of the existence of Israel), �they later relied on it heavily and have considered it as recognition of a wholesale right of repatriation.�

But according to Professor Lapidoth, �this interpretation . . . does not seem warranted: the paragraph does not recognize any �right,� but recommends that the refugees �should� be �permitted� to return. Moreover, that permission is subject to two conditions � that the refugee wishes to return, and that he wishes to live at peace with his neighbors,� something the Arab world, even now, has clearly never seen fit to do. And there is another significant aspect of the �refugee� problem from the 1940s that everyone demanding rights of return and reparations for Palestinian refugees conveniently forgets: some 800,000-900,000 Jews, some of whom had lived in Arab lands for 1,000 years and were fully integrated into those societies, were expelled and all their wealth (estimated to be about ten times that of the Palestinians) confiscated as the nascent Israel was being established. No one now cries over their lost possessions, homes, property, and citizenships.

So for observers like professor Karsh, the recommendations of Resolution 194 "could as readily apply to the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were then being driven from Arab states in revenge for the situation in Palestine," and in fact were meant to, since the refugees mentioned in the resolution are purposely not defined as being either Arab or Jew. In fact, many diplomats and officials had anticipated an exchange of refugees, as has happened successfully in other similar social upheavals, where Palestinian refugees would have been absorbed in Arab states and Jewish refugees would have settled in Israel � exactly what happened to some 600,000 Jewish refugees.

Legal scholars also point out that international law grants the right to leave or return to one�s country only to individuals, not as a collective right as the Palestinians claim. More importantly, no population of refugees has ever presumed that the right of return � if such a right even exists � could be claimed, not only by the original refugees, but also by all of their descendants.

Scapegoating the Zionists

A facsism that learned to 'blame the Zionists' for Arab Muslims' crimes

It is quite interesting how a massacre by Arab Christians on Arab 'Palestinians' in Lebanon 1982, Sabra & Shatila is so typical of "Arabs kill Arabs" and Arabs blame the Jews...

You see it time and time again, you see it in Lebanon today, you see it among "Palestinians", heck, some lunacy fringe of Arabs even "blame the Zionists" in Iraqi Arab on Arab war.

It is not anymore restricted exclusively to the self inflicted 'Palestinians' that invest their entire energy and resources into that death cult, in teaching how "wonderful" it is to mass murder civilians, that death is far more important than life, and then turn around complaining that their economy is in shambles.

So do they blame (December 2006) for the rise into drug trafficking among Arab "Palestinians" that actually bring it in from Lebanon and from Egypt... Not only is their poverty in this context due loss of employment by Israeli Jews that have been evacuated to accomodate "Palestinians" in Gaza give away, but they blame the very Jews that gave them jobs until now... imagine that. (Jobless Gaza Arabs Miss Jewish Employers, Turn to Drugs, Gaza Arabs, left jobless by the Oslo War and by last year's expulsion of Gush Katif farmers, have turned to drugs that are smuggled from Lebanon and Egypt, the United Nations reports. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=118123)

This blame game, copied from old, darkest pages in human history of 'blame the Jew' is copied/adopted by the wider Arab street, it is actually another crime in the Arab world, the culprit are the usual ones, their leaders, of instilling into them for so long the cult of 'conspiracy theories'.

In this ideology, in that jungle, anything bad that happens to Arabs are always the 'fault of the Zionists'. You can bet on it that if a mullah says tomorrow that the weather is dominated by the Zionists, rest assured, that literally millions in the Muslim world will actually follow his "belief".

Seriously speaking, Did you know that Iranian mullahs have condemned PEPSI Co. because they figured out that the letter "I" stands for Israel? ( TIME.com: Meanwhile, The View From Inside Iran -- Jul 31, 2006 ...Meanwhile, The View From Inside Iran. Hizballah may be Tehran's client, ... the voice-over intoned, "Pepsi stands for 'pay each penny to save Israel'. ... http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1218048,00.html)

All laughs aside, those in the west that buy the notion that Arabs' grievances is so based on Zionists' action (to be honest, it is not what Zionists do but how the Arab press "reports" it or incites the Arab street), should rethink their thinking or non-thinking about (Islamists' war on the west way before any actions by the Zionists, such as the genocide on Armenians in 1915, but more on) Islamists' global vision of a Caliphate, I know it is too scary to think about the truth, but sticking you head in the sand (in this case 'blaming the Zionists') doesn't help you. In fact, even Al Qaeda's Bin Laden didn't use the "Palestinian" card until later appearances, when he was advised that it was way too much of an important tool to be missing.

