"Palestinians" = LIES

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ABC Middle East Brief facts prior current conflict

"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

Jerusalem, FACTS

'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Massive Terror Attack Prevented - Car Bomb Containing 300kg (!) Explosives Intercepted.

More on 'Palestinian' sneaky GOLIATH:

Seizing of Palestinian weapons ship Karine A: Photos

The Rafah Terror Tunnels: An Underground City of Weaponry

Terror Tunnels

October, 2003

Israel Gaza Terrorism Tunnels

Their Firing of Missiles into Residential Homes

'Palestinian' Dangerous Firing of Missiles

Israeli Army intercepts West Bank transfer of Kassam-2 rockets

Aug. 2003 they fired into residential area inside Israel

Description (2002)

Hamas rocket-manufacturing cell uncovered in Ramalla (Feb 2004)

Videos of IDF finding Tunnels & Weapons

Tunnels   Weapons

This is one of the rocket-making workshops Israel discovered in Gaza City this week. (May-04)

Dispersing the Myth of:

Throwing Stones

GOLIATH 'Palestinian' TERROR

Why 'Palestinian' terrorism is the Goliath

We are used to hear the old repeated boring slogan which Arabists propagandists 'remind' us about Israel's defense machine, that they are the poor 'powerless' murderers.

Well, let's see, What 'power' does a chopper or aircraft have, when his orders are strict to minimize his aim at terror leaders-mass-murderers only, that hide among human shields?

What 'power' does a tank (that is mainly for a deterrent) have if the tank is ordered to target only machine guns?

Remember also the very important fact that IDF announces a head of time when making incursions after terrorists, as well as warnings before entering houses.

Nevertheless the Arab 'Palestinian' side that asides from it's huge advanced arsenal (the ones captured & the ones that have not been captured yet), missiles & others, their use of human bombs to massacre randomly preferably babies, is much more destructive to innocent lives, that have no chance to be defended in the vicious act of surprise at crowded normal residential areas.

And these butchers are told to look for the highest number of civilians crowds, to use their nails tipped with chemical rat poison to cause more & more pain in the "occupiers" BABIES.

[It explains perfectly the Giant Armed US' struggle with a few hundred terrorists in Iraq.]

"palestinian" HIV Infected Blood-Bomb

Automatics for the People - Why do Palestinians have M-16s?

'Tank VS Kid', unfair Lying Photo

Israel is 'David' Vs. Goliath

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