"Palestinians" = LIES

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"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"


As wierd as it may sound, their 'Drama' language is both: silly but Horrific; Ridiculous but Criminal, at the same time


John & Tom's dispute had brought them to court. John told the Judge that Tom was planning the "final solution".

You know what?
The cheap shouting of: "final solution"  Or other (WW2 & other 'drama' terms) frequent flip-of-the-arm Slogans by UGLY "Palestinian" Bluff-Media, does not shock us any more!

All that path is only self-staining, silly terminology-crime-analogy with attaching bogus 'drama' words to Israel that just wants to breath. (or to any of her fighting-battles for that matter).

A word of advice, next time you have a fight (any fight), be careful not to mention the "final solution", you might get caught up in this massive Goliath Arabist propaganda language.

So sad, they can't seem to utter any sentence without trying to pump it up, dramatizing it senselessly & threading it into WW2 lexicon.

You see?
That's exactly what happens when they push the propaganda envelope too far.

Then again, [Now hold the REAL WW2 thaught for a moment!] these are the same people that diminish or deny WW2 as a whole...

Grab any Arab-Muslim (radical) propagandists, ask him/her what 'final solution' really is?

He wouldn't have a clue, but that's THEIR way Of propagandizing anyway.

Or Ask any of them, What is the meaning of "ethnic cleansing"? never mind that, this "ethnic" group, such as Arab Israelis (that carry Israeli ID) are full equal rights citizens, How did chasing down terrorists made them associating it with "ethnic cleansing"? Goodness knows.

But Who cares over there? What concerens them in that as-much-silly-so-vicious campaign is to achieve their goal, that is defamation, Be the way as contradictory & illogical it can be.

Motive for this-their crime?
1) Pure Hate.
2) Seeing their own ugly low morality, especially in sheer contrast with high moral Israelis, instead of changing their terrible ways, they rather go on tarnishing their victims.

But facts will always remain facts, there you have (also) another reason why Israel image in Media lacks behind.

Who else besides 'Palestinians' have 'explained' openly that they won't fight their militant mass murderers, for they'd look bad in the eyes of the world, that & only that is their 'problem', not their kids into their death-hate schooling, not the massive civilians used as human shields, not the dead & injured, but their "image", oh!
Whereas Israel cares more about LIVES & real MORALITY

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As if it was not enough when Arab 'palestinian' Propaganda Machine has 'come up' with a list of nicknaming-it: "massacres" How 'Palestinian' propaganda struggles with their terror initiation, How/When they use the words: Terror, Massacre that happened while they were ARMED fighting Israelis.

Together with 'repairing' their butchers that aim at babies by cosmetic-covering them as "freedom fighters", and terrorists as "gunmen", many in the Western media has "swallowed" these bitter pills.

(Not to mention the blatanat lies Arab Palestinian INDUSTRY OF LIES that even when rebuked by UN & other international bodies never accused of "bias towards Israel...", even against these bodies, they never apologized, or at least rectified their "records", case in point, Jenin.)

Later on they realized that it's not dramatic enough, continuing with their horrific comparisons-crime, they stretched it out to the maximum, they dare attached to these fights and to Israeli defense against Arab attacks as in unique terms of WW2 Arab (propaganda) Crime On the Six Million, thus trying to hurt Jewish feelings, to hit wrongly on their known sensitive moral-conscience.

Their cruelty has no limit, Has it?

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'palestinian' Criminal (-Langauge-) Propaganda, Update your knowledge on their slogans

'palestinian' Criminal (-Langauge-) Propaganda, Update your knowledge on their slogans

The old/new 'Palestinian' Criminal Propaganda
Their obsession in using bombastic words
The unique repeated lies as well as their unique lack of any apologies afterwards.
First was the term "racism," ignoring of course the huge Arab minority INSIDE Israel, enjoying a very nice living including many Arab Israeli members of Israeli parliament & government officials, and most of all ignoring the real Arab Muslim racism against Israel, the real source of the "conflict."
Then came the term "massacres," like the "Jenin" 'story,' even the UN bought at first their number of 500 dead ... that turned out to be only a mere round 50 mostly armed "civilians," more important it was collateral, ignoring of course the so many Arab-Muslim-Intentional-Genocide-Massacre-Homicide-Bombers.
Well, welcome to their 'new' word: "Crimes". (with or without the war Adjective).
We have a suggestion to the Arab Muslim radical "Palestinian" Propaganda, use the term CRIMES, More often, in every sentence insert it in about 3 times, at the beginning, in the middle, and towards the end. "Thanks" to these liars they're turning the "crimes" word into a mockery.


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