The Iranian Islamic revolution's war on the west started in 1979 with a grievance against US' support for the Shah, not a word about "Palestinians", until 'Hitler' Ahmadinejad used them in 2005 so conveniently, in his ambition to be the 'Muslim Messiah' and Islamizing the west. Nor can most major Islamic massacres attacks - around the globe (like, Indonesia, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, Spain, India, Thailand, Philippines, Somalia, etc.) in recent years - be connected to the "Palestine" issue.

The bigotry of anti Israel
Facts & Causes
The obvious, or the 'should be obvious'
This is not really all about the Arab Muslim world, who's anti Israel feeling and action is motivated (not by any feeling to help fellow Arab Muslims, fact is, the Arab "Palestinians" are persecuted all throughout the Arab world) by Arab racism (just as the Kurds, Maronites, Sudanese and other non Arabs suffer from the global Arabization) & Islamofascism or Islamic-Fascism, the evil ideology as Tony Blair calls it (just as non Muslims in general, dhimmi or kuffars, non-believers suffer, global wide, take it straight from the horse's mouth, the Iranian fanatical Islamic leader Ahmadinejad's call for genocide & ethnic cleansing on Israel that though has no regional or territorial disputes with Iran of course, "doesn't belong on 'Muslim land', in the all Muslim middle east", this anti-Israel facsism still infects most moderate Muslim countries that blindly refuse entry to anyone with an Israeli passport).
Nor is it about the few neo/old Nazis that hate all Jews (even those that tell you they hate "only Zionists").
But this is about the bigotry of anti-Israel infected in the mainstream.
Jumping to conclusion before knowing the facts
This happens on a regular basis, but a few examples might serve as highlights if you wish:
The rush into harsh words by UN's Secretary general Kofi Annan (before he semi-apologized for it) when some UN officials got hurt in the cross fire between Huzbullah terrorists and Israeli defense forces (Hezbullah initiated war and invasion 2006), even after realizing that the UN post was used by the Huzbullah as a tool.
The overwhelming bashing Israel in Arabs' deaths, like the very icon the "Palestinian" propaganda machine used, as in the Arab kid Muhammad al-Dura (2002), which we all know by now, was nothing more than staged by Arabs themselves, and it was Arab shooters that killed that boy.
The rushing media in "blaming Israel" for the death of an Arab family on Gaza beach (2006), again Israel promised/asked to wait until a full investigation is complete, that concluded it was the "Palestinian" Hamas' led mines that brought about that incident.
No matter how many times the media sees the transparency in the fake images produced and invented by the 'Palestinians', "PALLYWOOD" (http://seconddraft.org), it seems to "forget", each time a new case appears.
Demanding from Israel the victim of terror more than from the perpetrator
The words an anti-Israel 'activist' told me, resonates throughout this conflict: "I can't expect from the Arabs any better, but Israel/ should know better!".
In other words, it is part of demanding from the west ever more then from the Islamic world, when it comes to morality.
The only problem is that it is not presented in this open way, it is presented as Israel is the "bad" guy, period.
As opposed to endless condemnations by the UN on Israel's self defense, When was the last time the UN has condemned the very Arab "Palestinian" crimes on their own people that they try to pin on Israel, like:
Using it's kids as human shields (which Huzbullah, in 2006, picked up very quickly, copied them in their war on Israeli civilians, using Arab civilians) and as human bombs?
Legitimizing and even glorifying mass murder and genocide as a 'good holy act' in their mainstream and official media?
The Lie of "natives" is bought
How many have fallen prey to the powerful sell of "indigenous" Arabs in the land of the Judea?
The picture of an all out 'Arabs in the middle east', is one of the misconception misleading clarity of history, never forget that most today's 'Palestinians' have no more than 3 generations "history" in this ancient land of the Jews.
Absolutely no one has disputed the fact of Arab immigration that saw an upsurge with Zionists' immigration (the latter only, limited by the British) in the late 1800.
The fact that the most "Palestinian" - icon of all time: Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian born fighting for "his homeland" in Israel... is so classical.
By the same token, it is not well known the fact that over 50% Israeli Jews are of children of indigenous Jews in the middle east (http://jimena.org) .
