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As you know, Israel is located in one of the most dangerous (if not the most dangerous) places of the world, and even worst: most of the countries target us directly and we are almost on evey occasion the target of attacks.

Israel is surrounded by arab countries.

With Jordan and Egyipt we were able to sign a peace treaties, although their price was tens of thousands of dead soldiers.

Noone belived that this state would be able to survive in such harsh reality.

No arab state recognized us and belived that we are a passing phenomenon.

The fact is that the Jewish people returned to their land after 2.000 thousand years of exile.

I'm not talking now about the Bible and other religious books, I'm talking about basic Historical facts pruven by modern Archiology.

In 1948, when the state of Israel was established 8 arab countries envaded the new born Israel and attempted to destroy it.

Young Israelis sacrificed their lives and were able to beat 8 arab countires put together.

In 1967, noone belived that Israel would be able to survive after Egypt, Syria Jordan, Iraq and other countries forced a blockade on Israel to try to crush the country.

In 6 days, the I.D.F defeated all the arab countries armies and re-captured the old city of Jerusalem, after more then 2.000 years of foreign control.

In 1973, Israel was forced to defend it's exictance once again when Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack during the Jewish holy day of Yom Kipur. Again, they failed and the I.D.F was able to block the envaders, counter attack and force the Soviets to pleed for a cease fire after their arab friends armies begun to collapse.

After 1973 the Arab dream of destoying the state of Israel faded.

Finally they relized that the only way to end the long strugle is by making peace.

Make no mistake, if today the I.D.F wasen't the strongest army in the Middle-East I wasen't publishing this article here to today.

The threat is far from over and the battle continues.

There still those who are acting to destroy and crush the state of Israel.

From Osama Bin Laden, to Hizbollah and the Hamas, Israel is still under fire.


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