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by Steven Rosenberg

As a newspaper editor, I am loathe to criticize other media outlets. While we strive for objective reporting, I understand there is no such thing as objectivity in journalism. When it comes to editorial policy, however, it's important to discern between news and opinion. News belongs in one part of the paper or television or radio program; editorials and opinions belong on the editorial pages, or editorial section of the broadcast. In a fair-minded operation, editorial policy should not interfere with getting the facts straight.

Unfortunately, the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East has brought out the worst in the American media. Overall, the reporting has been shallow, lending no real insight into the reasons behind the conflict. This has led to mistakes, bad reporting and a blurring of editorial policy that has portrayed Israel as the Goliath in this current mess.

The worst case so far of blatant anti-Israel sentiment was recorded in the Los Angeles Times. It printed a viciously anti-Semitic cartoon portraying a religious Jew next to someone kneeling -- who the cartoonist claims is an Arab -- before a wall, seemingly the Western Wall. The stones had been rearranged to create the word "HATE." The caption underneath reads: "Worshiping Their God..." The kaffiyeh of the "Arab" is difficult to decipher. And since it occurred around the High Holy Days, it could have been a Jew that was kneeling, as we do at the time. Palestinian Arabs pray at a mosque, not our Wall.

Another serious case occurred in the Boston Globe and New York Times on Rosh Hashanah. They each ran a large Associated Press color photo at the top of their front page, showing a menacing Israeli soldier wielding a club over a bleeding "Palestinian." The papers knew that using such a powerful photo would elicit strong emotions from its readers, and would shape public opinion.

But the Associated Press passed along the wrong caption. The wounded "Palestinian" was an American Jewish student, Tuvia Grossman, who had been pulled from his car and stabbed by Palestinians and left to die. The Israeli soldier had intervened to protect Grossman.

The Globe ran a "make up" story by the AP on Grossman, and later did a small story on the error itself. The Globe and Times also printed corrections. But the damage was done.

On Tuesday night's "Nightline," Ted Koppel spent the first 15 minutes of his program explaining why his "Jerusalem Town Meeting" almost didn't occur. He blamed it on Israeli government security that insisted on protecting Israel's deputy foreign minister and Jerusalem's mayor with arms. Again, "Nightline" was out of line in its request. Instead of reporting news, its editorial policy became bigger than the story. Which begs the question: When was the last time a foreign TV network walked into Washington and started dictating the terms of security? How would the U.S. Secret Service tolerate taking orders?

Print and broadcast news reporters have fallen into a general type of "pack" reporting. No reporter has broken any real news, but many important stories have fallen through their hands. Yes, they covered obvious stories, like the death of the 12-year-old Palestinian boy in Gaza. But one of the major stories, the destruction of one of Judaism's holiest sites, Joseph's Tomb, was written off as just Palestinian exuberance. Would it have been the same if Israel had destroyed one of Islam's holiest mosques?

Other barely reported stories: Palestinian Authority Police Chief Rayoub Jabril giving Ariel Sharon the green light to visit the Temple Mount; Arafat's threat to declare war on Israel in a Saudi interview; the Palestinian government offering $2,000 to families whose children become martyrs; Muslims reconstructing Joseph's Tomb as a mosque.

A reporter's job in Israel is a plum assignment; however, many reporters simply don't do their homework in preparing to cover the region. They arrive in Jerusalem, get their press card at the Israel Government Press Office and are waved away by the Israelis. Minutes later, they invariably meet a representative of the Jerusalem Media Communications Center. Run by former PLO diplomat Ghassan Khatib, the JMCC is employed by 99 percent of the foreign journalists in Israel. Called "fixers," they provide background material, briefings, translators, drivers, interviews and will arrange virtually anything for a reporter. Need a photo taken, or a violent scene? They'll bring a reporter into the heart of the violence, and almost on cue, the rioting will begin.

Israel should have a similar organization to at least make it a level playing field. But, public relations has never been Israel's strong suit, hence the situation Israel often finds itself in with the press. When background information, photos, interviews and briefings are readily abundant, it makes a reporter's life much easier. It's a subjective viewpoint, but unfortunately, that's what the world receives most of the time from Israel.

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