The Global Goliath Islamo Arab power
The very fact that there was so much talk and selecting/picking on one lobby out of so many different types and different interests - lobbies that operate in Washington but the utter silence on the enormous Islamo Arab lobby that basically occupies, threatens, incorporating so many in their anti-Israel racist boycott, uses oil as a weapon and dictates the international arena, including the UN, shows you just how great of bully they are.
So is the fear of European nations for unrest by the Arab Muslim (immigrant) population, (terrorism works!) that effects or rather impairs their stand on the middle east conflict.
The wrong picture of seeing Israel as the "aggressor" and the 'Palestinian Arabs' as the "underdog"
Question # 1:
Who has more power, the cynical Arab adult shooting behind a kid's back, behind a woman's squirt, or the Israeli humane soldier facing a terrible dilemma?
Question # 2
When you see the biased media showing a tank vs. kid, A) do you ever stop and think what the message is behind it? B) Does this suggest that the Israeli soldier is really after an unarmed person? C) Did you ever stop to think that the very fact that you can see the Israeli soldier but you can NOT see the Arab terrorist makes the invisible much more of a menace?
Nothing more like the situation in Iraq (2003-2007) demonstrates that you might have the most powerful army in the world, you are weaker (in many ways) than the invisible coward terrorists hiding among civilians that has no rules of basic regards for ANY human lives.
Outrageous use of baseless drama language and hollow bombastic terms on Israel's multi-racial beautiful democracy
Take for example the admission of anti Israel Arabist: Jimmy Carter that (on December , 2006 - CNN) has admitted that Israel is a great democracy with freedom and equal rights for all, and that (in an interview to Larry King he said that) he used provocative words like "apartheid" (only) in order to provoke discussion.
All those bombastic empty words like "racism' or "apartheid" the anti-Israel Arab racist propaganda machine is selling, has of course no support in facts on the ground, there is nothing "racist" about fighting terrorists for being terrorists, there is nothing "apartheid", especially that they are the same Arab race and group, Israeli Arabs and "Palestinian" Arabs, with different identification cards that has nothing but security implications.
Since when is concern for security considered "racism"?
The same "Judenrein - Palestine" that is trying to ethnic cleanse all Jews, that does not even permit any Jew to live in their 'territories', is lecturing multi-racial, multi-religion, multi-color Israel, that has all colors and races from the darkest black to the whitest blond, that has a whopping 20-25% Arabs in it's population, with equal rights and representations in high offices (and even more rights than Jews, giving the fact that Israeli Jews are obligated to serve in the army whereas Israeli Arabs are not).
The racism behind "questioning" Israel's right to exist
Can you name one other country that is subject to even a question of being 'recognized'?
Why do you think it is?
If you want to talk about history as a supposed reason, 1) Even if you are a naiive student of 'Palestinian' propaganda in revising history, You don't see anyone denying the unmistakenly settlers like most European, or American or Australians right to exist. 2) speaking even about history, for the record: No matter on which political side you are on, you have no right to deny rights of a nation to exist, no one can ever erase Jews' history to the land of Israel, at the same breath no one can claim that there was ever a sovereign Arab-Muslim "Palestine", in fact, the same nazis or Jew-haters that used to tell the Jews in Europe: 'Go back where you came from, go to Israel-Palestine', the ones continue the evil torch of Nazism today ironically deny the Jews coming back to their original roots-origin.
The dehumanization of Israeli victims
Seeing Israel as nothing but a "tank", is another racist element coming through, in brushing off Israeli victims as a "side details" at best.
When was the last time the BBC (for example) has shown any drama pictures of injured Israeli kids at a fraction of the time, passion dedicated to any Arab kid that was killed (usually) because of an Arab adult's fault?
Can you remember reporters of the mainstream media visiting Israeli hospitals as much as you can remember them strolling down Arab ones? And Why not?
Numbers are not the reason, percentage wise you will see time and time again, Israel loses by far in media's favoritism.

