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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

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(Regarding Israel's high tech fence)
How dare some tarnish-turn Israel's extremely human-lives' struggle for defense into ugly slogans?
How dare twist the fence around, when the fence is exactly what it is, should Israel apologize for even shielding against those child-mass-murderers?
How far can a low propaganda go?

If that "apartheid-vicious-lie" were true even on an inch, no Arab Genocide Bomber would have ever succeeded in mingling in that Democratic Beautiful Victim-Society!

Now, Show me another situation throughout history worldwide, that shielding from killers has been portrait in a negative light.
That's a first & a darn criminal stained propaganda typified, the most well oiled Goliath Arabist machine, and the least humane that would turn good & human struggle into bad & dark.

Take such a simple thing like an innocent shield, but their machine could crush that too.

Sorry but I do not see any sincerity in those Arab 'claims' Re Fence, it smells pure propaganda, Where were they all those months when it was slowly openly build?

Only lately have they 'come up' with these "charges." [Nevertheless changing the 'argument' again and again thickening it, "improving" it, everyday since.]
They're afraid that Israel makes her statement of self-defense, and that vindication, they won't 'take it', they rather (like always) twist Israel's saving-lives only aim, to a negative thing, How about using derogatory terms? through this method they'd like to have it on 3 fronts, delegitimizing the fence so they could attack innocent Israelis more freely, defaming little Israel, and they're again the "victim"...
No wonder it took the 'palestinian' Oiled Propaganda machine some time (many months!) to invent something about Israel's defense (as well as conflicting 'reasons' for their 'objection' to it), they saw their bloody-convenient used free-ride of attacking innocent unarmed suddenly collapsing, moreover by the fence, exposing the real problem, Israel's routinely demand: Simple safety, LIVES!

From an Expert (non Israeli):
Why the fence is necessary for Israel

Saving Lives: Israel's Security Fence

Israel security fence, wall

Clear & Simple, the Fence

The follwoing page covers the various aspects of the security fence project. Here you will find comprehensive information on it, answers to Palestinian lying 'claims', background material and analyses which will help you get to the root of this issue and to understand the true nature of this fence: a temporary and reversible line of defense - not a "Berlin wall" (or other silly terms); but a necessary life-saving fence that takes into account humanitarian considerations.

The Fence, that makes the difference

Israel Security Fence

The U.N., the Hague and justice

Fencing Out the Barbarians

The fence is on whose land?


Let's Remove All Fences Around the World

UN to upgrade security at NY Headquarters

Anti Terror Fence

EU Bias Vis a vis Fence in Spain

The Sahara wall

This is a story of occupation, settlers, a national liberation struggle, referenda and a wall. Yet, you won�t find Palestinian flags, Israeli soldiers, or international.....

an apartheid wall that humiliate the people of Western Sahara since two decades".
The 2,500-kilometre-long defensive wall built by Morocco constituted a de facto annexation of the larger part of the Territory. That �apartheid wall� had been humiliating the Saharawi people for two decades and had converted the Sahara into a ghetto.
Arabian Hypocrisy


Hypocritic-EU's wall:
EU to build wall after blasting Israel's

Publications on the Fence


"Palst." -Terrorists Use
Another Ambulance
This time A UN's

Earlier Cases Use
of Ambulances
For Terror

"Arabian Apartheid,
Wall and More...

Guilty 'Palstn' Teachers
And Parents, Why Their
Children Die

Their Criminal Use
Of Human Shields
Why their Civilians Die

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