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The S. Arabian Apartheid Wall

The S. Arabian Apartheid Wall, Which would you rather 'have' first?
The Racial Barrier WALL at the border with Yemen?
Or the Totalitarian Apartheid tightly closed 'kingdom' as a whole?

I for instance would rather take their total evil regime on the table, but since these days a "wall" has become an 'issue"...

Mon February 9, 2004

Saudi Arabia Defends Yemen Border 'Screen' Plans

Yemen tells Saudi it defies treaty - Wall opposed by Wayilah tribes - front - Yemen Times

Earlier plans went astonishingly quite in the Arab World:


[ABU DHABI [MENL] -- The 1,500-kilometer border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is expected to be delineated early next year.Saudi and Yemeni officials said the lion's share of the nearly $1 billion project has been completed. A German company will mark 857 points along the eastern Saudi border with Yemen and Oman.The prime contractor in the border delineation is Hans Luftbeild. The Germany company was awarded the contract in wake of a reconciliation effort by Saudi Arabia and Yemen in June 2000 to end years of border clashes.A joint committee composed of Saudi and Yemeni representatives met over the weekend to discuss the border delineation. Officials said the $986 million project would be completed by April. ]

Who'd dare 'criticize' the 'king" the 'prince,' the Goliath?
After all, the will 'foolish' ones to do so might go (instead of half hungry, now) completely hungry, If Saudi Arabian "compassionate" 'brothers' will get angry.

A 'tiny' footnote: Did you know that Saudi Arabia has (after Operation 'Desert Storm') forcibly deported (around) 800,000 of Yemenite ancestry?
[And Why aren't my ears going deaf hearing: 'ethnic cleansing' all around?]

The Waylish tribes, Who heard about them?
Try it on any search engine, no real data, Why?
They are not 'people'?
They are not victims?
They are not OPPRESSED?
They are not being treated unfairly?
Their Culture (YES!) is not in danger?
They're not a real race, a creed or a [special] group 'David VS Goliath?

Of course they are all of that and more, but there's no political gain in 'bothering with it,' you have to keep always in mind, How the Middle east works, "if you do anything that is outside of bashing little Israel, you are bound to fail," Got it yet? Learn it once and for all.

And on the wider bias media arena, the painful truth is that if you don't commit atrocities to 'show that you are "desperate" (I can't believe I used their bluff-word), then you are no victim!

And so the  REAL APARTHEID WALL S. Arabian royal style, is there, it is expanding, it 'grabs' (Where did I hear this word before?) rights of the REAL INDIGENOUS people of the LAND, Think of Saudi Arabia (who's for some reason considered already one of their 'moderates') as of one huge lock-up jail! Oh no, not the kind [double meaning] of US' G'TMO, but as of a ruthless Dictatorship, where everyone in the country is a 'prisoner', but worse! No one ever knows what happens to you, Who'll ever be able to dig up all the countless victims' data of that squeezed tight prison-country?

Needless to get into the daily rutinely Brutal Boot of S. Arabian "ENTITY" on all non Arab Muslims, even (Surprise?) on the Arab "Palestinians" who are among other minorities working there crushed under by 'royalty', as the "Prince" said: "Next to the Jews (What "Zionists"? Kidding?) we hate the 'Palestinians' the Most," and of course it's unnecessary bringing up it's infamous torturous police on all Human Beings, but most of all on westerners, Oh the hair-raising stories, the bits and pieces 'escaping' out that totalitarian totally shut closed "kingdom."

But Don't you dare defend your lives if you are "Israel," remember the 'evenhanded' rules!

There you go most RACIST BRUTAL APARTHEID-PRACTICING of them all!

Religious Apartheid in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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