Making a "criminal" out of Saint Israel

When it comes to Victim Israel, the media "justice" turns 360 degrees.

A bias that selects Israel for unfair harsh terms & gross language.

When it comes to victim Israel, all hell break lose.

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's reluctance from going on the lose like Arab neighbors, Syria & Jordan that "dealt" with violent "uprising" by just massacring thousands randomly.

    But it calls Israeli restrained minimal defense-of-lives actions against terror aggression as "aggressive".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's beautiful treatment of it's minorities including favoring it's Arab citizens over Israeli Jewish majority in court cases, in access to the holy-site of the temple mount, (not excluding known Muslim fascists living inside Israel that call for racist genocide of the Jews & ethnic cleansing & voice their opinion openly in Israel's free equal democracy) & in the imbalance unfairness in obligating Israeli Jews to serve in the army, whereas Arabs are exempt.

    But it calls Israel's security check points after arresting Israeli Arabs in terror activities as "racism".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's aid & humanitarian help for "Palestinians" including free treatment in hospitals for many "Palestinian" kids injured due to "Palestinian" -- crimes against humanity -- adults' violent intifadah... using their kids as weapons or as shields, as well as basically feeding much of their population.

    But it interprets Israeli shielding themselves from Arab attackers, shooting behind little kids as "crimes against humanity".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's ongoing gestures to "Palestinians" crossing over to the Israeli side, looking away strict anti terror measures, when "Palestinians" not only practice apartheid against Jews, but Hamas raises it's Islamic Apartheid against Christian Arabs too.

    But it calls it's anti-genocide-bombers barrier an "apartheid wall".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's multiracial nation that has Arab Muslims representatives in it's highest offices in the government, even at the height of racism from Israeli Arabs towards Israeli Jews manifested in protests and in aiding bombers.

    But these ungrateful Israeli Arabs cry "racism".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's evacuating Gaza from non Arabs, from Jews, when fascist "Palestine" doesn't allow any Jew to live in it's so called "territories", but it's these ethnic cleansing masters that cry "ethnic cleansing".


What's good for Europeans & the rest of the world is never good for Israel even on the expense of saving lives


Gen. Giora Eiland: Israel Should Adopt Policy of Holland, Switzerland & Denmark In Barring Automatic Citizenship To Palestinian Spouses Of Israeli Arabs
Two More Fatalities From Palestinian Suicide Bombing On April 17th At Tel Aviv Bus Station

IsraCast: Natan Sharansky Blasts Canadian Unions Anti-Israeli ...He cited that when Israel took legitimate measures to defend its citizens from Palestinian suicide bombers this was branded as apartheid. ...

These Arabs lack citizenship because of their actions, not their race or ... their own Palestinian state - a country where all Israeli settlements would be ...

In no way can the treatment of Arabs by the State of Israel be compared to the treatment of the Blacks of South Africa under apartheid. There is no Israeli ideology, policy or plan to segregate, persecute or mistreat the Arab population. Democracy is the cornerstone of the State of Israel. Israel makes no distinction between its Arab and Jewish citizens. Israeli Arab citizens enjoy the same rights as their Jewish neighbors. They are also free to practice their religion without discrimination, in accordance with Israel's commitment to democracy and freedom. As in every country, much more needs to be done to promote greater educational and employment opportunities for minorities, particularly for Israeli Arabs. The Israeli government has committed to investing in the necessary infrastructure and assistance for these communities.

CAMERA: Guardian Defames Israel with False Apartheid Charges (The Palestinian statistical abstract claims that the Israeli figures understate Arab population growth, so that would further undermine Mr. McGreal�s case.

The 2,500-kilometre-long defensive wall built by Morocco constituted a de facto annexation of the larger part of the Territory. That �apartheid wall� had been humiliating the Saharawi people for two decades and had converted the Sahara into a ghetto.

International campaign against the apartheid wall and Moroccan colonial occupation of Western Sahara:

If you guessed that the barrier in question was Israel�s West Bank security fence, guess again. It surrounds the Spanish enclave of Melilla, on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, a remnant of Spain�s colonial past. Morocco argues, with considerable regional support, that Melilla and another Spanish coastal enclave, Ceuta, are in fact occupied Moroccan territory, and must be returned.

As the Wall Street Journal�Europe pointed out in a recent editorial (Sept. 26), there are two major differences between the fence around Melilla and Israel�s security barrier. One is that no-one is protesting that this fence is illegal, a barrier to peace or a land grab, and no-one calls it an "apartheid wall", even though its intent is very much to separate people along largely ethnic lines. In fact, the EU, which has protested so vigorously against Israel�s barrier, is actually helping Spain to fund the fence.

The other difference is the intent � the Melilla barrier is not intended to save lives or prevent terrorism. It is there to keep out largely sub-Saharan Africans looking for a better life in Europe, and who become free to move about Europe once they get into Melilla, which is a part of Spain and thus a part of the EU.

The "Palestinian" Contributions to Humanity

    1) Commit the crimes on your own kids (human bombs, human shields) and always blame the Zionist victim.

    2) How to unite the Arab world, bring about "Dead Arab kids", Hezbollah picked up on that very fast.

    3) The bastion of (fake) excuse for Islamists' crimes against humanity.

    4) The phenomenon of "brown" Arabs Kissing up to "white" Hitler, Hitlerists, never mind what one wishes the other.

    5) Inventing big drama words, such as "apartheid", "racism" for those daring to stand up against Racist, Fascist terrorists.

    6) The lucky invention of the 1960's, One of the 21 century successful lies, such as "palestinian people"  (on the Arab group mostly grandkids of immigrants from surrounding countries).

    7) The 'creme de la creme' best "export" of "palestinian" industry, the human shields tactics of course (to Iraq's Al-Sadr, Talibans, Hhezbullah, etc.).

    8) The death cult that always finds somebody to kill, if not the Zionists, or their kids via tactics that the media might blame the IDF, they find each other  to practice it with (civil war).

    9) when simple lies don't work, edit videos to fit the propaganda, PALLYWOOD, "palestinian" fake Images industry. The Second Draft, YouTube - Pallywood

The day When the media will not be anti Israel biased

1) When there is an account of every single Arab Muslim terrorism.

2) When Israeli victims of terror will turn to human from being "tanks" in media's dehumanization.

3) When the (BBC, NPR, etc.) reporter will finally visit an Israeli hospital for a change.

4) When a rare (if/when) abuse by an Israeli soldier won't be overblown any more than that of any other westerner's case.

5) When those drama words, bigoted slurs (like: "apartheid", "racism") invented by Arabism, Palestinianism upon Israel's war on fascists' terror won't be used.

6) When it will remember to quote the source where it comes from, like a "Palestinian" point of view, stating it as such: "Palestinians" say, not reporting it as "facts", and use the phrase: "they say", as the media is always so careful to side it only on Israel's view.

7) When the tone won't be inflating the cult of 'Palestinian' victim hood, but reporting dry facts. Or the passion should be used on Israeli victims just as much.

8) No more "Palestinians" are the bigger picture, When the headlines are the repercussion of both sides, not a headline & main news crying on 'Palestinians' and in just small little details something about Israel as well.

9) When it will finally start mentioning the sacrifice democratic Israel is making in gestures to "Palestinian" Arabs & open borders on the expense of it's vital security, asides from it's humanitarian aid.

10) When it will report the racism, treason & danger from Arabs living inside Israel & it's establishment's incitement for Jihad, murder, hatred & terrorism.

11) No more unequal talk about 'equality', When it's worry for "equality" will finally be fair, it will talk about: "unequal" citizens, the Jews face so often in Israel's preferential treatment of it's Arab citizens as first class citizens like: access to holy sites, land issues &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; benefits of not being obligated to serve in the army, etc.

12) When it will refrain from calling fear & worry for security as "racism".

13) When it will stop dancing around the real issue of the conflict, the seeds of hate, the 'Palestinian death cult' indoctrination & it's child abuse.

14) When it will talk about the 'lobby', no! not the one confined to merely one country alone, but the international one, the powerful one, the Goliath one, the one that uses it's oil & threats of terror, the one that occupies the UN & influences the EU, as well as Washington.

15) Calling a spade a spade, a 'Palestinian' that intentionally harms civilians - a "terrorist" not a mere "militant".

16) When it will refer to every checkpoint, be it at any international airport, shopping centers, stadiums, etc. the same way it refers to the ones in the Gaza/west bank, or vice versa.

17) When it will not let itself to be playing into the hands of radical 'Palestinians' & Hezbollah's use of human shields to make sure their kids die & pin it on Israel.

18) When talk will come about on the real racism & real apartheid, such as in "Palestine" ethnic cleansing of Jews, anti Christian apartheid, oppression of own people and on minorities, as well as on the entire Arab & Muslim world that practices such heinous crimes against humanity without any 'fighting terrorism' or 'self defense'.

19) When the most unfair image of "kids throwing stone" won't be shown unless explained about the adult 'Palestinian' gunmen behind them.

20) When it will stop it's double standard that any attack on non Muslim infidels in any corner of the world is any different from Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' genocide campaign on non Muslim Israelis (A.K.A  "fascism").

PALI DICTIONARY - The Guide to the Arab Muslim Propagandist

A security �check point� (the one you have
in the airports that effects all Israelis too) =

Arrests of terrorists =

Equal rights, equal treatment, freedom for
all & democracy = �apartheid�.

Terror camps = �refugee camps�.

Terror attacks aiming at the unarmed
innocent civilians = �freedom fighting�.

Cowards hiding among civilians = �fighters�.

Reluctance to shoot at terrorists
surrounded by civilians = �weak Zionists�.

Use of human shields = �heroism�.

Unintended deaths of human shields = �victims of the occupation�.

Call, attempt for genocide = �struggle�.

Mass murder = �martyrdom�.

Annihilation = �just-anti-Zionism�.

Investing in self destruction Jihad instead of economy = �plight�.

[�Palestinian fake & edited images -] Pallywood = �documentary�.

�(Idbachu) Itbach al Yahud� [�kill the J-s.�] = �liberation�.

Oppression & totalitarianism (by
bad-Fatah or worse-Hamas) = �freedom�.

Caliphate, radical Islamic repressive
empire = �equality�.

Islamic Apartheid [including on women
& on non Muslims] = �Palestinian culture��.

Oppressing Christians = �Muslims� rights�.

Forcing Christians to convert to Islam = �practicing their faith�.

The anti - Israel bigotry composed of 1)
�Arab racism� against non Arabs by Arab supremacy (the same active in Africa
like genocide in Sudan, Chad, etc. or in all of the Arab world on all non Arab
minorities), 2) �Islamic Jihad� against any non Muslims (the one active in the
entire world) = �anti Zionism�.

Israelis� natural human fear of massacres,
attacks by Arab racism & Islamofascism = �anti Arab racism�.

IDF sincere factual humanitarian programs
worldwide = �propaganda�.

Terror masters gathering = �freedom of movement�.

Terrorists using ambulances = �carrying the sick��

Oppressing women = �manhood�.

Fascism aka not even giving �right to exist� = �Palestinian rights�.

Preferential treatment to Arabs over Jews,
including in cities like Hebron = �apartheid state�.

Israel�s extraordinary humane help for
�Palestinians� (including free hospital care to their children injured though of
Arab initiated attacks, medical advancement for ordinary Arabs & more
http://israel21c.org, etc.) = �not an issue�.

The historic Arab attacks, massacres
& ethnic cleansing on Jews in the holy-land prior to the date of so called
�occupation� = �not the issue�.

Seeing the US as the big Satan &
Israel as the little one = �land issues�.

Defending against attacks = �occupation�.

Preventing �Palestinians� from killing = �crimes against humanity�.

Revealing the truth about �Palestinians� = �propaganda�.

A terrorist = �activist�.

Demonizing of Israel via lies = �all or the cause�.

Calling to �wipe of Israel off map� = �free Palestine campaign�.

Telling it�s children invented horror
fantasy �stories� about the Zionists = �pride�.

Spreading around graphic photos of dead
kids who died as tools by Arab adult terrorists = �evil Zionists�.

Dehumanization of innocent Israeli men
women & children as �tanks� = �against the occupation�.

Publicizing Hitler�s �MeinKampf� in Arabic
and having it as a �best seller� in Gaza = �defying the Zionists�.

The vast anti Israel bias, the global
Arabism & Arabists control in the mainstream media = �Zionists control�.

The most powerful lobby in Washington -
the Saudi Arab Muslim lobby = �Jewish lobby�.

Arab lobby paying to write books using fake slurs = "research".

Militant Hamas� front group in Islamic
lobby CAIR = �real �Americans��.

[Not dual loyalty but one loyalty] Arab
�americans� acting on behalf of �Palestinian� terrorists against US = �loyal Americans�.

Treacherous American Muslims raising funds
in US for �Palestinian� terror Jihadi organizations =

Dancing masses in public square towards
the blood of 3,000 innocent victims of the Islamic attack on 911 or
of major Islamic terror attacks on innocent Israelis = �folklore, national holiday�.

Arab lobby�s two anti-Israel Arabist books, Carter & Mearsheimer =
balanced view�.

The one way street, like activists ONLY on the Israel side to act on behalf of �Palestinians� = �equivalency�.

Having only the �Palestinian� view at any forum = �even handed�.

Islamic Republic of Iran�s Hitler �Mahmoud Eichmanjihad� [the �mehdi� �Islamic Messiah� with nukes, the one giving the ultimatum to the west to convert to Islam or else, that declares �Death to US, UK�, threatening Israel despite having absolutely no land or any other disputes with, stretching all over his global network of violence, having troops creating bloodshed & mayhem in, Lebanon, �Palestine�, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.] =
Palestine�s poster boy�.

Cheering to the party that seeks an all out Shiite oppressive theocracy in the region, Iran�s Hezbullah (2006) invasion & attack of Israeli civilians when half of the victims were Arabs in Israel & using civilians in Lebanon, causing deaths & destruction there =
good job, we want more�.

�Palestinian� war on Lebanon, siding with militant Islamists Al Qaeda, in terror �refugee� camps =
Lebanese occupation & racism�.

Mourning the deaths of the butchers of our
time: Saddam & Zarqawi = �national pride, mutual understanding�.

Global Arab Palestinian led anti Israel hate lobby = �International Solidarity Movement�.

Blaming the Zionists for all Arabs,
Muslims crimes against humanity all over the planet, with or without �theories�
= �FYI�.

�Death to Israel!� = �peaceful protest�.

Pro terror march = �anti-war march�.

Abu Mazen, Fatah�s terror arm �Al Aqsa
Martyrs Brigade� = �moderates�.

Racist vicious boycotts = �protesting�.

Powerful hijacking the UN, EU & most
world bodies via the international Arab Muslim oil lobby Goliath = �David vs Goliath�.

The Islamo Arab giant kicking, bashing little Israel � who's fighting to
survive � at the UN & in international media all the time = �olive branch�.

Jihad, Shahid & hatred camps for kids = �education�.

Teaching little Muhammad about �apes & pigs� = �Biology�

Strapping death belt to it�s kids = �Parenthood�.

Being paid for [selling to the devil]
sending own kid to die via massacring others = �heroes�.

Lost battle = �massacre�.

Muslim clerics�: �kill all infidels� = �justice�.

�Palestinian� TV industry of lies = �information�.

Honor killing = �honor�.

Oppressing any opposition = �inner �Palestinian� matter�.

Uncivil war, fighting between �mainstream�
radical Arab - Muslims & more extreme Arab - Muslims = �western conspiracy�.

�Conspiracy theories� = �the truth�.

Careful planning of terror attacks, genocide bombings = �desperation�.

Anti terrorism fence, shield = �apartheid-wall�.

Muhammad�s dreaming about a Jewish city = �Muslim site�.

Arab immigrants prior to 1948 = �indigenous, natives�.

Smuggling weapons = �humanitarian aid�.

Terror tunnels = �family unification�.

Mass kidnapping cult �activism�.

Shooting into residential homes or
Infiltrating into cities invading homes in the middle of the night, murdering
kids in their beds = �liberating the land�.

Corruption & stealing from it�s population = �Zionists� fault�.

Shooting missiles on schoolchildren �grievances�.

Ethnic cleansing, Judenrein �Palestine�
[aka no Jew in �Palestinian� controlled area] = �right to self determination�.

Stoning ANY Israelis passers-by = �David vs Goliath�.

Lynching [by the masses of �moderate�
mainstream �Palestinians�, or attempting to] any Jew who dared lost it�s way into their �territory� = �human rights�.

Lynching own brothers = �Palestinian legal system�.

IDF�s rubber bullets to disperse violent
�Palestinian� crowds = �Israeli bombs�.

Israeli security�s use of tear gas to
disperse �Palestinians� on rampage = �attacking civilians�.

Arab terrorists firing among civilians =
Israeli massacre�.

IDF�s humane advanced notice, warning to
evacuate certain areas before conducting anti terror operations (on the
expense of terrorists escaping) = �Zionist scare tactics�.

IDF�s high risk investment & use of
specially low impact, maximum precision, small missiles, designed to hit only a
dangerous terror target & minimize by-standers causalities = �F-16 on
poor Palestinians

Killing it�s own kids [like Muhammad Al-Dura, Gaza beach family, etc.] & creating of them icons each time, carrying the �torch� on = �voice of Palestine�.

Self inflicting suffering [ever since 1948, still today, rejecting any settlement, rejecting Israel�s help, choosing terrorism over calm, war over peace, exterminating Jews over partition of two states] = �the victims�.

Always initiating the attacks = �innocent victims�.

[Arab] Targeting civilians in shopping
malls, bus stops, wedding halls, restaurants, etc. = �legitimate rights�.

Massive support for fascist terror
organization Hamas bend on annihilating all of Israel & urges it�s will of
�drinking the blood of the Jews� = �innocent Palestinians�.

Islamo Arab fascism: For Arabs only, For Muslims only & Anti-Israel as an integral part of it
Have you ever wondered what drives a Saudi, Jordanian, 'Palestinian' to come over to a completely foreign country: Iraq to 'fight the infidel' US/UK?
After all they don't fight for 'their country' at all?
What's the special bond then?
The intolerance of Jihad, or more powerful the twin evil of Arab racism & Islamic Jihad, if you are a non Arab, a non-Muslim, you 'don't belong here', They are saying: '(No matter where we were born) We are here in our land', the middle east is ours, and ONLY ours.
Their 'freedom fighting' now takes a whole new diabolical meaning, doesn't it? How about 'free from the other race/religion/creed'? but it's actually quite old, ancient bigotry.
The Overwhelming proof that Arab Muslims' anti-Israel campaign is nothing but bigotry, racism, fascism.
The pure facts of Arabs not wanting non Arabs, Muslims not wanting non  Muslims, especially in their neighborhood, A.K.A. The Middle East.
Why else would major Arab countries unify to destroy Israel since it's inception & the same time persecute the Arab 'Palestinians' living among them?
Trust me, as much as the myth of 'Arab unity' is in the west, you wouldn't want to be a 'Palestinian' Arab in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, you name it.
Let's not kid ourselves for one moment the fact and the reason why none of the Arab Muslim leaders ever wanted sincerely for a 'Palestinian' solution, 1) anti Israel galvanizing power among Arab populous is far of a great asset to their oppressive regimes on their resentful citizens, 2) It makes sure their bigoted anti-Israel campaign goes on 'without end', until even westerners can admit to 'Palestinian' misery.
Arab leaders knew/know full well that most grandfathers of today's 'Palestinian Arabs are no natives to Israel, the holy-land, of course they immigrated from other Arab countries.
But, you get the point, they are Arabs, they are Muslims, therefor they belong in all of the middle east, the Arab Muslim (fascism) land.
That's also why Jews have to give up part or all of it's land to the Arabs, even though Jews were there first historically, but, yes, again, they are not Arabs, they are not Muslims.
Explain to me what the Arabian anti-non-Arabs racist, anti-Kurd, anti-Iranian, anti-Jewish Arabian butcher Saddam Hussein meant in his final bloody legacy's phrase: "Palestine is Arab'?
It means 'no non Arabs in 'Palestine', period! ethnic cleansing, genocide, you find the definition for it.
The Islamic Republic of Iran that is not even a neighbor of Israel's has nothing against Israel BUT the problem with 'It being amidst Muslim land'.
Though the slow driving out of the Christian Arabs started off by the Arab Egyptian turned 'Palestinian' (somehow), Yassir Arafat, & continued by current  'Palestinian' Islamfscism-Hamas, anti-Christian is still not as powerful, no match to the fire motivatred by the added fuel of Arab racism, the added anti Jewish push.
Speaking of Arafat, you'd wonder How come an Egyptian could have been/become the most classical (so called) 'Palestinian' icon, again, there's no contradiction, an Arab is an Arab, a Muslim is a Muslim, the middle east is pure Arab, pure Muslim, remember?
Arab racism is actually also tide much to Islamic radicalism, it's nationalism is always fueled & glorified by the 'cult{ure} of radical Islam', even Iraq's Saddam & Syria's Asad, supposedly some seculars in their private practice, resorted to Islamic inspiration in their horrendous  crimes against humanity, on their own people & fascistically on minirities.

{There are two causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The first is Arab racism, which rejects any presence that is not Arab in its neighborhood; the second is Islamic intolerance which leads to the same rejection http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=7268 }


What's this constant talk about winning the hearts & minds of Islamo Arab world?
Long before the disappointment in US at the ugly ungrateful reaction by Iraqis' after being freed from Saddam, Israel learned it the hard way, in the early 1980's when being attacked by PLO terrorists from Lebanon, entered Lebanon as liberators from the jungle the 'Palestinians' have left Lebanese to deal with, hard to believe, but the Shiite Muslims actually threw flowers at the Israeli heroes, but as soon as they prolonged their stay, they were attacked by the very Lebanese Muslims, brutally.
The message was clear: OK, Thank you but good bye, Bush didn't hear that, it seems, or he was kidding himself that the excitement would take a long time, answer: deeply rooted Arab racism & Islamic facsiom for the "OTHER", is far greater than any obligated gratitude.
Don't get me wrong, I am not against trying to 'win their hearts/minds', even [in reality it can not surpass] for just a limited success, but I am against illusions that it might simply take away their fascist motivation against us, against the other.

Think, western leaders!
Think really hard, that they're simply NOT ABLE to like us,we don't belong in their neighborhood, that's simply how  they're raised, leave aside the anti-colonialism revolt that has swept that world, there is a totally other factor, the fascism mentioned, no matter if you are a French in Algeria/Morocco, an American, Englishman in Afghanistan/Iraq, Swiss tourists in Egypt, ANY Westerner in the 'Palestinian' West bank, etc. (all of the above have been attacked by Islamists).
And as long as the west won't GET IT we'll keep on living in false imaginations & endless self-examinations of 'how they might like us', here's a short answer for you:
They hate us (because of their bigotry, if our policies inflate this already factor, that's already an entire different discussion), but they hate us even more when we are so close to them.
'Keep your friends close & your enemies closer', is way too sweet for their despicable bitterness, a bitterness yet so hypocritically masked as 'holy'.


"Palst." -Terrorists Use
Another Ambulance
This time A UN's

Earlier Cases Use
of Ambulances
For Terror

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Wall and More...

Guilty 'Palstn' Teachers
And Parents, Why Their
Children Die

Their Criminal Use
Of Human Shields
Why their Civilians Die

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as Human Bombs

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